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It Takes Two Walkthrough - Bosses and Puzzles at All Levels


It Takes Two Walkthrough - Bosses and Puzzles at All Levels

It Takes Two is an addicting co-op platformer that is sure to come across a variety of interesting mechanics and full interaction with your partner.

Before starting the game, select the character you will control. Throughout the game, the heroes will receive their unique abilities, with the help of which they can interact with each other and overcome various obstacles. Just want to note that there is no "best" character in the game - they are both good in their own way. The abilities of the heroes will change with each new level. We'll tell you more about the mechanics as you progress through It Takes Two.

Chapter 1. Barn: introduction

After the introductory video, go to the generator and interact with the lever. Two fuses will knock, and the third will run away from you. Pick up the nearby fuses and insert them back into the generator, then follow the third fuse.

Climb up the boxes and break the glass jar. To do this, jump on top of it and press the corresponding key to perform a jump kick . At some point you have to interact with each other. After reaching the two red buttons, activate them at the same time, catch on the spinning disk and climb up. To stay in the air longer when jumping, use a double jump and dash . Move the paint can to the right side and climb over the grate.

Use a jump kick on the outlet in front of you, then interact with the circular saw. Pick up the fuse and return to the generator. After the cutscene with a vacuum cleaner, you will for the first time come across pipes sucking air. Use them to continue driving. If you come across a pipe, one end of which is lowered down, then one of the players must pick it up and hold it until the partner moves to the other side.

When you reach the next device with two pipes, help your partner climb first to one side to activate the button, then to the other. When both buttons are activated, the blower in front of you will begin to suck in air and you can climb higher.

Move the spring plate to the right of the fan so your partner can pass and push back the tube that makes the blades spin. While the fan is not active, join a friend. In the room, you will see three wire breaks and a button to start the power. Here is the procedure:

  1. The first player grabs the break point immediately after the button.
  2. The second player presses the button and goes to the second place of the cliff.
  3. When the current passes through the first player, he must manage to reach the third place of the cliff and grab it.

After reaching a location with large fans, any player interacts with the wheel and moves the fan blades so that the second player can get over to the other side. Once on the opposite side, the second player activates the button to automatically rotate the fans.

In the next room, you will see a passage behind glass with three fans. There is a lever nearby. Green fans blow air out, while red fans draw in it. One player must use the lever to switch the position of the fans, while the second player must overcome the passage with the fans at this time.

After a while, you will find yourself in front of a lever next to two fans. The first one blows out the air and the second one sucks it in. One player remains at the lever and toggles it so that the other player can move to the opposite side. Now the second player grabs the hose and uses air to move the platform for a friend.

Here you will also see a red button. If you click on it, then a platform will appear to the right of the pipe for a few seconds. Do the following:

  1. One of the players stands on the platform, and the second presses the button.
  2. The first player jumps into the pipe.
  3. The second player quickly walks to the other end of the pipe and lifts it up so that the partner can gain height.
On the opposite side, the second player presses the button. The device reverses the air supply, so the first player can climb into the pipe and get out on the opposite side. Use the vacuum cleaner to suck in the red balls, while the second player must guide the pipe to the platform and make it heavier. Use the platform to get over to the other side and jump down. The boss of the level - "Vacuum Cleaner Tower" is waiting for you.

Chapter 1. Dusty Case: How to Defeat the Vacuum Tower

This enemy uses a single attack. He shoots the heroes with incendiary spray cans. At the other end of the location, you will see a platform, which, after the boss's attack, will begin to rise up. Here is the correct procedure:

The first player grabs the pipe from below and begins to suck in incendiary spray cans that are scattered around the location.
The second player climbs onto the platform and directs the pipe towards the boss.

Repeat the steps until you destroy the Vacuum Cleaner Tower. When her health level reaches a critical state, go to her pipes and press the key indicated on the screen. If you do not hesitate and perform all actions in a coordinated manner, then you can deal with the boss with just two or three approaches.

