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How to watch today's Bethesda and Xbox stream: when it starts, channels, and what to expect


How to watch today's Bethesda and Xbox stream: when it starts, channels, and what to expect

Bethesda is hosting a roundtable event, today at 7:00 p.m., where it will present the development teams that will work on Xbox games.

As mentioned , Microsoft has announced a roundtable event with Bethesda as the protagonist. While it won't be a big event with game announcements, those in Redmond will introduce their new development teams, after the buyout is approved

Unless you've been living in a bunker lately, you already know that Microsoft bought Bethesda and its development teams a few months ago, for an astronomical $ 7.5 billion . After a legal process, the European Union finally approved the purchase operation, despite the controversy surrounding a collective complaint for a Fallout 4 DLC . 

Today, at 10 AM PT we can see this Xbox and Bethesda round table event , which can be followed live from the Xbox YouTube channel. Of course, control the hype, because managers of both companies have already revealed that new games will not be announced or details will be given about The Elder Scrolls 6 or the new Indiana Jones game.

Even so, Microsoft is expected to detail aspects such as the exclusivity of the new Bethesda games, possible new projects, new games that come to Game Pass , and others. We detail everything you need to know about the Xbox and Bethesda round table.

Xbox event time with Bethesda and where to watch it

The Bethesda and Microsoft round table will begin today, March 11, at 10 AM PT . Live content has been shared, which will begin at the indicated time, where we can see the news from both companies.

We leave you inserted the video to follow the event live. Apparently, Microsoft will launch a promotional video with the main Bethesda games , as well as excerpts from interviews and statements from directors of the new Xbox studios. 

What to expect from the event

As Aaron Greenberg and Bethesda CEO Pete Hines have already made clear , this won't be the big event we were hoping for, according to rumors. There will be an event focused on video games, but this will be a round table where the future of Bethesda will be discussed and what this union with Xbox means.

" Please note this is NOT FOCUSED ON NEWS / DISCLOSURES but rather is a great opportunity to learn more about Bethesda teams and development teams, " Aaron Greenberg stated on social media.

While we won't see any news about a new Fallout game, or details of Starfield or The Elder Scrolls 6, it is likely that new Bethesda titles will be announced for Xbox Game Pass . Currently, Doom Eternal, Fallout New Vegas, or Fallout 76 are available.

In summary, this event will be a presentation in a big way, as a product of the materialization of Bethesda within the organization chart of Xbox Game Studios. It is expected, yes, that in the coming months we will have an event focused on new announcements .

New games for Game Pass? Exclusiveness?

Microsoft has made it clear that Bethesda games will not be announced, nor will new details of projects already underway. However, this does not mean that clues can be revealed about the roadmap that the company will follow from now on. 

New games for Game Pass? Exclusiveness?