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You can improve your workbench to level 5 in Valheim


You can improve your workbench to level 5 in Valheim

The workbench is one of your most important tools in Valheim . OkayGotcha explains to you how you can improve it to the highest level and create a tool rack.

What is a workbench? This is an important tool in Valheim. You need a workbench to make a number of things like weapons, equipment or parts for houses. To unlock more options, you also have to improve the workbench and build various upgrades.

There are a total of 5 levels, each unlocking new options. The last level is not required for new items, but for the most powerful upgrades for your weapons and equipment.

Accordingly, it needs material that cannot be obtained immediately. In this guide you will learn what you need and how to get the items you are looking for in order to unlock the highest level.

What can you do with a level 5 workbench? As mentioned above, you can upgrade your equipment to the highest levels with a workbench at level 5.

These include, for example, the black metal sword or the iron ax. Of course, you also need the appropriate materials for the upgrades themselves.

Unlock recipe and create tool shelf

This is how you bring it to the highest level: First you have to unlock the recipe. You do this by finding obsidian, a rare material that is also used to upgrade to level 5. You also need birch wood and have to melt down scrap iron.

Then you can see what you need for level 5 at your workbench. Of course, you have to bring them to level 4 beforehand.

You need these materials for level 5:

  • 4x iron
  • 1x precious wood
  • 4x obsidian

Iron and obsidian in particular mean a certain amount of effort for you.

Your workplace in Valheim could look like this.

Scrap iron and iron can be found in the swamp biome

Where can I find scrap iron? You can find the material mainly in crypts in the swamp biome. To get into these crypts, you have to defeat the ancient one and find the "Swampy Key" . But you should already have bronze equipment, because the fight is tough.

In the crypts you will then find muddy piles of scrap from which you can extract iron scrap. However, you will need a bronze pickaxe for this.

Where can I find iron? You can find this in the swamp biome as well. However, the deposits are buried. A divining rod will help you track them down.

However, it is easier to simply melt down scrap iron. You have to do that anyway to unlock the recipe.

For precious wood you have to fell birch and oak

Where can I find precious wood? You get this type of wood when you mow down birches and oaks. Birch trees can be found mainly in the Shire biome.

But be careful when cutting trees, because in Valheim they can be quite unpredictable and deadly .

Obsidian is high up

Where can I find obsidian? The material can only be found in the mountains. You will need an iron pickaxe to mine the material. You will then find the mining sites at a lofty height in the mountains of Valheim.

Look for such occurrences in the mountains.

Do you already have a level 5 workbench? What useful upgrades did you make with it? Do you have any other useful tips on how to get the materials?