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Destiny 2: Still waiting to farm the god-rolls of the new weapons


Destiny 2: Still waiting to farm the god-rolls of the new weapons

Destiny 2 has upgraded the old playlists with trendy but really rare weapons. There will soon be more of them, so save your time and don't farm yet.

It's all about these rare weapons: With the start of Season 13 , the so-called core activities have received fresh loot. For completing Strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches, you may, with the best of luck, receive 2 new guns each.

These 6 guns (see cover picture) are exclusive to the respective playlist and you really need a lot of patience because:

  • on the one hand, the drop rate is shockingly low
  • on the other hand, the perk pool on the guns is huge.
  • both together result in a negligible chance of a god roll (the best combination of essays and perks)
If you plan on hour-long farm sessions, you should postpone the date. Bungie talks about changes and why the parts are so rare in the first place.

So you should wait now

That is changing: Bungie would like to increase the drop rates of the playlist-exclusive weapons in the course of Season 13, i.e. by May 2021 at the latest. So you will soon have a better chance of getting one last dollar out of the Gambit.

Ideally, save your time now and use it for other things instead. If you can wait that long ... But with the low drop rate, that saves you a lot of frustration if you would end up empty-handed again at the end of the match.

So there won't be a new way to earn the shooters and the perk pool isn't getting any smaller either. In the future, Bungie would like to add more new playlist weapons - but only in future, unspecified seasons.

  • The last dollar handgun from the Gambit is particularly popular. Some Guardians complain that they have already had a complete rank reset without having found a single copy of the trendy revolver.
  • High on the Keepers' wish lists are also the Crucible Sniper Frozen Orbit and the Royal Entry Strike Rocket Launcher.

Why are the guns so rare anyway?

This is what Bungie says: Chris Proctor is “Weapon Feature Lead” at Bungie and speaks in a blog post (via ) about the rarity of the new weapons. According to him, the weapons have such large perk pools that players can go hunting for a long time and try out many possibilities.

Our goal in introducing these rewards was to create space for extended periods of time, as well as ritual-specific targets for players to pursue the perfect throw of a weapon, and to explore the potential space for perk throws on a weapon archetype in the same way like gun designers do.

So the guardians should find every drop of the playlist weapons interesting and immediately click on the gun to browse through the perk combinations. Due to the wacky possibilities, there is no such thing as “the one god roll”.

All of these combination options are available at Last Dollar:

Last Dollar

 Proctor then notes, however, that the weapons currently appear far too rarely. The increased drop rate is designed to give Guardians “a more positive experience” when completing an activity. But the large perk pool shouldn't make it a short-term grind. Since the hated Sunsetting soon becomes history , you have less pressure anyway.

This is reminiscent of Destiny 1, for example . The infamous Eyasluna only appeared after Crucible matches . The strong handgun was a welcome drop until the change to Destiny 2 and the roll was clicked immediately, it could be the god roll.

Have you already spent a lot of time farming the new weapons or are you glad that you have put it off so far and are waiting for the drop chance to increase? Which ballerman are you particularly keen on and do you have any tips for the god roll? Tell us in the comments.