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Fallout 76 announces its roadmap for the coming months on PC and consoles


Fallout 76 announces its roadmap for the coming months on PC and consoles

Fallout 76 will receive four new seasons in the coming months, from this spring through next winter.

Fallout 76 has yet to say its last word , far from it. The MMORPG postapocalyptic Bethesda receive many new content for the remainder of 2021, after confirming the purchase of Bethesda at the hands of Microsoft, and the near future of the company.

After a rocky start and a rough first few months , Fallout 76 found its way through Xbox Game Pass and the help of Phil Spencer , Todd Howard recently stated . And is that the MMORPG will have up to four new seasons in the coming months , as well as additional support on PC and consoles. 

Bethesda has presented the Fallout 76 roadmap for the next few months of this 2021, in addition to confirming a round of questions and answers on the game's Reddit subforum. Tomorrow, March 23, there will be a small event to clarify the future of the MMORPG, led by director Jeff Gardiner and designer Mark Tucker .

The Fallout 76 roadmap reveals up to four new seasons for the title, which will run from this spring of 2021 to the next winter of 2022 . On the official website of the game you can find out all its news in depth, but we are going to detail some of them. 

Fallout 76

Season 4 Locked & Loaded begins in April , and its contents include the new cosmetics, the Armor Ace, as well as the fierce battle against the Yukon Five and Commissioner Chaos. For its part, season 5, Steel Reign , will arrive this summer and will continue the story of the Brotherhood of Steel, with new NPCs, missions and locations.

In autumn this year the sixth season will arrive, Worlds Are Changing , of which its news has not been detailed, although it could be accompanied by a new expansion similar to Wastelanders or Dawn of Steel. Finally, in winter 2022, season 7 will be available , Tales From The Stars , with the incentive of legendary pets, weapons and armor , as well as two great events.

Fallout 76 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC , although it can be played on Xbox Series X | S and PS5 through backward compatibility.