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Where to find the cave and troll skin in Valheim. How to kill a troll in battle


Where to find the cave and troll skin in Valheim. How to kill a troll in battle

One of the first major enemies that players will face in Valheim is a Troll. It will be quite difficult to defeat him if you don't use the right strategy. Let's figure out where to find the troll and how to defeat it.


Trolls are gigantic creatures that live in the Black Forest. Trolls have 600 health units and they do huge damage. Trolls can use their weapons to deal massive area damage. And if the player moves far away, stones will fly at him.

Where to find the cave and troll skin in Valheim

Trolls are capable of breaking trees that can fall and cause damage to the player. They can also break player-made structures. Their attacks are relatively slow and easy to dodge using rolls.

How to defeat a troll

One of the most effective ways to defeat a troll is to use ranged weapons and kite, slowly decreasing its health. You must constantly move, do not fall under the stones thrown by him and constantly attack. Fire arrows are very effective with this strategy as you will be dealing constant damage.

Headshots from ranged weapons will deal additional damage and can sometimes stun the troll. But it is not easy to get an accurate shot on the run. If a group of several players is fighting against the troll, then they gain a significant advantage.

Before starting the fight, you can sneak up on the target, but don't get too close. When you find yourself at a distance of 20-30 meters, start shooting, but do not run or jump yet. This will save stamina, which you will need later in the fight. Take as many shots as possible.

How to kill a troll in battle

The troll will start chasing you, but you keep shooting until he turns around to swing his club. While he is doing this, run in the opposite direction. Then just repeat the process until it dies. As long as you keep running and shooting, keeping your distance so that he cannot hit you, you will be invulnerable.

Another way is to use a dungeon. If you manage to bring the troll to the entrance, you can attack him while he runs around the dungeon. We beat him when he stands in front of the entrance, and if he starts an attack, then we just step back to go down into the dungeon.

You can fight the troll in close combat. But this is not a good idea - the troll's attacks do a lot of damage, and even a bronze shield and a full set of bronze armor may not be able to handle it. There is also a risk that the troll will knock down trees, which can fall on you and kill you.

Do not fight the troll near your base, he can blow it to pieces. If you are unable to defeat the troll, you can simply run away and he will return to his area.

Where to find the troll's cave

The Troll Cave can be found in the Black Forest biome. It looks like several large stones forming the entrance. There are usually piles of bones in front of the entrance. Be careful, usually the troll is somewhere near the cave, and one or two more are hiding inside.

Where to find the cave and troll skin in Valheim. How to kill a troll in battle

Various valuable items can be found in the cave: Amber pearl, Bone fragments, Gold Coins and Yellow Mushroom.

What can you get from a troll

After defeating the troll, you will receive: 5 Troll Hide, Gold Coins and a Troll Trophy that does not always drop. Troll Hide can be used to craft armor.

Where to find the cave and troll skin in Valheim. How to kill a troll in battle

Players can also use trolls to collect resources that they would not be able to obtain at their current level of development. Trolls are capable of knocking down and breaking oak and birch with their attacks. This is especially useful early in the game to produce high-quality wood (fine wood) and solid wood (core wood). Trolls can also break copper veins, which allows the player to get bronze before killing the first boss, Eikthyr .