Chapter 1. Underground

After the boss fight, follow ahead and watch the video, at the end of which your heroes will have their first unique abilities:

  • Cody can throw nails into wooden surfaces and to anchor platforms;
  • Mei uses a hammer to cling to nails and overcome various obstacles, as well as a percussion tool.
After reaching the first puzzle, Mei has to hit the yellow button with a hammer, and while the platform is in the upper position, Cody moves to the other side. When May hits the platform again, Cody must throw a nail into a special hole and temporarily hold the platform in this position. Similar mechanics will be encountered frequently at this level.

Next, Cody throws nails into the yellow pieces of wood so that May can get over to the other side with the hammer. May uses the hammer on the mechanism to lift another platform for Cody.

There are two platforms in front of you. May hits them with a hammer and Cody throws nails. The left platform should be slightly higher than the right for both of you to climb up.

In the next location, Cody must help May get to the other side and stand on the suspended platform. When the platform is lowered, the door associated with it will open. You just need to fix it with a nail. Use the nail again to stop the platform and move to the next location.

Now Mei must overcome all obstacles with the help of Cody. The latter throws nails and fixes the required platforms so that Mei can pass the test. Having overcome it, Cody stands on a yellow platform, and May hits it with a hammer.

In the next scene, Cody has to go through a test. This is a circular saw that moves back and forth. Approximately in the middle of the path there is a platform with which you can climb up. Wait for the circular saw to move away from you and run towards the platform. Timing must be correct, as Mei from the opposite side must use the hammer and hit the platform.

After climbing upstairs, switch platforms for May with the help of nails. Here, many players may face the problem of returning nails.

Tip : For Cody to return the nail you need to his inventory, move the screen over it. Otherwise, pressing the nail return button will return the last installed nail to your inventory!

When May reaches the two vertical platforms, Cody first activates the left platform. Mei has to catch on to it, and then Cody activates the right one. That way May can rise higher.

This will take you to the toolbox. Run along the only path and dodge falling nails. In the end, you will find yourself on a small wooden platform, where you will need to fight the second boss - the Toolbox.

Chapter 1. The Underground: How to Defeat the Toolbox

Pay attention to the boss's hands. On your left hand, you will see two wooden inserts into which you can throw a nail. When the boss hits with this hand, Cody must lock it in one position. At this moment, Mei moves to the boss using the previously installed nails and knocks the locks off the box.

When you manage to knock down the first lock, the Crate will start making holes in your platform and will also use a saw. Repeat the steps and get rid of the second castle so that the enemy moves to the next phase.

Dodge the spatula and falling nails. When the Box lowers his hand with a spatula to your platform, Cody must have time to climb onto it, and Mei must hit the yellow button. In flight, Cody throws a few nails into the can on the top of the Crate and destroys it.

Chapter 1. Energized

There won't be much difficulty in this chapter. Use wires to quickly move across locations. To deactivate the fans, you need to press the dedicated buttons at the same time.

Chapter 2. Wood: fresh air

You are in a big tree. Grab onto the hooks to climb higher up the tree and get to the squirrel base. Watch a lengthy cut-scene.

Chapter 2. In captivity

From the video you will learn about the new abilities of the heroes. Cody can spray resin, and Mei can shoot fire matches and set it on fire. At some points you will have to use this mechanic to open passages and fight enemies. From time to time, the player playing as Cody will need to spray resin on wooden objects to make them heavier. To overcome wooden obstacles, you should spray the resin directly onto the obstacle, then ignite it with a match shot.

In the first room, you will have access to several targets for training new abilities. Run forward, May will open the grate with shots, and Cody will spray tar on the raised platform. Moving to the other side of the platform, Mei has to shoot at the tar. The platform will be lifted up again and you can climb even higher.

Here you will see a plant holding a wooden platform. Cody sprays resin on her and May sets it on fire. In the next location, you will get to the cage. Use the resin to lower it down and get inside. Get out on the other side and spray the resin onto the cage again. When you find yourself on the roof of the cage, Mei must get rid of the tar.

