Solution: iTunes does not recognize iPhone

 Since you have bought a brand new iPhone for a lot of money and want to charge your iOS device via iTunes for full enjoyment with music and videos, the mood is suddenly clouded: iTunes does not display the iPhone. Before cursing the manufacturers and your own computer, you should first consider the following solutions.

Solution: iTunes does not recognize iPhone

iTunes does not recognize iPhone

Go through our list of top 10 solutions to fix iTunes error.

Solution 1: Use the latest software

Install the latest updates for your operating system. Also uses the latest version of iTunes.

Solution 2: restart

Restart your computer and iPhone. This will fix error messages like " iTunes won't recognize iPhone on Mac or Windows "

Solution 3: disconnect USB devices

ITunes may not recognize your iPhone if too many USB devices are connected to the computer at the same time. Disconnects all unnecessary USB devices except the iPhone and tries again.

Solution 4: trust this computer

When you connect your iPhone to the computer, the following message appears on the iPhone: “ Trust this computer? "Tap on the" Trust " button to allow the connection between iPhone and computer.

Solution 5: check the USB cable

Test your USB cable. Exchange it for another. If the connection works with it, the first USB cable is defective.

Solution 6: Check "Apple Mobile Device Driver"

Checks whether the "Apple Mobile Device Driver" and "Apple Mobile Device Support" are installed correctly. In Windows 10, look in the device manager . Opens the " USB controller " tab . Below you should see the entry " Apple Mobile Device USB Driver ".

Solution 7: connect iPhone to another computer

Connect the iPhone to another computer if you get the message "iTunes doesn't recognize iPhone on Mac or Windows".

Solution 8: repair iTunes

You can repair iTunes with the AnyFix tool. Install and open the program. Select " iTunes repair " and then confirm with " Repair now ". When " Repair complete " is displayed, confirm with the " OK " button .

Solution 9: Deactivate security software

Your antivirus program or the firewall may be blocking the connection with the iPhone. Temporarily disable or uninstall your firewall or antivirus to fix the error.

Solution 10: Contact Apple

If none of the above works, contact Apple Support . This can help you under certain circumstances. Alternatively, you can visit an Apple store near you.

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