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Walkthrough Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - game guide


Walkthrough Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - game guide

Completing all Wrath of the Righteous Beta Story and Side Missions

At the beginning of the passage of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you will be prompted to create a main character or choose from existing characters. Unlike Divinity Origin Sin, none of the pre-made characters are potential companions. Therefore, by choosing a hero from the list below, you will not lose a single storyline:

  • Warrior Hedwerg
  • Paladin Melaku
  • Ranger weylin
  • Sorcerer Guimard
  • Priest Yadmila

However, if you are playing the beta version of the game, you will not be able to make your own unique hero (the option is not yet available). Watch the introductory video that introduces Harlan and Terendlev, Keeper of Kenabres.

Chapter 1. Captives in the dark

Walkthrough Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - City Day

The weapon was taken away from you, so it remains to walk around the city and meet different characters. The J key opens the task log, and there are three targets - drink, drop darts and hit the dummy. Go down the map (for convenience, you can rotate the screen with the Q and E keys) and press TAB. Objects and objects available for interaction will be highlighted by the "palm". Have a drink, hit a dummy or throw darts. All of this is marked with a "palm". You need to perform two of three actions in order for the city to be attacked by demons led by Lord Decales. Watch a lengthy cut-scene.

Captives in the dark

Walk forward through the cave until you meet Anevia and Siila. You will receive 125 experience points. The first skill check will start here. Use Athletics or Level 12 Lore to get Anevia out. Either way, Anevia will be pulled out. If the check is successful, nothing will change. In the event of a failure, Siila will have to apply more strength, so she will receive a temporary penalty to characteristics. Siila is your first companion in the game!

Go a little further and search your first chest, which will contain a weapon. He also has a cloak marked "Uncertainly" lying in it. In the future, you will have to use special skills that allow you to identify objects and find out their specific characteristics. Only then will you benefit. Further away, you will meet the Camellia. Talk to the healer and take him to your squad. Select her, click on the first skill at the bottom of the screen and heal Camellia from her wounds. You will receive 125 experience points. A skillfully made dagger can be taken from the corpse.

Follow further, killing the first enemies - giant flies and centipedes. Take a left at the fork to find the Lann and Wenduag ruins. You can, of course, attack them, but it's much more effective to ask what they are doing here, and then offer help in finding the sword. As soon as you find him, the Mongrelians will show the way out. Go a little further through these ruins, search several heaps of debris in search of loot and find a sword at the very end. The memory will start. If, like us, you have chosen Hedwierg as the main character, then you can successfully pass the will test. Then talk to Lann and Wenduag, and then move through the rubble. Lann and Wenduag will join the squad, and thanks to Lann's skills, you will be able to move between the rubble. Killing enemies, get to the exit point. You can use another blockage along the way,

Soon you will reach the leader Sull, and you will receive 250 experience points. By the way, Venduag will ask you not to show Sulla the Heavenly Light, and promises to take you outside. Talk to the leader and decide what to say to him. If you hide the presence of Heavenly Light, Lann will not be happy, but will accept this option. Then you can search the village. On the way to the rest hut, you will meet Khorgus Gwerm, who will offer a deal - you need to find a way out and report it. Now you need to get to the rest hut. It is marked with a flag on the map (key M). After resting, chat with a Weduage or Lann. Who exactly - depends on whether you showed the Heavenly Light to Sulla. If shown, Lann will stay with you, otherwise - Weduag. But you will meet the second character in the Guardian Labyrinth anyway!

Use the boat nearby to move to a new location. Walk forward a little and squeeze through the doors into the ruins of some building. Kill the first cultists and follow along, collecting various loot. In a large room with a round table, at the very end there should be distorted mongrelians. If they are not there, you can safely load the last save and repeat the actions. It can also happen that the door on the left will be inactive, but it is needed to move further. In this case, the output is the same - reboot.

So, from the hall with the first distorted mongrel there are two ways - the door on the left and right. Go through the door on the left, into the bedroom, and so on, until you find yourself in a hall with a bloody pool. There will be a locked door on the left. If you go through the door on the right, then you will run into another door, locked with a magic key. Return to the main hall and this time head through the trap room on the right. You will find a flooded dungeon. Move deep into it until you meet an enemy called the Hand of Hosilla. Defeat him and the warrior, and then search the bodies. On the corpse there will be a note from Hosilla, which says about the magic key and the fact that the door to the bloody pool is opened with a torch. Also in the dungeon you can find a distorted mongrel-brute. There will be an undefined ring on his corpse.

Return back to the hall with the bloody pool and open the door on the left using the lever located next to it. It will only be active if you find a note!

By the way, if your characters have low health or have no charges to use certain spells, rest is required. To do this, click on the "fire" icon in the lower left corner of the screen and place it anywhere. Then interact. Check the box that allows you to rest for the desired amount of time (long enough for complete healing).

When you go through the door behind the lever, you will find several rooms. One of them will contain another Hosilla's Hand. Kill him and take the magic key from the door to the right of the well with blood. In addition, you can search other areas. Behind one of the doors there is a descent into the dungeon, and on the left is a secret wall with colored stones. To open the secret room, you need to properly interact with the colored stones. It is useless to act by selection - stones in a four-digit combination can simply be repeated!

At the beginning of the Labyrinth, where the first distorted Mongrelians were (a large hall with a fork), colorful paintings hang on the wall. This is the hint:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Behind the wall will be a secret room with common loot and a relic - a sword that has yet to be identified.

Go back and open the door with the magic key. Go downstairs, finish off Hosilla and together with Weduag or Lann. Regardless of who you went to the Labyrinth with, a second character will come. Lann will help in battle, but Venduag will side with Hosilla (if you came with Lann). But even in the second option, Venduag will not die. But you will find out who she is, what goals she pursues and why she served the demons. And it will be necessary to decide whether to take Wenduag or Lann with you, or not to take anyone. Such a choice will only be if you did not show the Heavenly Light to Sulla and came here from the Venduag. If they came with Lann, Venduag could only be killed or released. After that, the leader of the Mongrels will appear. Talk about everything to get the cultist dispatch. The task will be completed as soon as you go upstairs.

