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EA Rescheduled Next Need for Speed ​​Due to Battlefield 6


EA Rescheduled Next Need for Speed ​​Due to Battlefield 6

Electronic Arts has postponed the release of Criterion's next Need for Speed ​​by one year. The publisher assures that the game is in perfect order: this year the studio will help DICE with the developmentBattlefield 6 due out this fall.

EA studio chief Laura Miele said that due to the pandemic and work from home, DICE needed additional support. Criterion has already helped the Swedish studio with both parts of Star Wars: Battlefront, and has also handled the battle royale for Battlefield 5

The development of Battlefield is going great, the team has done a great job last year, and did it at home. It's very difficult, so EA DICE is a little tired.
This is a great game with incredible potential. We play to win and do our best to bring a great Battlefield game to the market.

According to rumors, the action of Battlefield 6 will again take place in a modern setting, and most of the buildings can be destroyed. It was also reported that some "free content" was announced: perhaps these are updates with new maps or a royal battle.