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Demon's Souls could have a movie in the works according to the latest rumors

If so, Sony's plans for more cinematic creations of its games would continue to climb.

Demon's Souls was the first installment in the Souls saga , started on PS3, but it has already gained a lot of popularity and is known as one of the most popular in video games. Now, with the return on PS5 thanks to Demon's Souls Remake from the hand of Bluepoint Games , fans of the franchise created by FromSoftware have enjoyed it again, but it may be that there is something more.

According to reports from the Giant Freakin Robot portal , sources close to the project seem to affirm that there is a film project underway around Demon's Souls by Sony itself. According to the web, it is the same source that claimed his leaks in other confirmations such as The Batman , Bruce Campbell's cameo in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness or that Monica Rambeau would be the protagonists in a Disney + series .

Demon's Souls movie revealed

Demon's Souls movie revealed

The portal affirms Sony's knowledge of the potential that the game has as their IP and that the film would be a large production. Given that the games are so popular, it wouldn't be unusual to see a lot of buzz around a live-action movie , with the right actors and approach, if they play their cards right.

But the interesting thing is that they have decided to opt for a movie from the prequel saga to Dark Souls , when the later saga is more popular. Although as we have commented before, it would be profitable right now since the game enjoys good popularity, the remake has done it a lot of justice and has returned its dose of extra knowledge among players , whether they were veterans or new.

For now, more plans are unknown, but the portal reaffirms that the game about which they are going to develop a movie is, without a doubt, Demon's Souls . Of course, they will have to be careful since the protagonist is a construction of the player, but if this is done well - along with a story not far from the title - could it work ?

What do you think a movie about Demon's Souls should have to be perfect in its adaptation ?