Chapter 2. Legacy of the Guardian Stone

Scouts in our ranks

To show Irabeth's dispatch, you need to help her fight off the Guardian Stone. After that, you will wake up in the house, a dialogue will start, in which an option with a dispatch will appear. Select it to continue the task. You need to gather enough strength to smoke the demons out of the Estrod tower. To do this, pay attention to the plot task below - "Common cause". But first, visit the tower itself. From the market square, go down to it, go inside and climb the ruins to the dwarf. He will say that attacking demons now is pure suicide. Instead, agree with him and return to the Heart of the Defender, where inform Irabeth of the impending assault. If you delay, the assault will begin without you. In this case, it will not be possible to warn about him, but the goal about this task will still hang in the journal. However, you can ignore it and after the assault just return to the Estrod tower. Surely the task will continue. But I decided to act consistently, as I wrote about above.

After the quest "Deferred Sentence" and the battle with the demons in the Heart of the Protector (wait for the Messenger to come to you and inform you that the demons are about to attack), return to Estrod Tower. Now there are fewer demons here! Kill them all. If you succeed, you can even scare off half. Then go back to Irabet and talk about your successes. She might have to tell her twice that Estrod's Tower has been cleared. In addition, in the tower you can go down to the basement and find the poor guy. If you help him, get a chewed letter. It is of little interest. There is a museum caretaker in the open room. You can convince him to hand over the key, and then search each room. Or you can break the doors yourself.

You can also clear the tower yourself. The gnome you meet inside will kill the demon leader. You go right or left and push the column to kill some of the demons. But demons will storm the "Defender's Heart" anyway.

City on fire

The first part of the quest is related to Irabet. Help her fight off demons and distorted ones. When you get to the surface and see two groups, be sure to run along with Irabet to the enemies on the left. If you go with your group to the enemies on the right, you will surely die. In the end, you will meet Minago, and then you will lose consciousness and wake up in the "Protector's Heart". Exit to the common room of the tavern and talk to Staunton Wayne on the left. He will say that the Storyteller should be found in the Black Wing.

Remember Horgus Gwerm? So, if you agreed to help him, you can talk to the man at the innkeeper's counter. He will pay the promised money. If tested, it will be 2,000 gold, if not, 1,000.

In the same tavern, next to the Irabeth table is Haylor. You can buy mercenaries from him - 500 gold for each. Also, besides the innkeeper, one more character inside the tavern has his own goods (scrolls). Visit the Black Wing Library. You will need to go past the market square below the Heart of the Protector. Inside, immediately save and talk to Caleb. Pass the athletics test, but if you fail, the Storyteller and the other hostages will burn to death. If you can't pass the athletics test, you will have to act chaotically and pretend to be a servant of Baphomet. Deceive them. Say that there is one place left and they will start fighting with each other. Or offer to mine the Gray Garrison. In this case, they will leave the location. Talk to the Storyteller and agree to escort the blind elf to the Protector's Heart. Do not forget to chat with other characters - these are the Knights of the Flame Lance, and they will agree to help the Heart of the Protector. You will advance on the quest "Common Cause". Talk to the Storyteller again, say that you will take him, and confirm the action. You will automatically return to the tavern. Talk to the Storyteller on the spot. He will be sitting in a chair to the left of the innkeeper. Deiran usually sits in the other chair.

When you're ready, head out to storm the Gray Garrison. To do this, talk to Irabet. Arriving at the place, start going upstairs. You will see Irabeth fighting in the main hall, and then a demon will appear and take Staunton Wayne. Go downstairs. Search the entire first floor! There are a couple of stairs leading up to the second floor, but take your time. The first has many interesting rooms, and one of them is something like a prayer room with six statues. Kill all enemies (if you have knights from the Black Wing library, you can use dispel magic), then study the book on the pedestal. It describes prayer and is the key to solving the puzzle. You need to interact with the statues in the following order:

  • Woman with sword and shield (personifies Queen Goldfrey, who uses a shield and a sword - this is indicated in the passage taken from the corpse of the Succubus)
  • Angel with a shield and a sword (then three angels go in prayer)
  • Angel with sword
  • An angel with a hammer
  • Man with a staff (by elimination)
  • Woman with a sword (if you find a sword in a cache of colored stones in the Guardian Labyrinth, you should know that it belonged to Yaniel from prayer)

If everything is correct, then a secret niche will open. There will be many weapons in the cache. However, it cannot be called something unique and particularly useful. In the next hallway there will be a huge floor with a trap. It will be noticed and neutralized by the plutifling if they help you (you had to help the plutiflings in the market square).

When you're ready, go up the stairs to the left of the map or the stairs in the upper right corner to the second floor. I used the second one (there will be a wall at the top, but there is a lever on the right that must be pulled), and it was located behind a bookcase inside a small room where the demon taught people alchemy from the human body. After going up to the second floor (make sure to go up to where you have not already been), inspect the side rooms. There are two rooms on the left and right. A stranger will appear in one of the rooms on the right. In the other there will be a hole, and behind it is a chest with magic essence (you need a software to restore the split gold buckle from the Storyteller). One of the rooms on the left is closed. And you need to get into it, but a key is required. Go through the center door that leads to the library. If you convinced Caleb of the Black Wing Library to go to the Gray Garrison and mine the local library, now everyone in it will explode. A stranger (another one) will appear, who will promise to accept you into your “club” if you continue in the same spirit.

Continue until you find a staircase leading to the first floor. But you don't need to go down - this is the same second staircase that you could use. There will be many demons in the room to her right. Harlan's inquisitors will help you. Defeat everyone and take the key from the leader. With this key, open one of the rooms on the second floor, which we talked about earlier. Kill all the distorted ones and open the door on the right. Minago will be behind her, communicating with Staunton Wayne.

Common cause

The quest will begin after you help Irabet fight off the attack on the city and wake up in the "Heart of the Defender". To be joined by rogue flings, you need to visit the market square, go to the market square itself and go up to the building on top, where the rogue flings will be. One of them got stuck. Help him get out, and then tell the plutotiflings that you need their help. The task will be updated.

