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Up-to-date promotional codes for Brawl Stars for gems and skins

Up-to-date promotional codes for Brawl Stars for gems and skins

 IN Brawl starspromo codes are special combinations of characters, the input of which allows you to get free gems and skins. Developers often publish such codes during holidays or important game events. In this article, you can find all the current promotional codes.

How to redeem promotional codes in Brawl Stars

The first step is to tell you how these codes are generally entered in the game. To do this, you need to perform several simple steps:

  1. Start the game project and enter the main menu. Then find the button that says "Store" in the upper left corner. By the way, they sometimes give various gifts in it, so we advise you to visit this section often.
  2. Now scroll right to the very end until you see the Author Code button. Click on it.
  3. You will see an empty field where you need to enter the promotional codes.

As soon as you enter the code, you will immediately receive a reward. If nothing happens, then try changing the country using VPN before entering (look for the mobile application in the Play Market) to Canada, the United States of America, France or the United Kingdom.

Valid promo codes

Below is a list of all current promotional codes that can be activated in different regions:

  • SILLY LITTLE CHILD - adds 25 gems per account.
  • I LOVE BRAWL STARS - adds 30 gems per account.
  • NEWYEAR2021 - adds 50 gems per account.
  • ALLFORLOVE14 - adds 25 gems per account (the number of activations is limited).
  • METAL BULL 2021 - Adds 50 gems per account (only for players from Asia; change country with VPN to China).
  • DEER SKIN - adds a deer skin.
  • WHITE CROCODILE - adds a white crocodile skin.

Expired promo codes

Here we indicate non-working promotional codes that have expired. However, the developers can activate them again, so you can check them from time to time:

  • LAZY MONEY - adds 20 gems.
  • WINNER MONEY - adds 30 gems.
  • EASY GEMS - adds 100 gems.
  • DRAGON SHARD - adds 20 gems.
  • VIKING SHAPE - adds 50 gems.
  • LOVELY10 - adds 120 gems.
  • LITTLE MONKEY - adds 20 gems.
  • TOWER DEFEND STARS - adds 25 gems.

We hope that promotional codes for Brawl Stars will help you get the required amount of gems to buy useful items and take unique skins for your heroes. We advise you to bookmark this page, as we regularly update the list of codes.