A large red target box is suspended in the center of the room. Cody sprays resin onto a wooden structure with a hook to the right of this box and gets to it. When Cody hooks on one side of the red box, Mei shoots at the targets and turns it in the desired direction.

In the next location, you will find three barrels with platforms that can be rotated with resin. May stands on the manhole cover on the right side of the location, and Cody sprays resin on the barrel tied to it to raise the cover higher. May then climbs the platforms, and Cody sprays the resin in the right direction so that May can go further.

Open the passage and go down to the locked lid held by the red brackets. If you spray resin on them and shoot them, the staples will open for a few seconds. You need to spray the resin in such a way as to start a chain reaction and open all the staples. For this, the supply of resin should be sufficient.

You will reach a mobile platform. Spray resin on the nearest lever to make the platform roll towards you, then use Mei's weapon to dispose of it.

In the next location, wasps will attack you for the first time. They can be killed with a normal shot from Mei's weapon, and also temporarily weakened by spraying resin with Cody's weapon. Since May cannot "spam" with shots, and each recharge takes a long time, Cody will have to help his comrade and keep the insects back for a while.

After reaching the two lifting platforms, Cody must fill them with resin and stand first on one, then on the second. May shoots the tar and Cody moves to the other side. Here you will see yellow plants blocking the passage. To get rid of them, Cody needs to spray the resin from the plant to where Mei can ignite the resin.

You will soon find yourself at a large door with three levers to spray resin onto. When the door starts to open, you will be attacked by wasps. For the second time, the "Wasp Shield" will join the usual wasps - a strong opponent who uses the shield to protect against direct hits.

Dodge enemy attacks, and when he stops, Cody must spray tar on the enemy's weak spot. At the same moment, Mei can fire a shot and deal damage. Repeat the actions until the Wasp Shield dies.

Chapter 2. Putting down roots

At the beginning of this level, the maggots will attack the heroes. They will explode when they get close to the heroes. To stop their appearance, destroy special honeycombs.

Run to the next location. After you lower the first bottle, wasps will start flying out of their nests. Try to lower the remaining two bottles as quickly as possible to block access to the nests and deal with all enemies.

Having reached the open area, numerous wasp swarms will attack the heroes, and then you have to overcome a long descent to the roots of the tree.

After a long descent, you will find yourself on a large wooden cover that you will use as a raft. Cody must control her, and Mei must destroy various dangers. Get to the location with the jellyfish, light the lanterns with the resin and go through the cave.

Once at the large cliff, you will see small blue clouds. Use them to take off and cover long distances.

After a while, you and your partner will find yourself on the back of a giant flying catfish. It will drop or roll over from time to time, so you need to try not to fall down.

When you get to the wooden platform, dodge the insects and use your weapon to hold back the wasps. In the end, you will find yourself in front of the next boss - the Giant Beetle.

Chapter 2. How to defeat the Giant Beetle

In a small area, you will see four holes that can be filled with resin. Do this and lure the beetle into this area to fire and deal damage.

Chapter 2. Liquidation

After fighting the bug, get on horseback and run along the only path with obstacles. Cody must control the insect, and Mei in time to get rid of the wasps and other obstacles on the way. In the end, you will get to the Queen of the Wasps, with whom you also need to fight.

Chapter 2. How to defeat the Wasp Queen

The Queen is a mechanical robot protected by living insects. The tactics of fighting her are quite simple:

  • A human shield of insects appears in front of the queen, as well as another swarm that will attack the heroes;
  • Two swarms should be destroyed in order to weaken the queen and expose her vulnerable spots (such places are marked with red crosses);
  • Cody sprays tar on the queen's weak spots, and Mei ignites the tar;
  • To do the same at the back of the robot, you will need to use a rail.

When the queen has less than half her health, she will enter the second phase. At this moment, several swarms of wasps in the form of military bombers will start attacking the heroes at once. The camera will rise above the heroes, and you will need to dodge these attacks by all means. If at this stage both heroes die, then you will have to start the passage almost from the very beginning.