The next destination is the Black Wing Library, which you will visit on the City on Fire mission. It is important to save the bound people from the servants of Baphomet, pretending to be crusaders. Before the conversation, save and try out different options. It is best to choose the cheating option. You will pretend to be a servant of Baphomet, and you can even convince these poor fellows to go to the Gray Garrison and mine it. After that, talk to the Storyteller, and then - the other characters saved from being burned alive. Invite them to travel to the Heart of the Protector. They will agree, the task will be updated. The quest will end as soon as you inform Irabeth that it is time to storm the Gray Garrison. This can be done after meeting with the Storyteller on the quest "City on Fire".

Delayed Sentence

The quest will begin after you help Irabet fight off the attack on the city and wake up in the "Heart of the Defender". Exit to the tavern and chat with Anevia. The conversation will start automatically. Keep going about your business. Try to collect as many assistants as possible: in the market square you can help the plutiflings, sort out Harlan's problem (even convince him to kill Ramien), and then ask for help. In addition, there are mongrelians in the market square. You can ask them to return underground and attack on command. If you do not return to the tavern yourself, then a Messenger will come while moving around the global map. He will report that the demons are about to attack. You can agree and return with him to the Heart of the Protector. Don't worry, nothing will start without you.

Once you return and talk to Irabeth, agree to start the battle (or ask for a reprieve and rest in bed). During the battle, there will be many simple enemies - Neophyte warriors. Don't pay attention to them. They will appear endlessly. Kill a few at the start and then wait for any other targets to appear. Here they must be killed first. After that, a huge minotaur will appear. After killing him, pay attention to the arsonists who will be at the left and right gates, as well as on the roof opposite the entrance to the tavern. Once all of the Cultist Pyro are dead, the fight ends. And the neophyte warriors will appear indefinitely until this moment. Talk to Irabet to end the fight. When you go outside, do not forget to search the carriage with corpses. There will be at least 1200 coins and some equipment.

Gwerm family secrets

The quest will begin after you help Irabet fight off the attack on the city and wake up in the "Heart of the Defender". Exit to the tavern and talk to Horgus Gwerm. Agree to fulfill his instructions. He will pay 1,000 gold or 2,000 if you pass the diplomatic check. The Guerme Mansion is down from the market square. You need to go to it and get out through one of the western exits. Go down the map and look into the house. You will have a talk with Horgus, who asks to clear the estate. Everything is quite simple here: destroy all the enemies on the first floor by searching every room. Then go up to the second and kill each enemy. In the back room there will be a demon killer, which by default hides in the shadows and will strike stealthily. Having defeated everyone, go into the room and wave your hand to Horgus through the window. Talk to him, go to the secret room and talk again. If the attention test is passed, you can learn the truth. Do not kill Horgus if you want to keep Camellia in the squad. The task will end.

Chilly waters

The quest will begin after you help Irabet fight off the attack on the city and wake up in the "Heart of the Defender". Exit to the tavern and chat with Yernug, standing to the right of the innkeeper. You can complete the task only after you find yourself on the global map, outside Kenabres. This will happen after clearing the Gray garrison and completing the mission "The beginning of a long journey" (communication with Queen Goldfrey). Visit the Frosty Creek location, walk up with Yernug and defeat Hydra along with the villagers. Then you can talk to their leaders, and after the quest ends.

A heated debate about faith

As soon as you find yourself on the "Market Square" location, move to the middle and clear the blockage to create a bridge. Made? Go to the other side and turn left (do not pass the athletics test to be at the top of the location). In the west you will see Inquisitor Harlan, his crusaders and Ramien. The latter is accused of treason. You shouldn't attack the inquisitor, but instead let him tell you everything. Ramien will escape, and you can start this task. If Ramien is not attacked, just return to Harlan. If you showed him the Heavenly Light, then he will not attack you, and you will persuade him to chase Ramien. But he promises to do so after the demons are destroyed. Give Ramien the news. The task is completed.

Another option is to kill Ramien and / or Harlan. Both will drop unique weapons. But Harlan is a good assistant in the quest related to the assault on the Gray Garrison. So don't be. And if you attack Ramien, you will not be able to start the quest "Looking to the Stars". However, you can not attack at first, but talk so that Ilkes will appear afterwards and give this task. And then attack Ramien. But keep in mind that Ilkes is also attacking you. We'll have to kill those minions of Dezna, whom you will meet during the quest "Looking to the stars."

Walkthrough Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Location Exploration: Market Square

You will be taken to this location in the story. In the first part of it, you can find the girl Ugolyok, whom the crusaders are trying to kill. Convince them. You can punish the instigator, kill everyone, or send them to the "Heart of the Defender". In addition, after entering the building, you can find a secret room with a ritual summoning circle. You can complete the call. In this case, a demon will appear, and you can later find him somewhere in the Market Square and kill him. Or destroy the circle. Then the demon will not appear.

Now look for a blockage from which you can build a bridge. Once done, cross the bridge. The mission "The Divided City" will end. Walk left to find Inquisitor Harlan and Ramien. The last one will run away, the first one should not be killed. Otherwise, you will not be able to take the quest "A heated debate about faith."

Further west you can spot plutiflings. One of them got stuck under the rubble. Help him out, don't get angry, but be understanding instead. As a result, you will be able to advance in the tasks "Common cause" and "City on fire". Also next to this building will be a mysterious stranger. Try to talk to him, but he will say the phrase "No answer is also an answer." Then you can meet him during a random event (when moving around the map) with Nenio's participation. He will utter the same phrase, appearing after the destruction of the cultists of Baphomet, and then disappear again. Next time you will meet the Unknown at the location "Silk Thread Atelier". It is just above the Estrod Tower. He will say the same phrase, standing next to the entrance to the basement, and leave.

Go directly to the market square and find the servant of the Earl of Arenday standing a little higher (to the north). He asks for help. This is how the mission "Not the best time for a feast" begins.

Just above this place, Ramien can be found, who escaped from Halran. Communicate with him normally, do not be hostile, tell him that it is time for you to go. This will release Ramien. Ilkes will appear, who will talk about Desna and her followers. You will need to find them in the quest "Looking to the stars." In addition, the task "A heated debate about faith" will be updated: Ramien will ask him to convince Harlan to hunt him and his associates.

