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Valheim - resource extraction guide

 Where are the main resources for crafting and survival and how to get them

Valheim is an open world game in which you have to elevate your viking, find and defeat all the fallen monsters. In addition to the main task, players can craft various items, build houses, farms and even apiaries. But for crafting, hunting and building, resources are required. In this guide, we'll show you how to get the best resources in Valheim.

Basic resources

Besides rare resources, you will come across the most common crafting materials. Below we have listed all the resources, and also told how the easiest way to get them.

Crafting resources

Stone . At first, the stone can only be found on the ground. Most often, such a resource is found in fields and meadows, as well as in mountainous areas. To pick up a stone, just walk up to it and press the " E " key .

Flint . Like stone , flint is scattered throughout the game world. Large amounts of silicon can be found near water. Examine the riverbank to collect a large amount of silicon.

Wood . While walking through the forest, you may stumble upon scattered branches. After you have built a stone or flint ax, you can chop down trees and extract this resource in large quantities. Common wood is dropped when beech or fir is cut .

Solid wood . Useful for crafting improved solid log items. This is the kind of wood you get when you cut pine . Pine trees can be found on the outskirts of the Lug or in the Black Forest.

Resin . You will find this resource when chopping trees, as well as after defeating any Greydwarf . Such creatures live in the forest and will attack you from time to time. Resin is needed to craft and repair certain items, such as wooden torches.

Crafting resources

Scraps of leather . Useful for making bows or lightweight clothing. Scraps drop only from killed boars, which, in turn, can be found almost everywhere. Leather Scraps are used to craft and repair clothing , rafts, and other items.

Feathers . Such a resource can sometimes be found in the forest or obtained by killing any bird. Feathers are useful for crafting improved arrows with flint or iron tips.

Deer skin . Useful for creating and improving clothes for your hero. The easiest way to get the hide is with a bow, as deer are very shy and scatter at the sight of a person.

Troll skin . The troll is a giant blue creature that has a lot of damage. This monster lives in the Black Forest, but sometimes while exploring the world of Valheim you can stumble upon its cave. There is no point in fighting a troll in a confined space, as it will kill you with a few hits. The most effective way to deal with a troll is to use ranged bow attacks.

Trolls are found both with a club in their hands and unarmed. The former can be used in tree felling. To do this, take the troll to a dense forest and just run around the trees. He will try to kill you, but in fact he will cut down a large amount of wood, which after defeating the troll can be picked up.


Food in Valheim is not a must for survival. If you lead a farming lifestyle, do not walk in the Black Forest and generally try to avoid direct conflicts with monsters and animals, then you do not need it. Food works a little differently here than in other games of this genre.

You can take no more than three units of any food at a time. The more satisfying the food, the faster the hero will replenish the lost health. The health scale itself will increase as food is consumed, and the hero's stamina will also increase.

Raspberry (health +10 , stamina +20 ). The most common plant in forests. It grows almost everywhere and recovers a few days after harvest. To collect raspberries, find a bush with berries, go to it and press the " E " key.

Blueberries (health +15 , stamina +20 ). It is less common than raspberries and mushrooms, because it grows only on the approaches to the Black Forest.

Mushroom (health +15 , stamina +20 ). Can be found under the trees in the forest. Like berries, mushrooms do not need to be cooked.

Yellow mushroom (health +20 , stamina +20 ). Unlike common mushrooms, yellow mushrooms only grow in dungeons. You can stumble upon them while exploring the mines or the troll's cave.

Cooked meat (health +40 , stamina +30 ). This dish can be obtained from wild boars or deer. Before using it, it must be prepared, since the hero refuses to eat raw meat.

Nyx's tail (health +35 , stamina +20 ). On the banks of any body of water, you will find small green creatures that look more like lizards. Such monsters attack when approaching, but do not do much damage. In any case, after destroying them, you can pick up nyx tails, fry them and eat them.

Honey (health +20 , stamina +20 ). This product is a little more difficult to obtain. While exploring the open world of Valheim you will come across small hives with bees. You should not get close to them, as the bees in such hives are very aggressive. Use your bow to knock down the hive and collect honey. In addition to the product itself, you will also find a queen bee, with which you can build your own apiary, which we will discuss below.

How to build an apiary

To supply your camp with honey, you can build a large apiary. This is not difficult to do, but for this you need to find one or more hives. They are scattered throughout the Valheim game map in various locations:

  • On the trees;
  • In abandoned houses;
  • In the bushes.

When you find a hive, you need to destroy it. This can be done both with your hands and with any weapon available at the moment. This will give you the Queen Bee . Build an apiary with the help of the queen bee and some planks. Once every few days, one apiary will bring you 4 units of honey.

How to plant seeds

While exploring the forest, you may stumble upon various seeds. The most common of these are carrot seeds . You've probably already created a hoe on a workbench, but this tool alone will not be enough to grow plants.

First you need to build a smelter and charcoal kiln . These craft items can only be crafted with a special resource - Surtling Core. At the same time, for each building you need 5 units of such resources. We have described where to find the cores of surfing in the "Rare and valuable resources" section.

So, when the smelting and charcoal kiln are ready, you can start looking for rare metals such as copper, iron, bronze and others. They are special deposits that can be destroyed with a staghorn pickaxe.

By melting a certain amount of metal, you can build a full-fledged farm for growing plants. Install it in a convenient place near the camp and be sure to fence it off to provide protection from forest dwellers.

Rare and valuable resources

Surtling cores . This resource is essential for exploring the world of Valheim. With it, you can build a Smelter and Charcoal Kiln. The first is needed to process various metals such as copper, iron or tin. Surtling cores can only be found in special mines scattered throughout the Valheim world. It is worth noting that the mines are well guarded by skeletons and ghosts. Usually in one mine you can find 2-3 units of surtling yarders, after which you will have to look for the next dungeon.

Copper ore . Can only be harvested with a staghorn pickaxe . You can create such a tool after fighting the boss Eiktur. This opponent is not difficult. To summon him, you just need to find a " deer trophy " and build a bow. After fighting the boss, you can create a pickaxe for mining any kind of mineral.

Tin ore . Examine small streams between meadows and the Black Forest for tin deposits. Like the previous mineral, tin can only be mined with a pickaxe and refined in a smelter.

Amber . A valuable resource that can be sold to a merchant. Sometimes found in the open world, but more often dropped from defeated trolls.

Ruby . It is also a valuable resource with which you can make good money. Unlike amber, ruby ​​can only be found in caves and burial chambers.

Coins . While exploring the world of Valheim, you will surely stumble upon various chests. Usually they are located in abandoned and dilapidated houses. Often, when inspecting such chests, you will collect coins. Also, after killing a troll with a certain chance, you can get a certain amount of coins.