Resources in Valheim: how to get metal (iron), leather, wood, stone and food


Resources in Velheim: how to get metal (iron), leather, wood, stone and food

IN Valheim , as in any other survival simulator, the player will need resources to create tools, clothing, weapons, and the construction of a house and other structures. In this guide, we will tell you where to look and how to efficiently extract resources.


Where to get wood? Of course, in the forest. At the very beginning of the game, when you do not have an ax yet, wood can be collected with bare hands, by punching the trunk with fists, or simply by picking wood from the ground. When you have an ax, everything is much easier, because around you there are forests and abandoned houses. If you find an abandoned building, then you have the opportunity to collect wood quickly and easily. Other items can often be found in abandoned buildings.

Attention: do not use an ax or other weapons to break the building. Instead, put a workbench inside and only then start demolishing the walls and roof with a hammer (while holding the hammer, click on the mouse wheel to demolish all the elements of the building). When you have collected everything you need, you can remove the workbench and go further. Even if you don't need wood, still look into abandoned buildings - there are many useful things in them.

In the Black Forest (it is easy to find it on the map) you can find more different types of wood, and in the swamps there are always many already fallen trees.


In the game, you can eat honey, mushrooms, berries, raw and cooked meat. If it is not possible to get meat, collect fruits, but of different types, otherwise the character will not gain enough strength. The deer will run away, so you need a weapon. But boars can attack, do not be afraid to fight them - you will need both meat and skin from them.

A rock

Unlike wood, stone can be difficult to reach. The main tools for the extraction of stone are a hoe or a pickaxe. The simplest thing is to look for small stones on the ground. Flint is not a stone, but it is useful for crafting. Many rocks can be found near cliffs and cliffs as well as on the plain. In addition, stone can be obtained from the ruins of buildings and outposts. Be careful: opponents often roam around such places, who are always ready to attack.


You can mine ore and copper. To do this, you need to go to the Black Forest - a gloomy place filled with evil spirits. You need to have all the possible tools and weapons for the battle with you. There are green moss-covered boulders in the forest. There are deposits of ore and copper. Move the mouse over the "veins" in the mountain and you will see the inscriptions about which resource is located in this place. Remember that metal is very heavy and you won't be able to carry more than 20 units.


Leather and leather scraps can be obtained from deer and wild boars, respectively. Boars themselves can run to you in order to attack, you can also tame a boar . But for the sake of the skin of a deer, you will have to try: these animals are very shy and attentive, so you will have to hunt them.

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