There is a temple in the upper left corner of the location. Go inside. All of Dezna's ministers will gather here, including Ikles and Aranca, who you will find in Count Arenda's party house.

Stargazing gaze

This quest can be taken after talking with Ramien, who manages to escape from Halran. He confesses that he serves Desna, and asks to find all the missing followers. The first in line is Adept-singer Aranka. You need to look for it somewhere in the city. And you will be able to find Aranka in the Arenday estate, according to the quest "Not the best time for a feast." By doing this, you will receive Aranka's Shawl. It will allow you to show that you are a friend of a guy named Tall, who is disguised in the market square. Return to the market square. I don't know where the game will take you, but you need to get to the exit in the east, on the right edge of the screen. This is where you find yourself when you first visit the location. Walk along the cliff and you will see several crusaders. Try to talk to each of them. One of them will respond and you will meet Tall. Harlan will appear. Show him the Heavenly Light to keep him behind the boy. Then go to the upper left corner of the map, to the temple where Dezna's servants are hiding. Talk to Ilkes to complete the quest. Sing a song after Aranka, and you will see another vision. As a reward, you will receive 460 experience points and the "Remove disease" wand. If you killed Ramien on the assignment "A heated debate about faith", then you will have to kill all the others - first Ilkes, and then, as stated above, find Aranka and Tall.

Location Exploration: Pitax Wine Cellar

This will be a basement with three deaths. Kill them and look for a blockage in the back room, under which is hidden an orc double-edged ax.

Location Exploration: Tyrabade Family House

Here you will find several enemies, including the Succubus, as well as a cache of Irabeth's letter and 800 coins.

Chapter 3. Blade of Valor

Banner over the citadel

This quest will begin with Chapter 4, after you free the Gray Garrison as part of the City on Fire mission. You need to move north of the map to the city of Dresen. Along the way there will be several outposts of demons and camps in which certain events will occur. They will be connected with the tasks described below - "According to the precepts of the Underworld" (can be obtained by hiring the Knights of the Underworld), "Music of the Abyss" and "Strike from the Heavens".

As soon as you get to Dresen, a council will take place in the commander's tent. It will be necessary to decide which path to follow to storm the city. I recommend the casemates that Nura talks about. In the case of the first option, the game may freeze. Move through the casemates, killing many opponents. Once you find yourself on the streets of the city, look for a place where you can climb the wall and get inside the watchtower. There will be a lever that unlocks the first gate. Continue along the wall, killing giants and archers and opening other gates. In the end, you will get rid of the guards as requested by the game and open the way to the central gate. Approach them, kill the distorted crusader and the Trapper, and then interact. The crusaders will begin to break down the gates, and you need to protect them.

Inside the fortress, a battle with a demon awaits you, who will hide as soon as your old acquaintance from the Estrod tower appears. Then go up the side stairs and enter the citadel. Make your way through it, killing opponents. Help Yaniel, and in the room to the right along the corridor, deal with the warlock. In the corner there is a wall, upon examining which you can find a passage to a room with a vampire in a coffin. You can kill him. Goran Staunton will stand in the way, and you will not be able to convince him, so fight.

On the left side of the map you will find a dead end with a huge "Blade of Valor" banner. Take the item and go down the map, into a round room with a pit and ghouls. After killing everyone, approach the wall on the right. Yaniel will appear, who will open a secret passage. Apparently, you will find it on your own, if you suddenly did not help Yaniel earlier. There will be a puzzle behind the wall. Rotate the rings until you get a solid pattern. Take a look at the screenshot below. Be guided by it. Take another banner (I don't understand why there are two of them in the citadel), and move on until you find yourself on the floor with Minago and Staunton. Deal with the enemies, be sure to collect the loot dropped from Staunton, and then go outside. Eventually the chapter will end. Dresen is ours! Nuru can be killed, released or imprisoned (will be imprisoned in casemates).

The beginning of a long journey

This quest will begin with Chapter 4, after you free the Gray Garrison as part of the City on Fire mission. So, take a look around the camp. Everything that interests you is outside. Just go around in circles and the goals will gradually be deleted. And when you're ready, return and go inside the Commander's tent where Queen Goldfrey is waiting. Chat with her to complete the mission. A new companion will appear in your squad - Zosiel.

According to the precepts of the Underworld

As soon as you destroy Vilaret Ford's outpost, a new point for the camp will appear. Move to her and Yaker will come to your tent. The man asks for help. Agree to start the task. Follow down the map when you pass through the second camp, and clear out the outpost of demons on the mission of the Crusade "Deadly Gorge". Made? In this case, a point for the camp will appear here, but in fact the camp itself is not yet there. Go to the territory with a squad and follow down the quest giver. Kill all the gargoyles. In the camp with corpses, in one of the boxes there will be a magic essence. Enter the cave at the bottom right, destroy the enemies and decide what to do with the army of the Knights of the Underworld. The best thing is to keep the army for yourself (you can hire the Knights of the Underworld), and then agree to accept Regill in the squad. This will be a new satellite!

Music of the Abyss

This quest will begin after you reach the Leper's Smile Cave. This is on the way to Dresen. Here you will encounter a swarm of Veskavor. You will need to send Irabet, Nuru, Lanna or Regilla ahead if he is already in your squad. Move to the north of the location. But remember: the longer you stay, the more people from the army will die (who are distracting the swarm along with your chosen character). There may be a chance that the character you sent there will die. In the north there will be a Veskavor Queen. Destroy her to complete the mission. This is part of the "Banner over the Citadel" quest. Once done, you can go down into the cave to find many additional enemies. In addition, behind one of the rubble is the Snooper - the huge beetle you might have seen in the introductory video. It will drop a rare Hunter's Claw dagger.

Location Exploration: Inconspicuous Camp

There will be a bonfire with a kobold named Krinukh. Talk to him about everything.

Location Exploration: Nightingale Grove

There will be marauders here. They will have to be killed. Lots of loot, including one magical essence.

