Solving all puzzles in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

 Comprehensive guide to all Wrath of the Righteous puzzles

Solving all puzzles in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is a versatile CRPG with a ton of things to do, from romance and personal companion quests to tactical real-time or turn-based combat. And in between times we still have to solve various puzzles. In most cases, these riddles are secondary, that is, they are not necessary for progressing through the plot. But sometimes their solution allows you to discover some valuable prey, or simplify the task.

Colored stones in the Guardian Labyrinth

While traveling through the maze, you can find a dungeon with colored stones on one of the walls. They need to be pressed in the correct order. The solution could be chosen at random, but the stones can be pressed multiple times. That is, the codeword may contain repeating colors. So I was forced to return to the previous rooms of the maze and try to find a solution. And it will be the same for everyone. In the room where the first distorted Mongrelians were (something like a spacious throne room) there are four paintings on the wall. They are all arranged in a row, and each has a specific shade to match the colored stones from the other room. This is the answer:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Enter this combination and look into the cache where Yaniel's sword will lie.

Statues in the Gray Garrison

During the assault on the Gray Garrison on the quest "City on Fire" in one of the rooms on the ground floor, you can find six stone statues. Kill the enemies and pick up the prayer lying on the pedestal in front. This prayer is the key to solving the riddle. You need to click on the buttons under the statues in the correct order. And according to the prayer, it will be as follows:

  • Woman with sword and shield (personifies Queen Goldfrey, who uses a shield and a sword - this is indicated in the passage taken from the corpse of the Succubus)
  • Angel with a shield and a sword (then three angels go in prayer)
  • Angel with sword
  • An angel with a hammer
  • Man with a staff (by elimination)
  • Woman with a sword (if you find a sword in a cache of colored stones in the Guard Labyrinth, you should know that it belonged to Yaniel from prayer)

A cache with a variety of weapons and a chest will open.

Who is the traitor of the plutiflings (task of Woljif)

If you free Wolf and take him to your team, then his personal quest "The Stolen Moon" will be activated. Looking ahead, I would like to stress that each companion has more than one personal assignment. So, visit the indicated location to meet the plutiflings, and promise to find the traitor and whitewash the tarnished name of Wolf. Return to Irabet, go to the shop and interrogate the owner hiding in the basement. You will have all the traits you need to find out who the traitor is. Go back and examine all plutiflings. You need to find a man with long straight horns and red hair, wearing a green cloak. Ultimately, the choice must fall on Melnur.

Rings in Dresen (Blade of Valor)

To pick up the Blade of Valor in Dresen, you will have to solve a difficult puzzle with three drawings. Use three buttons to rotate different rings so that all three form the same picture. Remember that the center circle on one of the rings does not rotate. This is your guide. In the screenshot below you can see what the picture should look like.

The mysteries of the Nameless Ruins

In addition to four statues from the Nameless Ruins that require solving mysteries, you will find two rings and a square near one of the stairs that you can interact with. If you walk around the map, you can find three columns with clues. As a result, you need to activate two rings and two adjacent sides of the square - the left and the bottom, if you look at this whole figure so that the drawing in the center is located in the correct way.

Buttons with shapes in Dresen

Inside the citadel there will be two places with buttons, which depict a triangle, circle, square, five and six-pointed stars. You need to look for the sheets with the correct combinations. In the first case, you need to click on a triangle, a five-pointed star, a square and a circle, and in the second, a circle, a five-pointed star, a six-pointed star and a circle.

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