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Persona 5 Strikers - Tips For A Great Start


Persona 5 Strikers - Tips For A Great Start

Persona 5 Strikers has finally arrived in the West, well after a year of its release in the East and brings with it an atypical gameplay compared to what has been seen with the other chapters of Persona or with Persona 5 / Royal itself.

We at are here to give you a hand to allow you to approach the title in the best possible way!

Talk frequently to other Phantom Thieves

Interact with your fellow Phantom Thieves squad as often as possible. This will allow you to gather useful information and even bonus items through dialogue.

Have lots of SP items

Try to purchase SP items before returning to your haunt. SP items can be purchased from most vending machines and from specialty shops or stalls scattered throughout the game.

Unlike Persona 5, SP items restock once you return to the real world . If you entered a prison during the day and left immediately, some vending machines and shops will automatically stock up on other SP items.

Once you have access to Joker's kitchen , you will be able to craft more SP items, but the ingredients in the shops are limited. You can also use the same process as the prison for replenishing materials.

Visit multiple facilities for bonus points

By visiting some places, we will have the opportunity to increase our bond. During the day it is worth visiting them to get a much easier boost in bonding . Additionally, you can interact multiple times with these structures by entering and exiting the prison.

Advice on life as a Phantom Thief

Know which mandatory skills to prioritize

Bonds abilities grant the party a variety of effects, from increasing maximum HP and SP to improving attack and defense power. Carefully consider the party skills you want to unlock, as skill points spent to acquire them cannot be reallocated.

Try to get the support ability which restores some party's HP and SP after battle . This allows you to save on healing items or depend less on them as you explore prisons.

Understanding enemy weaknesses

The key in battle is knowing the weaknesses of the enemies and which attributes they are most sensitive to. This allows you to inflict significant damage on them using skills.

Exploiting the weaknesses with the bosses is almost mandatory, because by leveraging the latter it is possible to bring him into a state of crisis where he will receive more damage . You can use this opportunity to rack up even more damage on the boss before he recovers.

Buy more equipment and items

As money can easily be farmed by constantly defeating enemies in prisons, don't hesitate to buy weapons , armor , accessories and healing items from Sophia's shop . We recommend stocking up on all healing items for the first few missions.

The longer you dive into the game, the more enemies you will find tougher to take down, which make survival a necessity. Regardless of the difficulty the game is set to, if you take too much damage from bad equipment, you will inevitably fall to the ground. That said, don't rack up too much money and invest in better equipment and items to boost your defense stats.

Recommended person for the start

Pixie and Mokoi are obtained at the beginning of the game, we advise you to use them because they will have very useful skills for the initial phases. Pixie, for example, can use Dia to heal allies in battle. Mokoi, meanwhile, has access to Tarukaja which increases the attack power of a party character.

Pixie and Mokoi can also be merged to create Principalities  that have the Recarm ability , capable of reviving fallen allies at 50% of their maximum HP. You will need to get Pixie to level 23 and Mokoi to level 22 to merge them.

Use your skills to your advantage

You won't have to cast abilities at random, but you will have to consider from the start which one to use to turn the battle to your advantage. The key to overcoming infiltrations is to make good use of each skill. Evaluate the enemy's attribute and look for the best ways to eliminate him efficiently by exploiting his weaknesses.

A good way to understand the weakness of the enemy is to stop moving and summon your Persona. Use all types of attack, to find the one he is weak at.

After some trial and error, the Boss data will complete in the appropriate tab, thus revealing his weaknesses. When he's hit by a skill he's weak against, it's possible to get an additional 1 more for one of our allies.

Don't stray too far from enemies

Maintain a manageable distance that is balanced enough to avoid being surrounded, but close enough to hit enemies with skills. Compared to other Musou titles, Persona 5 Strikers requires a lot more concentration, you will have to choose your move carefully.

Run a Relay

Become familiar with the use of the Relay. Timely use of the Relay Speed ​​up the Special bar which grants more turns to use the signature powerful attack, Showtime.

Change the characters

Attacking Swap is a command in which an ally uses an ability that expends 0 SP or activates 1 Anchor. After using it, control passes to the ally which also speeds up the Special gauge. Compared to the current character's Anchor 1, the ally's attacking trades prove more useful as they have a bonus effect of removing an enemy's shield.

Learn to change targets

As the Boss's health decreases, he will start calling for additional reinforcements. It usually consists of simple Shadows and while not all of them are offensive, they make up for in number. Focus on elimination to prevent their skills from chaining together. For example, some summoned enemies will use recovery skills to heal the boss, so be sure to take them out quickly.