Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Walkthrough and Game Guide

 Detailed guide to the passage of all the story missions of the game

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Walkthrough and Game Guide

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood is a third-person action game, the main character of which, Kalah, is able to transform into a wolf and a werewolf.

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Neighborhood Tarques Mill

After the introductory video, look around the cave, interacting with objects and people using the E key. After talking with three companions, go to bed. Chat with Rodko the next morning and go outside. Move along the cliff using Shift to run and Space to jump. The C key allows you to switch between human and wolf form. In wolf form, you are smaller and move more imperceptibly, but you cannot interact with vehicles and devices. Make your way through the hole in the corner to the object and examine the inactive button. Use R to see where the wires go from the button. Enter the next room and use the computer. Flip both toggle switches - one will open the door and the other will disable the surveillance camera.

In the next hall, you will need to secretly eliminate all enemies. Use R to keep an eye on targets and attack each one in turn. Start with those behind and watching the others. For a stealthy attack, come close and press LMB as soon as the corresponding prompt appears. The last enemy is looking at you, so quickly get your crossbow and shoot in the head (RMB + LMB).

Go to the next room, interact with the computer in the room on the right and wait. The hide and seek is over! Start fighting enemies using LMB, RMB and Space. Also, soon the game will tell you how to use the attack of the run from a distance (key "2"). This is a great technique if you need to eliminate a sniper. For treatment, use the "1" key. Both of these moves depend on the accumulated Rage. If it is not there, then it will not work to activate the skill. Then you will learn about switching between two stances (Q key). Use the usual stance in battle against ordinary soldiers or enemies with shotguns. But if you see shield bearers, then ideally use a reinforced stance here (the character becomes slower, but receives less damage).

At the end of the mission, you will find the Black Spiral Dancer. Fight the werewolf using everything you learned earlier. I recommend the powerful rack. In the middle of the battle, the amount of Rage will be at its maximum. Press R to activate a mode in which the hero uses all techniques from both stances. Watch the video after winning.

Weapons factory

Climb the boxes and enter the complex. Go down the stairs. Avoiding cameras (look at the red light on the floor), eliminate the target and go to the next room. Use another door. Wait for two opponents to finish talking and stun both. There are 2 bolts on the box near the place where they communicated. Enter the room with the last enemy, eliminate him and use the computer to open the door.

Keep driving. You will need to get through several rooms and use the elevator. Next, you will find yourself in a large hall. Move in a circle stunning enemies. Switch to the wolf if you need to run between the boxes without anyone noticing you. Pick up the moment and go to the back room. Move counterclockwise along the perimeter all the time. In this room, use the computer, after which Dusk will distract the military.

Follow the marker and get to the warehouse. Change the invoice, go to the warehouse and examine the boxes with silver. Get to the elevator and go upstairs. To do this discreetly, use a wolf shape and ventilation ducts. Keep driving. Every time you are noticed, you have to fight. To switch to combat mode, press the Q key. Also in this task you will receive the first point of spirit. It allows you to pump new skills. Use R when you see flowers. Only in this mode does it become possible to interact with them. You will receive experience for spirit points. You can also damage the panels responsible for the entrance doors for reinforcement. If you do this, enemies entering through the doors will take additional damage.

Washington State Forest

Talk to Rodko, go downstairs and listen to Ifen. Return to Rodko. There are supply tables next to it. You can replenish them. Having done this, take away the explosives and move along the marker. Go through the thickets, which will open in your presence. You can use your special gaze to calm the souls of two warriors (you need to find three more, but this is an optional part).

Move to the training complex and talk to the guard at the entrance. Lie by confirming that you are seeking employment. He will write down your name. Move deeper and say your name to another guard. Say the shotguns are equipped with holographic scopes. Choose any motto. You will be asked to wait in the waiting room. Go behind the screen, and when your friend finishes, turn into a wolf and follow through the ventilation. Use the computer to open the door and unlock the freight elevator. Go down on the last one.

Go around the guard who will go to the elevator, turn into a wolf and follow through the ventilation on the right. Get out on the other side and enter the room on the right hand, where there will be a computer disabling the surveillance camera. Use other ventilation to get to the entry point. Since the camera is disabled, you can safely go through the door.

Training ground "Endrona"

Move through the first room, avoiding enemies. Go on top and calmly eliminate several targets. There is a plant at the very end of the upper path. Jump over the fence on the left, transform into a wolf and follow through the ventilation. Walk through the room on the left and exit into the large preparation room. Climb up the stairs to the right, turn into a wolf and use the ventilation to reach a room with a computer that will turn off both cameras in this hall. Go back and walk on. There will be enemies on the left, but they can start moving. So be careful. Don't forget your eyesight.

