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Questions about Breathedge? That way!

Questions about Breathedge? That way!


Answering the most popular questions that players of the humorous adventure Breathedge have.

Questions about the extraction of resources and items

Where to find / get a light bulb and a battery

Smash electronics. For example, tape recorders.

Where to get / find titanium

Search in open space. Titanium looks like a huge or small ball. The first will have to be broken, the second can be assembled manually Dark in color. Scrap is needed to destroy it.

Where to find / get aluminum

To mine aluminum, first create a drill, and then look for ore directly on the asteroids.

Where to get / find glass

Glass is a rarer resource. It cannot be picked up directly from space. Instead, look for and break the crates that usually fly near the wreckage of the spacecraft. But there may be inside.

Where to find / get paint

After the start of the second chapter, pay attention to the huge part of the ship, from which paint spilled. You can collect it as soon as you get there (you need a helmet, a balloon, and so on).

Where to get / find rubber

By analogy with glass, it is found in boxes and inside shuttles. However, from the fourth chapter it will be possible to get it right in open space.

Where to get / find wire

Search the wreckage of ships and look for sticking wires with "rags". This is the wire.

Where to find / get lead

Look for huge light plates in outer space. This is lead.

How to get lycoplasm

Craft the probe and travel to the molten asteroid in the Crematorium area. In chapters 4-5, lycoplasm will be hidden inside the remaining compartments of the ship.

Where to find resin

You need a dipstick to extract the resin. For the first time, you can find it inside a flask on an asteroid into which a corpse crashed. Next to the cave from the second chapter.

Crafting Questions

Where to get / find scrap

There are 3 types of crowbars in total - normal, reinforced and endless. Normal is made from 3 units of metal, reinforced - from refined metal and titanium (look for a drawing for crafting in the second chapter, in the first engineering shuttle), and infinite - from 4 units of plastic, wire, titanium and one lycoplasm. Both the blueprint and the lycoplasm are located near the molten asteroid. Lycoplasma is on the asteroid itself, and the blueprint is in the engineering shuttle.

Where to find / get a scanner

The blueprint for the scanner is automatically unlocked as the storyline progresses.

Where to find the wheel

We tell you where to find the four parts for the drawing of the steering wheel of the "Normandy":

  1. At the start of Chapter 2, search the Engineer Shuttle. Scan part of the handwheel.
  2. Next to the engineering shuttle from item 1, look for a cave with another one, destroyed. The next helm will be inside.
  3. When you examine the huge melted asteroid, you will find another shuttle. In addition to the steering wheel, there is a drawing for an endless scrap inside, which we wrote about above.
  4. Inside the Normandy.

Where to find / get an inductor

Instead of looking for an inductor, use a harvester to produce it. You will need 2 units of wire and one piece of plastic and one metal each.

Where to find / get lead paint

You will not be able to detect lead paint in outer space. Instead, collect a regular one and add lead to it with a combine.

Questions on the passage

How to run mayonnaise into the core

This is part of the storyline that we will cover in our walkthrough of Breathedge.

How to get to the military compartment

Chat with the Gatekeeper and use the chicken several times.

How to fix Normandy

More on this in our Breathedge walkthrough.

How to fix an engine

Scan 6 Thrusters to get the blueprint. They are all marked with markers.

How to fix a weapon
You cannot repair a blaster, but you can make a new one on a combine. Use 1 unit of aluminum, electronics, lycoplasma, and 2 servings of refined metal.