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This is how you solve "The Spider on the Wall", one of the most annoying quests in WoW


This is how you solve "The Spider on the Wall", one of the most annoying quests in WoW

The world quest "The Spider on the Wall" ("The Spider on the Wall") causes confused players in World of Warcraft again and again. OkayGotcha explains how to solve this annoying quest.

What kind of quest is that? "The spider on the wall" can be found in the southwest of Maldraxxus at the house of the chosen. Khaliiq is waiting for you there, one of Lady Vashj's servants.

For Khaliiq you should infiltrate the troops in the area unseen and steal three documents from important NPCs that you can find there. We explain exactly how this works here in the guide.

If the world quest is active, you can find it in the area marked here.

Solve "The spider on the wall" - this is how it works

Here's what you need to do: Talk to Khaliiq to get two new skills. The first camouflages you passively similar to a villain or a ferocity druid in stealth mode. The other is called "widow poison" and can stun opponents.

You have to move away from Khaliiq and visit three NPCs. You can find them at the following coordinates:

  • Mel'san at 33.6 / 74.0 for the messenger letter
  • Supplier Kem at 37.4 / 73.1 for the supplier's scroll
  • Captain Hawken at 35.2 / 79.5 for patrol deployment

As soon as you have approached the NPCs, you have to right click on them. You should see a loot symbol and you can steal the documents with one click. If you have all the documents, you can return to Khaliiq with a new ability.

What is important? Always make sure that the other troops in the area do not see you. Most of them can't spot you anyway, but some have a light blue eye over their head. These units can reveal you. Use the widow's poison to stun them or avoid them extensively. If you can't find the widow's poison, use the following macro:

  • / click ExtraActionButton1

The wowhead reader and YouTuber Sipder shows in a video how the quest works from start to finish. We have included the video here for you:

What makes the quest so annoying? Many players complain that without tips, they would not even know what to do. "The spider on the wall" is apparently not self-explanatory or not sufficiently marked for them.

In addition, the cloaking ability seems to fail every now and then when you move away from Khaliiq. However, this can happen quickly if one of the guards approaches you and you don't stun him in time.

In addition, players complain to wowhead that you cannot use skills to increase your speed, nor can you switch back to stealth mode if you are discovered. That dragged out the whole world quest unnecessarily.

However, with our guide you should be able to complete the quest the first time without any problems.