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WhatsApp: Do not save pictures automatically - iPhone & Android


WhatsApp: Do not save pictures automatically - iPhone & Android

By default, WhatsApp automatically saves incoming images on your smartphone. But you can disable the behavior and prevent that from happening. So your memory doesn't keep filling up. We'll show you how to do it here at OkayGotcha.

WhatsApp: do not save pictures - iPhone

  1. Open the settings in WhatsApp .
  2. Tap on " Chats ".
  3. Deactivates the switch for " Save in recordings ".
  4. The iPhone no longer displays pictures received via WhatsApp under your recordings.

WhatsApp: Deactivate image download - Android

  1. In WhatsApp tap on the three dots ( ⋮ ) in the top right corner and select " Settings ".
  2. Tap on " Data and Storage Usage ".
  3. In the section " Automatic download of media " you set which connection (mobile data, WLAN, roaming) which media (photos, audio, videos, documents) should be automatically downloaded by WhatsApp.
  4. To do this, tap on the individual entries and remove all ticks to deactivate the auto-download of media.
  5. This prevents WhatsApp from automatically downloading pictures to your smartphone.

If you only have limited mobile data volume, you should at least remove all ticks under “ With mobile data connection ”. Otherwise, your smartphone is busy downloading everything in the background via your mobile data connection, using up your data volume when you are on the go.