Blow from heaven

At the next outpost (camp), not far from Dresen, a night attack will take place. This will start this quest. Exit the tent and kill the gargoyles. Follow the left to help Nura. Walk around the perimeter of the camp clockwise to collect several allies. In my case, Lann was immediately in the tent, and Camellia and Siil were waiting outside. Perhaps you will have others. Part of the allies will be carried away by Nalkinet, who attacked the camp. When he disappears, return to the tent to call a council. Exit to the global map and follow the location "The Lost Sanctuary".

On the way, you will meet the rest of the allies, and you will be able to edit the squad. At the very top, inside the first hall, there will be Queen Golfrey. Kill all opponents by choosing any option in the dialogue. Then go to the next room, where there will be two linked crusaders. Choose the stealth option, otherwise they will be killed. It's the same with the crusader outside, in the cemetery. There is a descent behind the cemetery. It leads to a long path around the perimeter of the map, with a cave at the end. There are many enemies and loot here, but I haven't found a way to get back. You also need to return to the building where there were two tied crusaders, and go through another door. Irabet will be behind her. After saving her, exit to the courtyard through another door and defeat Nalkinet. Go back to the very beginning to chat with Avenia.

Chapter 4. The Fifth Crusade

This chapter begins after you save the Storyteller from the Black Wing Library and automatically return to the Heart of the Protector with him. Talk to him inside to complete the City on Fire mission and start this chapter and the quest below.

The fate of the dragon

Show the Storyteller, back to the Heart of the Protector, the Terendel Scale. You will learn partly about her fate, but this is not enough. This quest will begin. The quest will end as soon as you capture Dresen.

Know your enemy

The quest will begin after the completion of the third chapter "Blade of Valor" and the capture of Dresen. You will advance on this quest as soon as you complete the Demon Heresy quest. You will learn about the location of the Bone Lodge. Next, you should complete the task "Sunset of the Winter Sun". At the end of it you will receive the key to the Bone Lodge. It's time to visit the Bone Lodge. Go left and down, where a new location has appeared. Find a pile of bones and interact with it to find yourself in a cave.

Defeat the first enemies and open the door by standing on two plates on the left and right. Speak with the Demoness who terrorized the Winter Sun. You can agree or attack. In any case, you will need to move deeper into the Bone Lodge to find its leader. The upper room (at the top of the map) will have two doors. One is locked with a key and the other with a combination lock. A note with a code is lying in the corner. There are five buttons on the wall in another corner. Click on them in the following order:

  • Triangle
  • Star (from five points)
  • Square (turned by a diamond)
  • A circle

The door to the loot bedroom will open. Go to the other side and look for a room with Zantir. Defeat his demons. With two characters, stand on the two buttons on the left and right sides of the room. The rest are looking for three buttons on the walls that you need to press. They are all round. Continue exploring the corridors. There is a room at the bottom left with buttons on the wall. They hide a secret niche. There are also three dead-end corridors with bowls that you can interact with. Do this and kill every guard. In the corridor with one of the bowls, at the other end there is a relic. There are chests nearby, and inside one there will be a note with a hint to the buttons inside the room. It will be a mystery. Here's a solution for you:

  • A circle
  • Star
  • Six pointed star
  • Triangle

A loot room will open and the last guard will appear. Now look for the door icon on the right and head outside. Kill all the enemies, go to the building ahead and finish off Zantir. After the victory, be sure to take the key from him, open the secret door in the corner and go down to the bedroom. Talk to the demoness if you made a deal with her. You can attack or leave alone. Use a small key to unlock the bedroom door. You've already seen her. This is the fast track to the global map.

The threshold of the Abyss

The task is activated at the end of the "Know your enemy" quest. Return to Dresen and speak with the Heavenly Hand. We need to find a way to break the demonic seal.

Blow out of nowhere

The quest will begin after the completion of the third chapter "Blade of Valor" and the capture of Dresen. Enter the citadel and chat with Avenia. If Nura is still with you, go to the casemates and interrogate her about demons. This way you will learn about the location of the Smoking Scar south of Dresen. If Nura is not there, just go down south and look for a location there. After passing on it, kill the Vrokov in the cave. If you pass the bluff or intimidation check, the sorceress will flee, leaving you to kill two more villains. Next, decide the fate of the Aldori and the two knights. Return to Dresen and report your success to Irabeth.

Winter sun setting

The quest will begin after the completion of the third chapter "Blade of Valor" and the capture of Dresen. Travel down from Dresen and enter the Winter Sun Settlement. Follow through the location, killing demons, until you find yourself in the village. Strange things are happening here: the inhabitants of this settlement do not see that demons are walking among them. Go deep into the settlement to see Balor. When he disappears, the leader Markhevok will appear. Follow him up and you will meet a carver. Interrogate her to progress through the mission and start another one - "Silent Alarm". Do not go to the chieftain's house until you complete the task below! Having dealt with the runestones, enter the chieftain's house. Stop the execution. If you can deal with the runestones below, then there will be fewer enemies. People will come to their senses, and only demons will remain. Go further, leave the house and follow the leader. Select, how to deal with charms. We are following the path of Aeon, so we dispelled the spell. The peasants will get rid of the demons. You can also decide the fate of the leader. By freeing him from the spell, you will leave the man still the leader. Also here you will receive the Bone Key from the Bone Lodge. It is needed for the quest "Know your enemy." Return to the chieftain's house and talk to the carver. She will have new items.

Unsound alarm

Climb to the chief's house and examine the debris of the runestone in the grass on the right. If this is not enough, go to the left of the chief's house, go down a little lower and examine the fake runestone under the tree by the house on the left. Go back to the carver and talk about everything. The leader is definitely involved here!

Dragon hunt

The quest will begin after the completion of the third chapter "Blade of Valor" and the capture of Dresen. Go to the tavern in the lower right corner of Dresen, go inside and find the dwarf Greybor. The same one you met in the Estrod tower and who tried to kill the demon in the Dresen citadel. Hire him to hunt the dragon. You have to pay 2,500 gold. He will appear among your companions. Travel west with Greybor. On the way to the location Severe Forest you will be attacked by a dragon. Defeat him. Get to the pine forest, talk to Greybor and defeat the dragon again. He will flee, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Leave the location. On the right, under Dresen, a location will appear, which is called the Blood Trail.

