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Valheim developer revealed details of further development of the project


Valheim developer revealed details of further development of the project

When Valheim launched on February 2, developer Iron Gate posted an early access plan to showcase what the studio will add to the game in 2021.

The point is that there is not much in the roadmap details, just a few intriguing update titles like Hearth and Home, Cult of the Wolf, Ships and the Sea, and a new biome called Misty Lands.

But this week PCGamer was able to get some additional details from a conversation with Henrik Tornquist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios. The developer also revealed some other new features, such as mini-bosses, that may be added to Valheim in the future.

Here's what we know about Valheim's roadmap and what's coming in 2021.

Update 1: Hearth and Home

The first update is called Hearth and Home .

Tornquist : As the name suggests, it will focus on the building aspect of the game, with a lot of building elements and things to do in and around the house. The expansion will likely focus heavily on the cooking aspect of a game with more recipes and the like. But there are also new additional building elements.

PCGamer : With all these amazing Viking houses being created by players right now, this will surely be good news for the builders of Valheim. Personally, my house sucks and I'm more interested in having new recipes for cooking, which also hopefully means new seeds and plants for the farm. My carrot bed made me happy for a while, but I'm ready for more options.

Update 2: Cult of the Wolf

This update has a very intriguing title, but Iron Gate, unfortunately, does not reveal the secret of its content.

Tornquist : Cult of the Wolf will be an update that focuses on exploration and combat with hopefully some fun new components and various encounters for players.

PCGamer : Since wolves are often found in the mountain biome, I guess this update will focus on this area, but this is not certain.

Update 3: "Ships and the Sea"

Tornqvist : Ships and the Sea will make some changes to the ships and try to add a bit of ocean biome. Since it is not nearly as populated as the rest of the terrestrial biomes, we want something more in the ocean.

PCGamer : As the name suggests, it's not a big secret, but more encounters at sea are encouraged, as well as more ship customization options. Moreover, initially it seemed that the Viking drakkar was decorated with multi-colored shields, but now this is not an option.

Update 4: Misty Lands

Tornquist : The Mistlands update will add a completely new biome to Valheim. These will be new enemies, new items, a new boss, new resources, everything that we have planned for this year. So yes, this is a pretty big task, but we will take the challenge, so to speak.

Speaking of bosses, Tornquist also confirmed that every new biome added to the game will contain its own boss. And if that's not enough, new smaller bosses may appear at some point.

Tornquist : The finished game will have nine biomes with nine bosses. And then we're also looking into adding mini-bosses and the like. So yes, there will be even more bosses.

We also discussed with the developer the addition of completely new biomes and whether this will affect the procedurally generated worlds that players are currently exploring and building, and whether these new biomes will overwrite sections of the world that users may have already visited.

Tornquist : We are currently discussing how we are going to do this. From a technical point of view. I cannot give you a clear answer right now.

It's worth noting that Walheim currently contains some undeveloped biomes and some players have encountered unfinished areas, so potentially new biomes can be added without seriously disrupting player progress.

Dates for roadmap updates have also yet to be announced as Iron Gate is currently focused on fixing bugs in the short term.

Tornquist : The whole team is working to fix all the bugs that are discovered when a million people suddenly start playing your game. There are five of us, by the way, so we have a lot of work to do. But yes, as soon as we're ready, we'll start working on the updates outlined in the roadmap.