In the next room you will see a balloon. Use the computer to unlock the door. Follow the corridor, then move clockwise around the perimeter of the room. Don't worry, enemies standing in the way will disperse. But the first will have to be killed as soon as he finishes the conversation and approaches the fence with grass. When the enemy standing behind the fence is eliminated, Kahal drags his body towards him. Continue moving forward using the wolf shape and ventilation.

You will have to destroy the boss - a huge exoskeleton robot controlled by a human. But at the same time, in the future you will meet such robots as ordinary enemies. Try to dodge all incoming attacks when the robot starts to blush and flicker. Do not fall under electrical discharges, otherwise you will be temporarily immobilized. After the victory, clear the next hall. Secretly kill as many enemies as possible, but with the sergeant you will have to transform into the form of rage. Attack him from a powerful stance, using RMB more often. Install explosives.

Make your way through many rooms. Try to act covertly, but if it doesn't work, feel free to fight. Do not forget about the Madness, which is activated by pressing the R key at the moment when the purple scale is full to the maximum. Finally, turn off the ventilation with the computer and get out of here in the shape of a wolf.

Washington State Forest

You will return to the central camp. If you put two souls to rest on your way to Endron's Training Center, return to Ifen. There are three more next to him. On the way back, go up the slope to the left and find the fifth spirit. When everyone has calmed down, return to Ifen for a reward - experience points.

Talk to different characters until you are ready to go to the dam. In a conversation with Ifen, you can take on another task related to spirits. All four spirits can be found in the forest in front of the dam. In the ordinary world, animals stand next to them - a wolf, a fox, a deer, and so on. Go downstairs and talk to Dusk. You need to penetrate the object. Transform into a wolf and move to the far right point, where there will be ventilation. Make your way through it and find yourself in the yard. Move around the perimeter clockwise. But where the boxes are, there is a camera, so it will need to be bypassed right along the boxes. Hide from the robot behind the yellow fence and run across as soon as possible, turning into a wolf.

It is difficult to act covertly in the next room, but still try to at least neutralize the points of arrival of reinforcements. Go to the dam area.

Dam "Endrona"

Go outside and move along the perimeter, eliminating lonely enemies. So you can easily get to the desired door and go downstairs. At the new site, make your way through the ventilation on the left to find a room with a computer. Use it to disable two surveillance cameras. Follow the perimeter of the room counterclockwise and enter the room through another ventilation. Use the computer to distract the guards. Get out and run past the guard around the corner, in the shape of a wolf. There, interact with the button. A freight elevator will open, two enemies are standing in front of it. I recommend that you climb over the fence and quickly run to the wolf-shaped console. Then turn into a human and start the elevator. In this case, they won't have time to raise the alarm.

In the next room, go through the grate on the left and turn off the two surveillance cameras. Move along the left wall, eliminating targets and disabling points of reinforcement. Get to the elevator (although the marker will point to the right wall) on the far wall and continue on. Follow along and chat with Victoria.

Move on. You will need to copy information from four terminals. One of them is in the public domain, so there is no need to hide. And the other three are in the restricted area. You need to act stealthily (or fight with many enemies). The nearest terminal is among the scientists. Just walk around them and use the ventilation to get to the desired area. The next ones need to be looked for behind the far door, several floors down. Move around the room with the robot and look for data on the large equipment rack. Go right and get to the far terminal. Then you will need to evacuate. Follow the marker, go around in a circle and take the elevator. Eventually, you will find yourself on the street. There I recommend to act as stealthily as possible, otherwise you will have to fight several sergeants and robots at once.

Washington State Forest

Talk to all characters. Get to the new object and go through the door to the left of the gate. The marker points to the left, but first you need to go to the other side and get into the control room upstairs (through the door or ventilation). To do this, I recommend moving clockwise along the perimeter.

Drilling station "Endrona"

Enter the building and take the elevator. There is grass in the room to the right in front of the elevator. She is also on the right wall of the room with enemies. Eliminate the first three enemies unnoticed, and then climb the boxes to the right. Move through the ventilation along the wall, in the shape of a wolf, and look into the room with the computer. Disconnect the turret and two cameras, and then exit through the other ventilation to be below. Move to the adjacent corner, where there will be ventilation leading to the control room. Examine the computer, defeat the enemies and connect to the terminal.

Take the elevator to get to the courtyard. There are two markers. First, neutralize a couple of enemies from above, then jump over the fence to the steps, go down below and make your way through the ventilation on the left. This will take you to a room with a computer that will open two doors and disable three security cameras. Do this, go outside and go through the door in the nearest corner.

You will find yourself near the first counter. Deal with the nearest enemies and climb onto the ledge with a turret. Eliminate two more targets. Continue along the perimeter. You need to get to the room in the far right corner. But there is a camera in there, so be careful and go around it. Inside, disable all cameras and turrets, and open the door. Go back and go through the door at the opposite wall. Interact with the terminal responsible for the operation of the rack.