Once you get to the right place, go through a few checks to realize that the dragon has gone south. If successful, the desired location will immediately appear - the Tower of the Master. In any case, go down from the Blood Trail and look for a tower on the edge of the hill. Checks will start as you approach the tower. I recommend going through the overgrown grass, on the right path. If successful, you can get close to the dragon. Choose a few sneak checks so that Greybor can injure the dragon. He will rise higher. Hurry after him and finish off. If you kill, Greybor will be pleased. And you can forever stake it on your squad by paying 12,500 gold. If the dragon escapes, then Greybor will have to give 25,000 gold. It is noteworthy that a special amulet "Half of a couple" will drop out of the dragon. The same can be bought from one of the merchants (seemingly standing next to the temple on the left) Dresen. Equip both amulets for the main character and one more constant companion. You will receive bonuses when you are around.

Broken Spirit

The quest will begin after the completion of the third chapter "Blade of Valor" and the capture of Dresen. Enter Dresen's Citadel and talk to Irabeth. She wants to spend time surrounded by ordinary soldiers.

Demon heresy

The quest will begin at some point during the travels in the fourth chapter. During the next sleep in the camp, a demon will appear to you, and you can take the quest from him. Most likely, this will happen next to the location "The smoking scar", where you need to go on the quest "Strike from Nowhere". A new location will appear nearby - the Green Gate. There you go! Here you will meet Arushalai. This will happen if you freed the demoness in Dresen from the casemates.

Listen to her. You need to catch Yarunitsa, and before that you have to look for the bell of mercy. Move through the location, destroying demons, and defeat Yarunitsa. In any case, she will hide. At the end, chat with Arushalai. You can invite her to your squad! The quest can be completed a little differently. In the ruins, climb the stairs to the right, kill the enemies and go down the stairs to the right. This will take you to the chapel. Return to the ruins and use your mobility to get over the rubble. Immediately after it, an attention check is needed to detect a pile of tongues from the bell of mercy. Take it, go to the chapel and ring the bell. This can be done after.

The price of knowledge

This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. A guest will look into the main hall of the citadel and tell about everything. Go to the location Winter Sun and in the upper left part look for a mountain on which a mad elf is standing. You were looking for her. Talk and ask to wait. Return to Dresen, follow the middle semicircle of the citadel to the left, towards the house and Deiran. Clame will be there (assuming he survived the Black Wing Library). Tell him about Miammir. However, if he did not survive, then this task will not be. Now return together to Miammir at the Winter Sun location. Decide what to do with the emerging creature. After all this, the task will end.

Sarkoris's Retribution

This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. Irabet will come to the main hall and tell about everything. Go down from the citadel and go right towards the inn and inn. Kiar will be on the square with the stage. Chat with him to find out about the missing student. Go to the Winter Sun location and look for the entrance to the cave at the right edge (behind the stone on which the skeleton lies). Talk to Morweg and go deep into the cave. Defeat the monster. Return to the city and talk to Kiar. Give him Morveg's medallion and a hammer at will The task will end.

Location Exploration: Crimson Dust

In this location west of Dresen, you can find a dangerous enemy pretending to be a crusader. Defeating him will give you some decent loot.


This category lists missions related to the Fifth Crusade and your army. You need to eliminate different armies and outposts on the map.

Gift of Valas

This quest will begin with Chapter 4, after you free the Gray Garrison as part of the City on Fire mission. One of the demonic armies will be highlighted on the map with an exclamation mark. Defeat her.

Further, I will not consider each task, since they can be associated either with the destruction of demonic armies, or with the destruction of the outpost. And in fact, and in other cases, you will have to manage your army. Do not forget to use the "Recruit" button in the lower right corner of the map to recruit new troops. Then you can combine the two armies by placing them in the same place. Be sure to establish a leader for the army and do not forget to use the abilities of both the leader and individual units.

There are two types of icons on the map. One points to a demonic army. Some need to be dealt with in the story, while others are secondary, but when you destroy them, you will either find resources or find armor for your characters. Demonic armies do not impede the movement of your squad. What can not be said about the outposts - blue towers on the map. Here you also need to fight in turn-based combat, controlling the army, but it is also important to do this for the reason that your squad simply cannot move on if such an outpost stands in the way.

Companion Quests

Friends are known in trouble, and not only

The quest will begin after you help Irabet fight off the attack on the city and wake up in the "Heart of the Defender". Inside the tavern, next to the Irabeth table, stands Silla. Talk to her and ask where you can find her friend Yanna Aldori. She will say that before the attack, they were together in the Market Place of Kenabres. As soon as you get to the market square, which is needed according to the plot, find the blockage and build a bridge from it. Cross to the other side, cross the ruins with the Athletics test and find a halfling on the bridge. Talk to him, after which Aldori will appear - Siila's friend, who needed to be found. Now that the time is right, return to the Heart of the Protector to mark the meeting. This will end this task, but if you agree to help, the quest "League of Inspirational Cart" starts.

Stolen moon

To start this quest, you need to free the tiefling Wolf in the basement of the "Defender's Heart" tavern. Read the description of the quest "Bail". Go outside, leave the location and move across the global map to the Ploutifling hideout, located north of the Defender's Heart. Go inside and talk to the leader of the Plutiflings, Sister Kerismei. Tell him you know the name of the traitor. Return to the Heart of the Protector and speak with Irabeth regarding her informant.

Having done this, select on the global map and follow to the left and up from the Heart of the Defender, to a new location - to the "Miracles and Antiquities" shop. Inside it, in the upper right corner, there will be a pile of rubbish and a golem head. Chat with her, tell her the password "Irori's Hand" and interrogate. Ask questions about all tieflings, and then ask where his owner and the basement in the house are. Move the head of the golem, go down to the basement and interrogate the owner. Pass some kind of check (turned out to be intimidating) or let Woljif interrogate him. Ask for all three tieflings. Return to the Plutiflings' hideout, start a conversation with Kerismey and select the "Inspect suspects" item. Read the description carefully. You are interested in a tiefling man with long straight horns, red hair, and a green cloak. Melnur fits this description. Give his name. Finish the conversation with Kerismey, return to the Heart of the Protector and talk to Volzhif, who will be in the kitchen. The quest will end! From this moment on, it will be possible to buy various items from plutiflings from Wolzhif. He will be like a merchant.

