Dragon Ball - Cell returns to anime 25 years after Dragon Ball GT and will do so in Super Dragon Ball Heroes


Super Dragon Ball Heroes

What a day it was today for Dragon Ball fans ! Not only has the new anime episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes , the official series of the arcade game of the same name, been released, but something has also been revealed that will not leave fans of the franchise indifferent. Do you remember the bioandroid Cell ?  

The Dr. Gero was one of the most incisive enemies who had Son Goku . The creation of the androids and the bioandroid Cell posed a serious threat to the Z Warriors, and in recent times, there have been many fans who have demanded the return of the monster that raged against Ginger Town . 

Well, when fans want something, we always have Super Dragon Ball Heroes there to make dreams come true. And, this anime has insisted on disguising itself as Shenron on many occasions, fulfilling the wishes of the followers like a sacred dragon. The fact is that, in the new arcade anime saga that was released today, we have been able to appreciate the new promotional poster ... and the return of Cell has been confirmed!

Just below you can appreciate the art in great detail, highlighting Cell in the lower left corner. The surprise was very well kept in recent days, since only the return of Goku Black and others was announced, however, no one could wait for the great hit of Cell. We are facing a bomb that will have a great impact on networks in the next few hours, without a doubt.  

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Another curiosity is that they are promoting him with the halo, so it will coincide with the original story when he is dead. As you can see, despite the fact that this anime is not canonical, it does make a certain sense and could be related to the history we know, being an alternative product whose events occur in a somewhat undefined time frame. 

What did you think of this good news? Are you looking forward to seeing Cell in action again?

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