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What are champions in Destiny 2 and how to beat those annoying enemies?

 In Destiny 2 , strong champions stand in your way that you can only defeat with certain tactics. Everything about barrier and overload champions and how to stop unstoppable enemies.

Since the expansion Shadowkeep you have to face so-called champions in Destiny 2 . These nasty opponents can usually not simply be taken by surprise with brute force, but you need the appropriate counterattack.

OkayGotcha tells you what champions are, what different types there are and how you can fight them properly.

What are champions in Destiny 2?

Champions are special versions of known opponents. The mini bosses can only be effectively fought with special weapons or mods. Because otherwise they always heal themselves or are almost invincible without a proper counterattack.

Are there different champions?

Yes, there are 3 types of champions, each marked with their own symbol above their head and requiring different tactics from you.

Where to find champions in Destiny 2

Champions are mostly found in endgame activities like Dawn: Trial by Fire. But they also appear in difficult missions, legendary lost sectors and raids.

If you have to fight a champion, this is usually included in the activity description.

This is the right way to fight champions

What you need: To stop champions with their special abilities, you need "anti-champion mods". You can always find them in your seasonal artifact . Each mod tells you which champion you are countering.

Your weapons benefit from these mods, which then receive special effects and usually only work against one type of champion. You install the mods on your armor, even if they improve your weapons. But you can also equip more than one mod at the same time.

You have to keep this in mind: If a champion has been interrupted, it is visible to the entire task force at the bottom left of the screen. Some mods and perks also get bonus effects if you interrupt a champion.

Some weapon exotics come naturally with the ability to fight champions.

  • Eriana's Oath (Anti-Barrier)
  • The lawsuit (anti-barrier)
  • Divinity (anti-overload)
  • Leviathan Breath (Anti-Unstoppable)
  • The Devil's Ruin (Anti-Unstoppable - The Laser Only)

You will also find mods in the artifact that enable your grenades to disrupt champions or that grant you melee attacks that stop champions. Some super, stasis skills or a lot of damage in one fell swoop also break through the defenses of champions by themselves.

Barrier Champion s

These enemies have a small dreicheck symbol above their head. You can injure them with any weapon or ability, but if they damage enough they will create a shield - their barrier.

As long as they are surrounded by the reddish aura, you cannot injure them with normal weapons and they completely heal their life. They can do that over and over again in a fight.

A servitor protects itself with its barrier

How to break the barrier: If your weapon has anti-barrier projectiles, you can simply break through the champion's shield. Just a few shots are enough for the breakthrough.

If the barrier is destroyed, the health regeneration stops and the champion is even completely paralyzed for a short moment and is more vulnerable. As a bonus effect, you can also use anti-barrier projectiles to shoot through the shields of normal enemies - even otherwise indestructible protective shields from hydras or hobgoblins.

Overload Champions:

They have a crossed-out circle as a symbol and “energy chains” circle around their bodies. They rush towards you non-stop and attack continuously. Some variants also teleport incessantly across the battlefield.

The chains encircle the overloaded Minotaur

This is how you disturb them: In order for the monsters to pause, you have to force them to do so with overload projectiles. A weapon with it creates the desired disruptive effect after a few shots, so hold on to it.

If the enemy is disturbed, he stops exhausted and takes additional damage. You cannot disrupt an Overload Champion again until their chains are no longer glowing white.

Unstoppable Champions:

They have an enormous amount of health, a high level of defense and are constantly healing themselves. You can recognize them by a square next to their name. They also have a kind of antler on their head or back.

The unstoppable ogre's antlers glow

How to stop them: You can bring these champions to their knees for a while if you catch them with just one “unstoppable projectile”. To do this, you have to look through the target sight for the corresponding weapon for a while. Until the weapon lights up and the special projectile is active.

As long as your antlers are glowing white, you cannot stop these champions again. So take cover before you look through the sight of your weapon for a longer time.

Therefore the fight against champions is worthwhile

In activities like Trial by Fire, the more champions you kill, the better loot you get. If you catch all champions in an activity, you will reach the platinum level - the highest final ranking. In other areas you have to fight them one way or another.

When one or more champions appear in an area, this will be indicated in the lower left of your screen.

Do you now feel prepared for the fight against the strong champions? Do you have any questions or other tips for your fellow guardians? Share this in the comments.