Swamp in Valheim: Tips for surviving in the dangerous biome


Swamp in Valheim

Swamps are one of the biomes of Valheim and, after the Dark Forest , represent the next step on their journey for many players. Here you will encounter dangers for the first time that you have not had to deal with before. OkayGotcha explains what you can find in the swamp and gives tips on how to survive.

What is the swamp? Of the current six biomes, the swamp is the third that you will travel to - if you ignore the ocean. You will always find swamps in coastal areas and often right next to a dark forest.

Swamp in Valheim: Tips for surviving in the dangerous biome

How do I get to a swamp? If you cannot find a swamp on your island, you will first have to cross a lake or even the ocean. For this you need a ship, but we strongly advise against a raft . Better build a carve right away.

In swamps you will find iron, which is the next higher material after copper, tin and bronze. There are also other materials for new cooking recipes, potions and components.

If you have found a swamp, however, you should urgently be careful not to underestimate it. Because the biome is much more dangerous compared to the dark forest.

Survival tips for the swamp at a glance

  • Stay away from pools, opponents often lurk there and you wade very slowly there.
  • It rains constantly in the swamp - so you are always wet and have reduced stamina regeneration. Endurance mead can help you. In our guide you can read how you make mead in Valheim .
  • The power of Eikthyr also helps you to combat the reduced stamina regeneration.
  • Many opponents use poison attacks. So take poison resistance with you, it can save your life.
  • Opponents often appear in groups. Try to separate them by ranged combat and fight them individually.
  • Get at least troll skin armor and bronze weapons before you go. Upgrade both to at least level 2 or 3. A fist or tower shield is also advisable.
  • Never build directly in the swamp - there is usually a grassland next to it, in which you can set up your outpost.
  • If you want to save space, leave the ax in the warehouse and take only a bronze pickaxe; At the moment you hardly need the bark of the trees for anything.
  • Atgeir and the Eikthyr Deer Smashers will help you deal with groups of enemies and keep them at a distance. The hammer is also strong against blobs and skeletons.

The swamp in detail - opponents, boss, dungeons and loot

These opponents exist in the swamp: The standard opponents in the swamp are the undead Draugr - undead Vikings who have already left the realm of the living but are not allowed to travel to the realm of the dead. You can find them in the form of:

  • Melee fighters with axes, some with shields
  • Archers
  • and elite warriors
They are quite easy to defeat with bronze weapons and a shield by parrying their attacks. Just be careful not to be overrun by their crowd.

Draugr are the most common enemies in the swamp.

The second most common opponents are bloodworms ("leeches") and skeletons. You already know skeletons from the dark forest and in the swamp they are neither stronger nor more intelligent. Flukes, on the other hand, hide in the water and they can poison you. So avoid the pools or watch out for circles in the water that indicate the movement of the flukes. It is difficult to see them through the mud.

Rarely do you come across ghosts ("wraiths"), lumps ("blobs") and oozers in the swamp, which split up into blobs. The ghosts suddenly appear and can surprise you - be on your guard, otherwise they won't endure a fight. Blobs are thick, living slime bags that attack you with poison and are resistant to stabbing weapons. It's best to attack them from a distance and otherwise use blunt weapons or frost arrows if you already have them.

The boss in the swamp is paunchy bones, a huge pile of living, rotten corpses that is considered to be one of the heaviest bosses in the game. 

These dungeons are in the swamp: In swamps you will find sunken crypts that you can unlock with the swampy key . In it you will find iron as a new material as well as leather scraps, weathered bones (for the boss), bone fragments and ancient bark, which you can otherwise remove from the trees.

In addition, the crypts are full of treasures and gold, which you can sell at the merchant Haldor to get rare goods from him.

The crypts in the swamp are sources of important prey.

You can find this new loot in the swamp:

  • Scrap iron in crypts - Tier 3 metal for stronger weapons, tools, and armor; is also used for new components and the largest ship, the longship
  • Offal from Draugr - You need it for making sausages on the kettle
  • Blood bags from flukes - important ingredient for stronger healing mead and frost-resistant mead
  • Mud from blobs - you need for poison arrows
  • Ancient bark from trees or from crypts - you need them for new decorations and the longship
  • Chains of Ghosts - For the bellows to upgrade the forge
  • Goo from the trees (requires iron tools) - Green paint for banners and material for the later Tier 4 bow
  • Beet seeds from plants - new seeds to plant with the plow
  • Trophies of the respective opponents

What's next after the swamp?

When you've conquered the swamp and got hold of enough iron, you can use the new materials to make better armor and weapons. Important: you should definitely take blood bags with you. You need this for frost protection mead, which you in turn need for the next biome: the mountains.

In the mountains it is so cold that you will freeze to death and take serious damage if you do not protect yourself against it with mead or special armor. You can only get the armor in the mountains themselves.

If you pay attention to our advice and follow the tips, you shouldn't have any problems in the swamp. Once you've defeated Bones, you can venture into the mountains and look for silver to keep improving. Remember to stock up on enough iron beforehand.

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