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Where to find and how to kill the sea serpent in Valheim to get scales and craft a snake shield


Where to find and how to kill the sea serpent in Valheim to get scales and craft a snake shield

Serpent scale shield is one of the best shields available inValheim . To create it, players will have to kill a sea serpent. Here's how to do it.

Where to find the sea serpent

The land biomes in Valheim aren't the only places where players can face dangerous enemies. As players build better boats and cross the seas in search of new islands to explore, they may encounter a sea monster known as The Sea Serpent.

Snakes mostly spawn at night, with less chance of encountering them during the day. Also, you should be as far from the shore as possible, in the center of the ocean. They are also easier to spot in stormy weather.

The sea serpent has the head of a dragon and the body of the snake, on which there are several fins. It is better to start using the boats better as soon as possible , since the sea serpent will try to ram you when it meets. Sea snakes can be a source of meat, but players are more likely to be interested in scales. The Serpent Scales only drop from the sea serpent and are used to create the Serpent scale shield.

What can you get from the sea serpent

The snake drops Serpent Meat, Serpent Scale and Serpent Trophy. Once the player has the scales of a snake, he can create a shield. For manufacturing, you will need high-quality wood (10 pcs.), Iron (4 pcs.) And snake scales (8 pcs.).

Serpentine Shield is a sturdy, scaled shield. It provides a blocking power of 90 and can be useful against some strong and difficult enemies.

How to kill a sea serpent

Killing the sea serpent is not that difficult, but if players do not use specific weapons and do not lure the enemy to land, then they can lose all the loot, which will sink to the bottom of the ocean. Players are advised to prepare in advance and call one or more friends into battle.

Players must evolve to go on a sea serpent hunt. You need to build a Karve or Longship, which has enough durability for the entire battle. A regular raft will not take a lot of hits.

The first step is to find the Kraken - this is not an aggressive enemy. They inhabit the Ocean biome and look like “living” islands. Abyssal Barnacles can be found on their surface. You need to have time to collect a few pieces before the monster retreats back into the sea. After that, a recipe for crafting an Abyssal Harpoon will appear.

How to kill a sea serpent

The player will have to upgrade the workbench to level 4 by creating a Chopping Block, Tanning Rack, Adze, Tool Shelf and placing them nearby. To make a harpoon, you will need high-quality wood (8 pcs.), Chitin (30 pcs.), Leather scraps (3 pcs.).

Players can easily kill the sea serpent with a bow, but this will cause the scales and other loot to sink to the bottom of the ocean, leaving the character only flesh. To collect the scales of the snake, players will need to hook the snake with the Abyssal Harpoon. One player cannot use bow and harpoon at the same time. Therefore, on the hunt, you need a friend or two to shoot the sea serpent while you hold it with your harpoon and pull it towards the shore. Once the snake is dead, the player can collect the scales in shallow water.

The player can defeat the sea serpent and one, but it will be more difficult. To do this, you will need to hook him with a harpoon and pull him ashore while he is still alive, and then finish off.

You can return your equipment if the kite kills you in the ocean. Your gravestone will float on the surface of the water. Be sure to return for your belongings during the day to avoid meeting the sea monster again. Also, stock up on arrows to fight back. You can go on a raft, but don't engage in combat. Also, if the snake kills you twice, your old corpse will not disappear. The marker will still be there, just not on the map. So don't worry and visit both places.