Dragon Ball Super - If you wait for the return of the anime, this date could be key for its return


Dragon Ball Super - If you wait for the return of the anime, this date could be key for its return

Wanting to know when the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime will be announced ? There are many unknowns that swarm regarding the return of the series in its animated format, but one thing is for sure ... the fans are crazy to see Son Goku again on the small screen! 

As you all know, in 2018 the broadcast of the Dragon Ball Super anime ended with episode 131 of the series, that is, the outcome of the Tournament of Power . Since then, a canonical feature film, Dragon Ball Super Broly , and more than 30 anime episodes of the non-canonical Super Dragon Ball Heroes series have been released.

On the other hand, the adventures of Dragon Ball Super have not stopped since the departure of the anime, because the manga has not had a month of respite thanks to Akira Toriyama and Toyotar or, who do not cease to delight us with new adventures of Son Goku . In fact, Moro's past arc was one of the most acclaimed by fans, and the current Granola saga is not far behind either, delighting fans of the series.

When all this is transformed into anime, everything indicates that it will be a huge success, but ... when will the expected return be announced? At the moment nothing is known, but on March 27, Toei Animation will broadcast a direct on its Twitch channel focused on the 10 best fights in the Dragon Ball Super anime , a really strange maneuver that has set off alarms. That you didn't know anything about it? 

Faced with this event, there are many fans who speculate with a supposed announcement during this broadcast, which is already officially known as The battle of battles . Is it the moment of truth?

Without further ado, we will continue dreaming of the expected return of the anime and we will return in a few hours with more Z deliveries. Kai, Kai ! 

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