Walkthrough Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - More Than Nothing

After visiting the market square, there will be a chance encounter with Nenio. Talk to the girl, follow the trail and see the cultists. Let her ask some questions to the cultists. One of them will even lose faith in Baphomet. Then kill everyone and talk to the girl again. Invite her to join your squad. Return to the Protector's Heart tavern and speak with Nanio. So you will learn about the Nameless Ruins, which you need to study.

As soon as you can get to the Nameless Ruins, go to the location with Nenio and go downstairs, simultaneously destroying the monsters. On the way, there will be a cave on the right. Inside it there is a column with a picture with a large circle highlighted in blue. Below you can find a passage with the same pattern and a blue small circle. And even lower - the same pattern and two of the four sides of the square in blue. This is the answer to the riddle you discover on the way down. A large symbol is depicted on the ground, consisting of two circles and a square. You need to activate both circles in blue, as well as the left and bottom sides of the square, if you look at it so that the image is rotated in the correct way.

At the very bottom, you will find four statues and a mysterious voice from the void. To meet a stranger, you need to solve the riddles of the four statues and place certain objects at their feet. On the first visit, you will not be able to solve the riddles, so feel free to leave the location.

League of Inspirational Cart

This quest will begin if at the end of the quest "Friends are known in trouble, and not only" you agree to help Siila's friends by talking with them in the tavern of the Defender's Heart. As soon as you deal with the demons in the Gray Garrison and complete the quest "The beginning of a long journey", go to the global map and move to the nearest location - the parking lot of the Houndheart knights. After arriving at the place, get to the former camp of the knights, talk to Elan and Aldori, and then search the various boxes. When you search one of the chests (approximately in the center), the demon Quazir will appear. Chase him along the same location (just run in the direction he flew away) until Curl appears, which will steal the ring and hide. Talk to Elan, return to the camp and chat with Siila. The task will be completed, and you will receive 600 experience points.

While the world is burning

This quest starts after you inspect the Crusade camp and speak with Queen Goldfrey. Go outside to the crusader camp, go left and find Inquisitor Letra. Talk to him about Deiran. He will talk about his ancestral home, the Threshold of Heaven, where demons committed mass murder ten years ago. Letra wants to investigate what really happened that dark night. We need to get an invitation from Deiran. It's simple - find him in the camp, just below Letra, and talk. Ask for the Threshold of Heaven and Deiran himself will invite you to visit. Eventually, you can reach the Threshold of Heaven. Talk to Letr, and then distract Deiran by any means. This is easy to do - everything is in the dialogues. At the end, ask the inquisitor to continue to find out the terrible secret of Deiran.


This is Zosiel's personal quest, who will join you after the mission "The beginning of a long journey." After getting out on the global map, move right to the graveyard. Talk to Zosiel and then destroy the undead. Exit through the door on the right and go downstairs. There will be an unfinished temple on the left. Go inside and deal with the necromancer. You can decide his fate. It is best not to force Zosiel to kill the necromancer, and then send him to prison and under further trial.

From dead hands

This task from Regill can be taken after the story quest "Strike from Heaven" has been completed. Climbing to the top of the Lost Sanctuary, you will meet Regill. Then the task will appear. Talk to him at the camp about the Knight with Trever's Shield.

Abyssal Crescent

After the events in the quest "Strike from Heaven", Volzhif will escape. You will need to wait for the development of events. The quest itself will begin at the end of "Strike from Heaven", as soon as you talk to Irabet. During the fourth chapter, "The Fifth Crusade", a random event will occur, and you will see Wolzhif, whom the cultists mistake for an oracle. Play along with him. He will say that he is ready to kill Voethil, who is chasing him, in order to take away the Moon of the Abyss. Take him back to the squad, and then together go to the north of the map. Look for the location "Wasteland at the bend of the river" at the top. Make your way to the center of the location and defeat the demon, which will disappear later. Decide if you keep Wolzhif in the squad. If so, you will have to return to Dresen and talk to him in private.

Nanio needs alcohol

This quest will start during Chapter 4, in Dresen. Go to the inn in the lower right corner, go up to the second floor and find a room with Nanio. Agree to bring alcohol. The inn only sells wine, but it doesn't fit. Wait to find a glass bottle of ale.


Another task from Ugolok. Somehow, upon returning to Dresen, you will see that she preaches to people. Support the girl to start this quest.

Night gamblers

This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. Zosiel will visit the main hall of the citadel and tell about everything.

Back to the roots

This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. Lann will drop into the main hall of the citadel and tell about everything.

Dreams on loan

At some point, Arushalai will come to the main hall of the Dresen citadel. This will begin her personal quest. Go to Dresen's inn and talk to Arushalai. Visit your dream, after which you will need to find out about the dreams of other people. Look for Hilor on the second floor of the inn. The Storyteller, One-Eyed Devil and Arsinoe are located in the city itself and are marked on the map with purple markers. And Anevia and Irabet are located inside the citadel. Then return to Arushalai, walk through her sleep and find the insatiable Supreme Shadow below. Listen, talk to Arushalai and the task will be completed.

Noble impulse

At some point, Anevia will stop you on Dresen Street and tell you about the missing crusader. Agree to help. Move along the lower part of the citadel to the right, into an abandoned house. Go inside, go down to the basement and find Camellia. Talk to her and decide what to do. You can spare, let him drink blood or kill. You decide. And then talk at the exit with Anevia and convince that everything is in order. Or set it on Camellia.


Dissected city

The quest will begin after you help Irabet fight off the attack on the city and wake up in the "Heart of the Defender". Exit to the tavern and chat with Anevia. The conversation will start automatically.

Follow down from the Heart of the Protector to find yourself in the market square. Move left, killing enemies, until you find an entrance inside the house, crusaders and a girl named Ugolyok. Come closer, convince the crusaders, and then decide their fate. After that, talk to Coal, find out for tricks and offer to join the team. This is a new companion. Move deeper into the location until you find a blockage that can be cleared by athletics. Do this (in case of failure, you will simply lose time, but you can repeat it again), then go to the other side. The order is completed.

