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Unknown call in Control and collectibles

 We help you overcome step by step the Control mission 2: Unknown call with our tips. Find out how many collectibles you can get and much more.

Unknown call in Control and collectibles

After meeting Emily at the end of the first Control mission ; Welcome to the Immemorial House , it's time to start further investigating the agency building and, in this case, the executive sector.

Collectibles and Secrets of Unknown Call

At this point in the adventure, these are the collectibles that we can get in the first pass (take a look at the respective entries to know where they are).

  • Investigation and records : 11
  • Case Files : 6
  • Correspondence : 14
  • Multimedia : 5
  • Direct line : 6

How to complete Unknown Call 100%

If you want to talk to Emily about various matters and when you are ready leave the council room. You may get a bit lost at this point and don't really know where to go. There are several routes to explore, but it's actually easier than it seems to navigate.

Go to the communications department and find the hotline

To start as you exit the council room go down the stairs and turn to your right. You have to go through the door that leads to the Cafeteria area (and which also has mysterious glitters floating in it). Go this way and go around the barricade, you will see some corpses on the ground just before reaching the cafeteria.

Things will get intense here. Kill the enemies (better if you do it from above, so you will have an advantage of height and cover) With the clean area you will surely see a reddish corridor. Don't even think about going that way or you'll die . The next step is to go down to the ground floor of the cafeteria and take the door that leads to Abandoned Letters.

In this new area a few enemies await you. Watch out for the one with the shield bar (it can be better weakened with a melee attack). After killing them, go upstairs to the upper floor and kill the rest, so you can purge a new checkpoint .

Investigate the communications department

From the control point you will see on one side a door that indicates the direction to follow; to the communications department . Go over there. You will be in a kind of hall. Take the hall on the side and you will see a man being attacked . On the left the road is blocked, so you have to spill it on the right.

Get to the power object to purge it

At the back of this room you will see an object of power (the one that killed the man). This is dangerous since it launches objects and projectiles at full speed and if they hit you they will do you a lot of damage. Do not hesitate to cover yourself behind objects, but be careful because some fragile ones break. It won't launch projectiles at you if you're not in its range of vision, so hide and when it stops, run full blast, down the initial stairs and down the ones on the right .

On this side you can go up some well-lit white stairs . This will lead you to an upper walkway that connects to the opposite side of the room. Run across it as well and you can reach the power item. Don't worry, once here it doesn't hurt. Get close to him and purge him .

Use Launch to complete the Astral Plane challenge

After purging the power object we will go to the Astral Plane to complete the tutorial of the new ability to launch . This ability is like telekinesis, you can aim at any object, pick it up in the air and then throw it at something. Pick up one of the blocks and smash it against the wall ahead to clear your way.

On the outside, collect a gold square and embed it in the pillar with the panel of the same color. This will create a bridge to follow. The rest has no loss until the final point to be purged.

Advance through the communications department

With launch already in our possession, now we return to the room from before. There will be several enemies here , so take the opportunity to practice your skill against them, as it is really useful against those with shields . When you kill them, go back to the hall where the path is blocked by the reddish substance .

Be careful here as a new enemy will emerge, the demolition expert who launches explosives. Be quick and finish him off. Then pick up any object and throw it against the blockage to break it and be able to continue on the new path.

Move through here towards the bottom and left and you will come to a corridor in which there is a door blocked with a pool of blood on the floor. The door marks a number 1. Right here between the tables you should find a corpse that has access level 1 next to it . Pick it up and all these doors will no longer resist you. Before going for the aforementioned, don't forget to purge the nearby checkpoint (and explore the vicinity a bit if you like).

Defeat Tommasi, who is corrupted by the Hiss

When we go through the door with the pool of blood we will have a fight against this kind of mini boss; Tommasi . Keep these tips in mind to be able to beat it without difficulty:

  • You will not do any damage if you throw objects at it: although the ability will come in handy to quickly kill the basic enemies that eventually appear on the stage.
  • Use covers and move around a lot: to dodge his attacks, as he will float through the air and throw two objects at you almost in a row after a while.
  • Wait for him to throw objects at you: to shoot him with the pistol directly. This is how you can hurt him, the better your aim the faster you will lower his life.

Look for the direct line, an object of power

After the damage caused in this room, go up one of the stairs on the sides of the room and go through the same door that the enemy escaped through at the end of the fight. You will come to a room with computers. Go through the passage on the left to reach the Direct Line . Now go through the only corridor of the place and you will see in the background the red telephone, unreachable. Interact with the light switch a couple of times.

Cross the Oceanview Motel

We will teleport to the Oceanview Motel. Note that depending on where you appear to your right there will be a door with an inverted black pyramid . He walks to the counter and rings the bell . Doing so will open the door to a room in the back. Enter it and collect a key inside. With this key you can open the door of the inverted pyramid. Inside is another light switch , tap it again a couple of times.

Pick up the hotline

By magic we will have returned to the Hotline area and now there will be a long walkway that connects to the room where the Hotline red phone is located. Go to it and download it.

Complete the Astral Plane challenge

We have another tutorial section to overcome and achieve this power. Advance through the platforms and you will meet some very rare extradimensional beings . Just avoid them and don't let them touch you as they will hurt you to death. Run and circle them to pass by and reach the end where the phone is. By doing so, you will unlock Hotline collectibles .

Talk to Emily

Now it's time to go back to Emily to tell her that we've done it. Undo your steps through the corridor you came through and at the Direct Line entrance you will now see a door that was not there before . This cuts directly to the director's office. Go this way so you can get back to the central executive more quickly .

Go to Emily in the council room and talk to her. This will unlock various things ; the skill tree, the options to create weapons and mods, and the Council Countermeasures (all accessible from the control points). In addition, you will have earned your first 4 skill points and the mission will be completed, leading to the next: Manual override .