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Super Mario 3D World: how to defeat Bowser's Car

 This is what you must do to defeat Bowser's Car, the boss of World 1 in Super Mario 3D World. Beat all boss fights with our guide.

Super Mario 3D World: how to defeat Bowser's Car

Super Mario 3D World will take us through a few worlds while saving the fairies. At the end of each of them we will face a final boss . In this case we will tell you what you have to do to defeat Bowser's Car , the boss of Bowser's Highway Assault level , the boss of World 1.

How to defeat Bowser's Car

The combat takes place while you advance towards the bottom of the screen chasing the vehicle on which the dragon is mounted. During the first phase of combat, Bowser will launch explosive spike balls . What you have to do is give them back . You can do it with costume shots, like the cat, or simply by running against the ball . Be careful , because if you delay, it will explode to return several balls to advance the phase, do not worry because it will not learn the lesson, it will not change the speed when launching the bombs or anything like that, you do not lose your eye.

There will come a point where Bowser will spit fire, creating harmful puddles . After this, he will return to throw balls that you must hit to damage his car. Obviously, you must avoid lava puddles to avoid damage. You will still have to hurt him a few more times if you want to get through the fight. The fight won't change as you move forward , just keep an eye out for the lava pools on the ground and return the bombs to him before they explode in your face.

Remember that defeating the boss is not everything . You will also have to get all the stars and stamps to get 100% of the world.