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Dragon Ball Z - Toyotaro redraws a forgotten character from the Otherworld. You remember?


Dragon Ball Z

What a surprise Toyotaro has prepared for us in his exclusive monthly drawing. As you know, the official cartoonist of Dragon Ball Super gives us, every month, the rescue of an old character from the series, generally very forgotten by the public. Well, this time we will travel to the Beyond to visit an old friend of Son Goku.

After the defeat of Cell , the anime Dragon Ball Z delighted us with filling a mini saga centered on Son Goku and his participation in the Celestial Tournament of the Other World . During those episodes, the saiyan had the opportunity to fight with great warriors of the galaxy and even meet Paikuhan , one of his most fearsome rivals from the Hereafter.

The fact is that, during the run-up to the tournament, Son Goku met a great mythological hero, the great Olibu , a golden-haired warrior who presented himself as a great hero from the past on planet Earth. Let Hercules tremble !

And of course, Toyotaro could not miss the opportunity and has published the drawing that you see just below, an exultant Olibú about to launch an energy disc. Hey, it's not cool or anything! In addition, it accompanies a small footnote, as always:

Olibu, a warrior from Earth who apparently went down in history as a mythological hero. It seems he played an important role when he was alive. What kind of battles and what enemies will he have faced? I'd really like to see that!  

Dragon Ball Z - Toyotaro redraws a forgotten character from the Otherworld.

This Toyotaro gives us long teeth with his wishes, huh? Would you be cool if they got this character back for the series canon or would it be too much to ask?