After a while, when the queen is almost destroyed, the platform for battles will fall down, and Cody and May will remain on the rail and roll around the robot. Now the queen has only one weak point - this is the chain that holds the mechanism. Get rid of her to end the fight.

Chapter 2. Escape

After watching the cut-scene, the heroes will again have to perform different functions. Cody has to fly a makeshift plane, and May has to shoot obstacles, setting them on fire.

When you get out of the tree trunk, the leader of the squirrels named Chief will attack you. Cody also continues to fly the plane while Mei battles the squirrel one-on-one. At this point, the game turns into a real fighting game. You definitely need to defeat the Chief in order to continue the passage. He is a fairly slow opponent, but occasionally uses magic hits and quick attacks that are difficult to dodge. Better not to bring this up!

After the battle, you need to make your way to your house and get to Rose's room.

Chapter 3. Rose's Room: The Pillow Fortress

Examine Rose's room for a few mini-games, after which you will encounter an astronaut monkey. From now on, your heroes will have new abilities:

Cody can grow or shrink in size;
Mei can move on special white surfaces, regardless of the laws of gravity.

To leave the room, Cody must shrink and walk under the door. On the other side, Cody grows in size and presses a large red button. Having reached the machine gun in the form of a robot, Cody again shrinks in size, enters the machine through a small hole and interacts with the battery. At this moment, May switches the lever. Remember this mechanic as it will appear throughout the chapter.

Chapter 3. On the Milky Way

Climbing higher, you will see several portals. Each of them is a small challenge.

Test. Ground floor (red portal)

Get to the central makeshift planet. This can be done using rails and planets flying nearby. Inside you will see two red balls hanging from a rope. May needs to climb onto the first ball, and Cody needs to grow in size and push him towards the second ball. May jumps to the second ball, and from it to a special platform.

The player controlling May will see red buttons at the top. Each button is responsible for a separate drawer that can be pulled out. Press the buttons in such a sequence that Cody can climb up.

Having done this, you will find a robot you are already familiar with, which needs to be activated using a battery and a lever.

Test. Ground floor (green portal)

This Challenge is a 2D platformer where you have to follow the same path, but in different ways. May climbs to the ceiling and continues to move like that almost until the very end. In some places, Cody will have to decrease in size, or vice versa, increase.

Test. Ground floor (purple portal)

You find yourself on a large platform with an unusual ball. May jumps onto the ball, and Cody grows in size and pushes it against the wall so that May can climb higher and grab the glass cube. Further May moves the cube down for Cody, Cody jumps onto the cube and shrinks in size.

Test. Second floor (orange portal)

Navigate the pillows to the center platform. There is a swing here, with which Cody can throw May higher. May jumps onto the spring platform, then jumps onto the swing so as to throw Cody upstairs.

Climbing onto the platform, Cody grows in size and lowers it lower so that May can also climb. Then Cody shrinks and both heroes get to the platform with the robot.

Test. Second floor (blue portal)

In this challenge, Cody needs to shrink and climb into a slot machine. May launches the ball with Cody on the machine and opens / closes the dampers at the right time. It is best to launch the ball from the right side, as there are fewer obstacles.

Cody arrives at the finish line and opens May's passage. In the next room, Cody controls the umbrella-shaped apparatus and moves Mei around the room so that she can open the next passage.

Test. Second floor (purple portal)

Here you need to find and bring some lightning figurines to the central platform to power the robot you already know.

  1. The first figurine is to the right of the platform. Cody must shrink down, walk down the pipe and pick it up.
  2. The second statuette is also to the right of the robot and can be picked up by any player. Take a ride on the rails to the platform suspended in space to get to it.
  3. The third figurine is to the left of the robot. Any hero can get to her. It is enough just to get over to the platform along the moving cubes.
  4. The fourth statuette can only be taken by May. To the left of the robot, get to a special platform, on which this hero can stand, ignoring gravity. Get to the dome with the statuette underneath and ask Cody to enlarge in order to press the big red button in front of the robot. When this happens, the dome will rise, and you can pick up the figurine.

