Amazon Studios Films Hellsing Horror Manga

 The script for the film will be written by Derek Kolstad, known for the series of films "John Wick"

Amazon Studios Films Hellsing Horror Manga

Writer Derek Kolstad ("John Wick") has announced a partnership with Amazon Studios. The film studio will create a film based on the Hellsing horror manga. Also working on the project are producers Fred Berger, Mike Callaghan, Ruben Lieber, Jason Last, Tetsu Fujimura, India Osborne, Pierre Baffin and Jason Speer.

“Ever since my brother showed me the Hellsing manga and anime, I have been eager to adapt it for the big screen. When Mike Callaghan and his team got the adaptation rights in partnership with Brian Cavanagh-Jones and Amazon, that's a goddamn dream for me! "

The Hellsing manga, by Kota Hirano, is about a church organization that defends the British Empire from the undead and vampires. One of its members, the vampire Alucard, is Count Dracula, who vowed to serve people after being defeated by Van Helsing, the organization's first leader.

It is noteworthy that the titles of all chapters of the manga are modified titles of the games that Hirano loves. In particular, the author is a fan of Ultima Online and the Might and Magic series. 

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