Go back to the penultimate location. Go to the door through which you came here and jump to the wall on the right. Along it, get to the door leading in the direction of the second pillar. It is unlikely that it will be possible to act covertly here, so get ready for battle. In the form of a wolf, make your way into the room with the computer, turn off all cameras and turrets, if necessary, and open the door. Go to that very door and use the rack terminal.

Go back to the location where the elevator is. Make your way past the enemies into the room on the right to open the door and disable two cameras. And then you will be ambushed. Kill everyone, move on and fight Rodko. The most ideal option: choose a powerful stance, dodge his blows until he turns red. After that, he will hit the ground. Stand a little further so that you are not hit by the shockwave, and then immediately run up and counterattack with a strong blow (RMB). Each time after such a reception, Rodko must fly off. After the victory, go behind the bars and climb up the metal boxes on the right. Get out of the building by killing the first mutant along the way.

Washington State Forest

Several more mutants await you outside. Deal with them. Use vision R to find pink pillars. They point to the pomp with Wyrm. Visit each location, clear the location and interact with the pump to destroy it. Return to the forest and talk to Ifen. Then you will need to fight against Major Graner. Everything is as usual - this is a man in a huge exoskeleton. Conduct your heavy attack and dodge the counterparts. Also, I definitely recommend unlocking the Onslaught ability. She deals decent damage to the enemy, spending 1 point of rage. Talk to Ifen and take another side quest. You will need to visit two locations where you have already visited, and clear three courtyards from the Wyrm's minions.

Viridian County Jail

First, talk to Dusk, go out to the prison yard and talk to Luke. Don't attack him. Choose different phrases to build up your rage. Return to the building and go up the stairs. Talk to Luke again and ask for the laboratory. He asks to eliminate two targets. Climb higher and talk to Dask in his own cell. Next, you need to eliminate the goals. On the second floor further from Dusk, there is ventilation in the corner. Make your way through it and look for a path where the ventilation goes up. Climb along it to the third floor, where there will be a medical compartment. Clear it from the enemies and enter the room (through the ventilation) to collect the poison. Follow the back, use the ventilation on the first floor and follow the marker to Eric's cell. Put poison instead of pills. Follow to another goal. Walk in a circle and eliminate all opponents. And then destroy the target itself. Return to Luke and report that you have completed the task.

Follow the marker to the second floor, again into the familiar ventilation, and look for a side rise to the top. From the medical bay, go to Hadley's office. Use sight R to locate the button in the vase on the cabinet. After opening the cache, take the elevator in front. There will be a large laboratory ahead. The path further is to the left of the main door, in front of which the big man stands. This is ventilation. Free the woman in the next corridor, go forward and get to the truck, which needs to leave this place.

Desert of Nevada

Talk to the woman and Pachua. Chat with Ava at the new base and listen to Declan's plan. Move along the barbed wire to find the place of the cliff. With acceleration, run into the minefield and jump to the wall. Having pressed against it, move along the wall to the left, until the marker indicating ventilation. This is how you infiltrate the base.

You can freely clean the first yard. There are no reinforcements here. You have four markers. Each points to some kind of enemy outpost. Try to disable doors with reinforcements, kill as many enemies as possible secretly, and so on. Some opponents use silver. And if by this moment you have not unlocked the skill that allows you to heal wounds even after silver, there will be nothing to do in open combat. Please be patient as you will often die. At each outpost, you need to connect to a terminal. After all this, talk to Declan and make your way through several locations to find the transition point to the headquarters.

Endron headquarters

Make your way through the headquarters, acting as usual. There is nothing complicated or new here. At the top you will have to fight with the Red Claw. I consider his "blue" attacks to be especially dangerous. When it glows turquoise or blue, run farther, as the subsequent hits of the Red Claw will be comparable to silver bullets. Next, go down to the laboratories and fight your way through them to return to the desert. Follow the meeting point with Onava, killing enemies along the way. You have to fight Pachua. To do this, attack the werewolf. As soon as the werewolf lives at zero, Pachua will lower his head to restore the werewolf's health. This is your chance to damage Pachua himself. Hit on the head until he lifts her up. Repeat the steps, and then return to the base and contact Declan.

Oil rig "Endrona"

Talk to Ava and go to the elevator. Make your way through the oil rig, clearing out different sectors. At the end, you will fight against two Black Spiral Dancers. The latter will turn into an angry version and become a full-fledged boss. After defeating Edana (watch out for the purple glow and just dodge; also pay attention to the purple grass that appears under your feet) you will need to choose - take revenge on Watkins or go and save Ava with the militia. And in fact, and in another case, you will have to repulse several enemy waves. There will be all those enemies that you fought with earlier.

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