On bail

The quest will begin after you help Irabet fight off the attack on the city and wake up in the "Heart of the Defender". Go down to the basement of the tavern and talk to the tiefling Wolf, sitting in the dungeon. He was locked up for theft. He promises to help if you can get him out of his cell. To do this, you need to talk to Irabet. Just chat, then go down to the basement and tell Wolzhif that you are taking him to your squad. The quest ends, he joins the group, and his story quest is also activated.

Not the best time for a feast

Move down from the market square to find the Earl of Arenda's party house. There will be people inside it, in the big hall, but they are being attacked by demons. Destroy everyone and then talk to Deiran Arenday. He will agree to join your squad. Receive Deiran. The order will be completed. Here, look for Aranka in the quest "Looking to the Stars".

Notes for the Storyteller

The task is taken from the Storyteller after you save him in the quest "City on fire". It is important to save and bring the character to the Heart of the Defender tavern! He could not find the necessary notes in the library, but the elder is sure that he will be able to find them in the Gray garrison. Search all premises during the assault on the Gray Garrison. One of them will contain a page. If my memory serves me right, this is on the second floor, in the library (in this room the same cultists can set off an explosion, whom you can deceive in the Black Wing library and send here). The page is on the table. It will be possible to show it after a successful assault, when examining the camp for the task "The beginning of a long journey."

Chasing the past

This quest from the Storyteller begins immediately after you find a page for him that is hidden in the Gray Garrison, in the library on the second floor. You will meet again with the Storyteller in Dresen after you deal with the quest "Hunt the Dragon". The storyteller will be inside the master's tower where the dragon is hiding. And then he will return to Dresen (look for the purple marker on the map). Inside the artisan's tower, on one of the bookshelves, is a page. Be sure to pick it up and hand it over to the Storyteller, having met him in Dresen. But that's not all of the Aelf pages hidden in the game.

Rebuilding a Shattered Gold Buckle

The task is taken from the Storyteller after you save him in the quest "City on fire". It is important to save and bring the character to the Heart of the Defender tavern! In addition, you must have a fragment of the sacred symbol with you. I had it, and I found it somewhere in the market square ... To restore the artifact, the Storyteller asks to get for him 5 bottles of magic essence. One essence can be found in Estrod Tower, another in the Guerm Mansion. The next one can be found in the Gray Garrison, on the second floor, during the assault on the "City on Fire" quest (possibly later). You are interested in one of the rooms on the second floor, with a hole in the floor. You will meet again with the Storyteller in Dresen after you deal with the quest "Hunt the Dragon". The storyteller will be inside the master's tower where the dragon is hiding. And then he will return to Dresen (look for the purple marker on the map). Give him the items to restore the buckle. It can be hung on a belt to receive various bonuses.

Sheath Irabet

When heading to storm the Gray Garrison, visit the Market Square Basement. This will happen automatically. If you saved the Storyteller and convinced the knights (who were not burned) to help you, then they will enchant you and give you an hour and a half acceleration. Do not rush to leave the basement, but go to the left along the corridor, into the back room with a hatch in the floor. You can interact with this stash and inside you will find Irabet's scabbard. This is how this order is activated. As soon as the quest "The beginning of a long journey" is completed, after talking with Queen Goldfrey, go to the camp and find Commander Irabeth next to the tent. Talk to the warrior to give her the scabbard and complete the quest. You will receive 230 experience points.

Queen of incognito

After the quest "The beginning of a long journey" return to the camp. A Messenger will run up to you, who will inform you that the queen under the guise of an ordinary soldier has arrived at the camp and is ready to participate in the Fifth Crusade. Walk to the left of the commander's tent, if you are facing it, and find Queen Goldfrey. Chat with her on various topics. The assignment will end, and you will receive 600 experience points.

Under the shadow of a mad forest

Go to the upper left quarter of the "Winter Sun" location. Here you will find the entrance to an insane forest covered in fog. A huge distorted bear will appear at the entrance. This will begin the mission. Make your way through the forest, killing enemies, and find the entrance to the cave. In the depths of the cave will be the old dwarf woman Soana. Talk to her. Don't kill yet. Go outside and fight Orso the bear. Spare the beast, return to Soana and choose what to do with her. We killed Soana and the quest ended immediately.

Restoration of an antique ring

Requires 4 Vials of Magic Essence and 2 Cold Iron Ingots. Just search different locations.

Rebuild Broken Plate Gauntlets

You need 4 cold iron ingots and 2 vials of demon blood. Just search different locations.

Druid's grave

At the entrance to the cave of the Winter Sun location, where you will find Kiara's apprentice named Morweg (quest "Retribution of Sarkoris), there is a plate with a skeleton. Take the whip from the skeleton, as a result a ghost will appear. All you have to do is talk to him.

Mythical quests

Burden of aeon

Go to Dresen's Citadel after liberating it in Chapter 3. Go to your private apartment and examine the mirror. Swear to serve the eon to take this quest. Perhaps, in the previous times, during the memories, it is necessary to leave the powers of the aeon in oneself. Deal with the mission "Private Averis vs. Private Ramley" by choosing the correct culprit (see below). Then on the middle half-ring of the citadel, go left to the house marker. On the way to the market, you will see two soldiers blackmailing the merchant Yale Eritelle (he is marked on the map with a purple marker). Condemn them and make a decision. After that, the task will be updated. Return to the room and look in the mirror.

Private Averis vs.Private Ramley

This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. A guest will look into the main hall of the citadel and tell about everything. Go to the casemates (prison) of Dresen and look for actors around the corner. Averis and Ramley will stand next to them. Interrogate both, but don't blame anyone. The target will be updated soon. Exit the city and head towards the village on the left. Search the ruins, go downstairs and open the door behind the roots. You will find loot. You can pick up some things or leave everything in place. Go back and talk to Ramley. Say you have proof. Select the third phrase (Ramley does not know about paladins), and then send him to court. Decide the fate of Ramley, but Averis will kill him anyway. We'll have to leave her, execute or send her to prison. The task will end.