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How to Record a Clubhouse Conversation - Screen Recorder, Voice Memos & External Devices


How to Record a Clubhouse Conversation - Screen Recorder, Voice Memos & External Devices

On the Clubhouse social network, which to this day officially exists only on the iOS operating system, you can go to interesting rooms, listen to other people or personally perform on stage in front of an audience. In such discussions, there are often smart thoughts that you would like to share with other people. But for security reasons, the developers of the application prohibit the recording of sound and the distribution of speeches of other members of the social network. In this guide, we will describe several ways to safely record any conversation in the Clubhouse.

Can Clubhouse track the screen recording?

Owners of iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets know that you can record everything that happens on the screen of your device using the built-in screen recorder application. But since the official position of the developers completely prohibits recording sounds in the Clubhouse application, the question arises - how legal is it?

In fact, the limitation is not as strict as it seems at first glance. You have the right to record the conversation of participants in any room only with the consent of these same participants . Sharing audio recordings of a room speaker violates community guidelines and is likely to result in a ban.

Screen Recording

Using screen recording without the consent of the room moderators and the speaker may negatively impact your Clubhouse account. Use this method at your own peril and risk!

Follow these steps to start recording your screen:

  1. Open the "Control Center".
  2. Select the Screen Recorder icon to start a three-second countdown.
  3. Click on the red button.
  4. Return to the home screen.
  5. Open the Clubhouse app and select the room where you want to record your conversation.
Screen Recording

It's worth noting that the app will warn you that screen recording without the speaker's permission violates community guidelines and may lead to blocking. This can happen on the basis of a complaint from one of the participants - the speaker, moderators or listeners present in the room. The posting of such posts on other social networks is also discouraged by the app developers.

You can also use third-party apps to record your device's screen:

Use voice memos

Voice memos are the most effective and useful way to record a conversation in any room without the permission of moderators and speakers in the podium. This industry standard external sound recorder will help you record any conversation from the Clubhouse app. Of course, the sound quality will be far from ideal, as voice memos will record sounds directly from your device's speakers.

Use voice memos

Use external devices to record sound

You can safely record audio from your smartphone or tablet speakers using external audio recording devices. Any smartphones with the Voice Notes application can serve as such devices. Again, this method does not imply perfect recording sound quality.

Use special devices to record sound

These devices include mixing consoles, through which you can transfer sound from a smartphone or tablet to a PC and record using special programs. If you have a device for receiving and processing sounds, then you will need to purchase an adapter for your gadget (we talked more about adapters in this article).

This method is the most difficult, but this is the only way to achieve high-quality recording of conversations in the Clubhouse, since the sound from your device will be recorded in digital format.