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Valheim: how to duplicate items following these simple steps


Valheim: how to duplicate items following these simple steps

We give you all the steps so that you can duplicate objects in Valheim, and for this we must do several things in the installation folder.

There is a way to duplicate objects for our Valheim games , something that will save you from getting resources over and over again, although with the consequent risk of starting to touch a series of files from the game itself.

There are several methods for us to duplicate Valheim objects , both the world saving method and the character saving method, and in both we are going to be required to go to the game's installation folder to make a series of modifications.

We advise you to make a backup copy of all the game files before performing any of the methods, so that you do not lose your progress if something goes wrong.

Valheim: how to duplicate items following these simple steps

Method 1: save the world

You must take the following steps to take advantage of this method:

  • Make a copy of the world file that contains the objects you want to duplicate. The world assets are generally found in the following folder: (C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ LocalLow \ IronGate \ Valheim \ worlds)
  • What interests us to locate within that same folder are those files that have the extensions where it says "data base file"
  • Now create an external folder and copy the world file you want to use there
  • Now open the world you just saved and take all the objects you want to duplicate
  • You must log out of the world with the items in your inventory, and then return to the external folder that you have created and copy the file of the old world (the one with the items in the inventory) and thus paste it to the directory of the worlds overwriting the saved
  • Now if you return to the world you will see that all the items are there, which will have been duplicated

Method 2: save characters

  • Take the items that you are interested in duplicating and store them in inventory, and log out
  • Now create an external folder to store the saved character and go to the characters directory which is the following: (C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ LocalLow \ IronGate \ Valheim \ characters)
  • Copy the character there, save the file and paste it into the external folder.
  • After the above, return to your world and store the items in a chest and log out
  • Now go to the external folder and grab the old character. As soon as you have copied it, go to the characters folder and paste the previous save, overwriting the one that has no articles.
  • After that, log into the world and you will see that the items are already duplicated both in the chest and in the inventory.