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Valheim Bosses Walkthrough - How to Defeat Eiktur, the Ancient One and Mass of Bones


Valheim Bosses Walkthrough - How to Defeat Eiktur, the Ancient One and Mass of Bones

Valheim is an action game with survival elements. The main character is exploring the world, building, crafting equipment and fighting various creatures. The most dangerous of them are bosses. Let's figure out how to defeat Eiktur, the Ancient, and the Bone Mass.

How to win and summon Eikthyr - where to find "Trophy: Deer"

How to win and summon Eikthyr - where to find "Trophy: Deer"

Description: Eiktur is the first boss of Valheim. It is a large deer, chained in chains and with electrified antlers.

What you need to summon: Eytur can be summoned an unlimited number of times. To summon, you will have to spend 2 items "trophy: deer" (Deer Trophies) at the mystical altar (Mystical altar). Trophy: Deer can be obtained for killing deer. The altar is a rectangular stone table.

Attacks: Eiktur has three different attacks: lightning attacks (melee and ranged), lightning area attack, and horn attack.

Where to find: The Altar of Summoning Eyktur is located in the Meadows. The spawn altar should indicate on the map where to find it. Usually the boss spawns near the spawn point

How to win and summon Eikthyr - where to find "Trophy: Deer"

How to Defeat: Eiktur can be easily defeated with a starting Wood shield and a Flint spear. His attacks are easily blocked, and hitting with a spear is better between his attacks. This way you can destroy it in less than three minutes.

For maximum health and stamina, it is recommended to eat well a variety of foods (eg 1 cooked meat, 1 grilled neck tail, and 1 raspberry or mushroom). It is also recommended to rest the night before the fight.

What you can get: "trophy: Eikthyr" (Eikthyr trophy) and 3 "hard horn" (Hard antler).

How to Defeat and Summon the Elder - Where to Find the Ancient Seed

How to Defeat and Summon the Elder - Where to Find the Ancient Seed

Description: The Ancient One is the second boss of Valheim. It is a large bipedal creature, very similar to a tree.

Summoning Requirements: The Ancient One can be summoned by burning three ancient seeds at the sacrificial altar in the Black Forest. Ancient Seed can be dropped from Greydwarf Brute and Greydwarf Shaman. Also, the ancient seed can be found in random chests and as a reward on the altar.

The altar is a square stone platform with four pillars in the corners and a bowl of fire in the middle, it also has a runestone on which is written: "Burn their young" (Burn their young).

How to Defeat and Summon the Elder - Where to Find the Ancient Seed

Attacks: The Ancient One has three attacks: a stomp with his feet at close range, a ranged attack with a vine in a straight line directed at the target player if no player is at close range, and a Root over a large area (raises his hand in air before that). These roots will persist for some time and deal damage if the player gets close to them. The roots can be attacked and destroyed.

Where to find: The Ancient One's summoning place is located in the Black Forest. Its location can be found by visiting the "Burial Chambers", where the runestone will indicate the exact location of the summon on the map.

How to Win: It is recommended to bring several health potions into battle to heal during a long fight with the Ancient One. Since the Ancient One is in the Black Forest, additional enemies can join the fight and significantly increase the difficulty.

The Ancient One does not disappear if players flee or everyone dies, and continues to chase players for a considerable distance.

What you can get: "Trophy: Ancient" (Elder Trophy) and "key to the crypt" (Swamp Key).

How to defeat and summon Bonemass - where to find withered bones

How to defeat and summon Bonemass - where to find withered bones

Description: Bone Mass is the third boss of Valheim. It's a big green creature.

Summoning Requirements: A Mass of Bones is summoned using ten Wither Bones found in swamp dungeons.

Attacks: Bone Mass can summon skeletons, slimes and draugr. May also spray poisonous clouds from which it is best to stay away.

Where to find: The skull altar to summon is located in the swamp.

How to Win: Bone Mass is weak to bludgeoning damage. Recommended weapons: Iron Mace, Wooden Club, and Stagbreaker.

Do not use bows and arrows other than to stop his health regeneration - this is extremely ineffective. One fully upgraded wooden club will outperform a bow with iron arrows.

Use Mead to resist poison. You can go through poison, just don't stay in it.

Use the Stagbreaker to fight off skeletons and slime when they are piled up. If you are low on health, it is better to move away so as not to fall under the influence of the poison, and calmly heal.

What you can get: "Wishbone" (Wishbone).

How to defeat and summon Moder (Moder)

How to defeat and summon Moder (Moder)

Description: Mouder is the fourth boss of Valheim. It is a large wyvern with black scales and white fur.

What you need to summon: Mauder can be summoned by obtaining three Dragon Eggs and placing them on the sacrificial altar in the Mountain biome. The dragon egg can be found in the nests in the mountains. Since the eggs themselves weigh 200, it will take several people or several visits to summon the boss.

Attacks: Mauder can fly, but he also occasionally lands on the ground. While in the air, Mouder will fire projectiles that transform into crystalline formations on impact. While on the ground, Mouder will either attack with claws or breathe cold from his mouth.

Any of Mouder's cold attacks will significantly slow your movement speed by 15 seconds, making you vulnerable to further attacks.

Where to find: The sacrificial altar is located in the Mountain biome. The altar is stone, round. There is a stone table inside. Behind him are three offering bowls, in which to place Dragon Eggs. The entire structure glows red and is decorated with black runes along the edges. They depict two wyverns as well as four human figures.

How to win: use the bow when Mouder is in the air or lands on the ground far from you. We dodge the shells. Mouder can sometimes growl, which is a great time to hit the boss a few times. Wolves and other forest creatures can interfere with you, it is better to get rid of them right away.

What you can get: "Moder Trophy" (Moder Trophy) and "dragon tear" (Dragon tear).

How to defeat and summon Yagluth

How to defeat and summon Yagluth

Description: Yaglut is the fifth boss of Valheim. It is a large skeleton, of which only the upper half of the body remains.

Summoning Requirements : To summon Jaglut, you need to obtain five Goblin Totems and place them at the sacrificial altar in the Plains biome. Totems can be found in goblin camps.

Attacks: Yaglut is quite slow, but has very strong attacks. Jaglut's fist will glow with a blue light before it hits the ground in front of him, creating a small explosion. Anyone within the blast radius will take damage.

Jaglut's fist will glow red before he hits the ground. After that, a meteorite rock will fall from above and create a small explosion at the landing site. Any hero who is at the landing point will take a lot of damage. These meteors can be avoided by using stone pillars for cover.

Yaglut can breathe fire in a straight line and turn slowly. This attack has a long range, but since Yaglut is quite slow, it can be dodged by moving to the side. Also, this attack can be blocked with a good shield.

Where to Find: A sacrificial altar to summon can be found in the Plains biome. The altar is inside four giant stone pillars. Inside the columns is a small table with five small circles that you can place totems in.

There is a red tablet in front of the altar that can be used after placing the totems to complete the sacrifice, after which the boss will appear.

How to win: We use a bow, the boss is rather slow. We watch our hands and dodge his long-range attacks. Close up, you can manage to deliver several blows while he raises his hand.

What you can get: "Trophy: Yaglut" (Yagluth Throphy).