Set up WiFi Direct and transfer data wirelessly (Android) - that's how it works


Set up WiFi Direct and transfer data wirelessly (Android) - that's how it works

To exchange data from one smartphone to another, you can use a USB cable, Bluetooth or “WiFi Direct”. Both devices connect via their WLAN interface without the need for a router or the Internet. We'll show you here at OkayGotcha how to set up “WiFi Direct”.

Find out what “WiFi Direct” is and how you can set it up.

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This is how you can set up "WiFi Direct" (Android, Windows and Co.)

A connection via "WiFi Direct" makes sense if you want to transfer large amounts of data from one device to another. The data transfer via Bluetooth takes considerably longer for large amounts of data.

  • "WiFi Direct" transmits data via WLAN without additional devices or services such as routers, access points or the Internet.
  • Most current smartphones have integrated the WiFi Direct function.
  • In addition to smartphones, many printers, laptops, digicams and tablets also support “WiFi Direct”.
  • The data transfer via "WiFi Direct" is, however, quite prone to errors.
  • This means that data can often only be moved back and forth between devices from the same manufacturer.
  • The connection between the two devices is encrypted via WPA2 .

For example, you can use the SuperBeam or SHAREit app to exchange data via WiFi Direct on Android.

Set up "WiFi Direct": Instructions

To send data via WLAN, you first have to set up "WiFi Direct" on both devices and then select the appropriate file for sending. This is how you do it:

  1. Activate your WLAN .
  2. Activates "WiFi Direct". You can usually find the “WiFi Direct” name of your smartphone here: “ Settings ”> “ Network & Internet ”> “ WLAN ”> “ WLAN settings ”> “ Advanced ”> “ Wi-Fi Direct ”.
  3. On the transmitting device you select the content - for example a picture from the gallery - and hold it down for a few seconds.
  4. Alternatively, you can use a file manager to select files to be sent via "WiFi Direct".
  5. You can use the three points to choose different methods to transfer the image.
  6. Look for the option " WiFi Direct ".
  7. The smartphone will now search for devices in the vicinity on which "WiFi Direct" is also activated.
  8. Selects the device to which the desired file is to be transferred.
  9. An " Invitation to connect " appears on the target device .
  10. Confirm this to begin the transfer.
  11. To do this, click on " Accept ". The status of the data transfer is shown on the displays of both devices.
  12. After the transfer is complete, you can now find the selected file on the target device.
  13. Usually the files are stored in the download folder .

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