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Where to find a pickaxe in Valheim - how to unlock recipes for crafting a bronze and iron pickaxe


Where to find a pickaxe in Valheim - how to unlock recipes for crafting a bronze and iron pickaxe

Pick in Valheim is an extremely useful and essential tool that allows you to mine stone and various types of ore. There are several different types of pickaxes in the game, but the ability to make them depends on how much you have explored the game world and what materials you have found. In this guide, we'll show you how to craft a Staghorn Pickaxe, Bronze Pickaxe, and Iron Pickaxe.

To make a pickaxe in Valheim, you will need wood for the handle and the material you are going to use for the tip. Keep in mind that different pickaxes will require different types of trees. Simpler, lower-level ones can be made from regular wood, but for more complex ones you will need higher quality materials. Some materials only drop from certain types of trees, so you will need to keep an eye on this.

How to make a staghorn pickaxe

To get the Antler Pickaxe in Valheim, you must summon and defeat the first boss of the game, also known as Ayktur . To do this, you need to kill some deer to get 2 Deer Trophies. Then place them on the altar of summoning, which is located in the Meadows.

After defeating Eyktyur you will receive 3 "Hard antlers" and a recipe for making a pickaxe. All it takes is a hard horn, ten Wood and, of course, a workbench. This pickaxe will allow you to mine more valuable materials such as Stone, Copper and Tin.

How to make a bronze pickaxe

To get the Bronze Pickaxe in Valheim, you need ten Bronze and three Core Woods. But you won't be able to get the Bronze Pickaxe recipe until you find both of these materials. Core Wood is easier to find, you have to cut pine, not to be confused with Fir. Pine trees grow in the Black Forest - look for tall evergreen trees.

To get bronze, you first have to mine copper and tin, and then smelt the ore into ingots in your Smelter. To mine copper and tin, you will need a staghorn pickaxe. After that you must place them in your Forge to create bronze. It's a lengthy process, but discovering the bronze is worth it not only for the pickaxe, but for many other tools and weapons as well .

The bronze pick is a more advanced tool than the antler pick. It allows you to extract resources from piles of dirt (Muddy Scrap Piles) in sunken crypts and iron ore (Iron Ore).

How to make an iron pickaxe

To make an Iron pickaxe, you need three Core Wood and twenty Iron. The recipe opens after finding these two types of resources. Crafting is possible at a level 2 forge.

You can find iron ore in the snow-capped mountains, in craters and crypts located in the swamps. You will need a bronze pickaxe for mining. The Iron Pickaxe will help you obtain the most valuable materials such as Silver and Obsidian.