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GTA Online is changing how you collect cash gifts on PS4 and PS5


GTA Online is changing how you collect cash gifts on PS4 and PS5

PS Plus users receive monthly gifts in GTA Online . Previously, you got the free cash as soon as you logged into the game. That will change from April.

What kind of monetary gifts are these? The promotion was announced in late 2020 to announce the standalone version of GTA Online for the Playstation 5. Until this release in the second half of 2021 there will be 1 million GTA dollars for every PS-Plus subscriber every month.

It will continue to do so, but Rockstar Games has announced a change in the distribution of the money on the official blog . You have to pick it up yourself now, but this can also have an advantage.

You will get your free dollars faster from April

That is changing: With the change, players have to pick up their monetary gifts themselves in the Playstation store. Instead of having to wait several days, as was previously the case, you can simply get the coal directly.

How has it been so far? For the past few months, players have received the monetary gifts when they log into the game. Some had to wait several days for the money to end up in the in-game account at Maze Bank.

When will the change come? This will apply from April 1, 2021. So from next month you will have to look in the Playstation store to collect your money.

The login is still normal for March, but you have to wait until the money is there.

What do you think of the change? Has the waiting time bothered you so far? or do you find it annoying to have to get the money yourself from the Playstation Store?