Chapter 3. How to defeat the Astronaut Monkey

The monkey uses a laser to attack. One player must distract the boss, while the other finds and stands on one of several glowing platforms. The player who distracts the monkey runs behind the raised platform so that the boss breaks the glass platform and takes damage.

Repeat these actions until the heroes get rid of the laser on the monkey's flying saucer. After that, the tactics will change a little. The boss will fire one rocket at each hero. You need to use acceleration and dash to stay away from missiles for as long as possible. At some point, the rockets will run out of fuel, they will fall to the ground, and you can take over control. Aim missiles at the boss's flying saucer until he goes into phase three.

The last phase is a serious test, mainly for the player who controls Mei. While Cody tries to get to the boss's cockpit inside the flying saucer, May needs to stay alive as long as possible, dodging numerous attacks from the monkey.

After that, the monkey will leave the flying saucer, and you will be able to control it. On Cody's screen, you can see the approximate direction of the boss on the radar, and should also direct the gun and shoot when the monkey is nearby. At this time, Mei controls the flying saucer. After a few hits, the monkey will surrender, and you can go to the next level.

Chapter 3. Classics

After the video with Rose, you will again find yourself in her room. Use cubes to open paths and follow the story. When you get to the location with cubes depicting animals, stop. One player must stay next to the cubes and stand on them in a certain sequence. At this time, your partner follows the rails and tells you the pictures to stand on.

Correct sequence:

  1. Pig.
  2. Mouse.
  3. Horse.
  4. Mouse.
  5. Pig or horse.
  6. Bear.
Once on the next platform, the first player goes along the rails, and the second clicks on the cubes:

  1. Frog.
  2. Dog.
  3. A lion.
  4. Sheep.
  5. Frog.
  6. A lion.
Thus, you will find yourself in one room, from where you will need to climb into the school classroom. Here you will face a few simple challenges.

Test (math examples)

In front of you on the table are nine numbers from 1 to 9. On the left is a timer, and on the right a certain number will appear. You need to make up an equality that will fit the specified number. It's easy, isn't it?

Challenge (find a pair)

On the next table there are 12 cards, each with two identical fruits and berries. You need to find a pair of each card and use less than 7 mistakes. If you do not meet this number, you will have to start the test again.

Test (dotted drawing)

This is the most difficult challenge presented at this level. You need to use a pencil to draw a point-by-point drawing in a certain amount of time. You need to use a pencil together:

  • Cody can move the pencil up and down;
  • May moves her pencil to the right and left.

When you get out of the classroom, you will find yourself on a table with two platforms. You need to roll the yellow ball between the holes and place it in a special green box. To do this, move along the platform in the right direction.

Now you will find a small corridor with obstacles. Once in a room with several pillows and air sediment, proceed as follows:

  1. One player (for example, May) stands on a cushion, to which a red hose fits.
  2. Cody jumps onto the pump, Mei is thrown into the air and she grabs the hook above the ceiling (this hook activates the turntable for a while, which can also be hooked on).
  3. Until the platform has returned to its original position, Mei stands on the pillow to the left, and Cody uses the appropriate pump.
Repeat these steps in the same sequence, only for Cody. For the rest of the level, you need to use a spinner to stay in the air for a long time, and also look for levers to shut off the ball supply.

After a while, you will reach Rose's kaleidoscope. The only non-obvious mystery here is the repainting of the tiles to open the passage. On the walls, you will see glowing tiles on both sides that need to be connected with the same color. Just step on the tiles to make them change color.

Chapter 3. Railway station

Once at the train station, look around the toy town and find some figures.

  • Worker figurine;
  • Figurine of a girl;
  • Boy figurine;
  • Driver Figurine: On the far building on the right side of the location.

Use the trolley to get to the next level.

Chapter 3. Dinosaur

At this level, you need to separate roles:

  • One player takes control of a large dinosaur in the center of the location;
  • The partner climbs onto the platform next to the trolley and controls a small dinosaur.

The first player to control the large dinosaur must move the required platforms for the second player to move on the small dinosaur. Some platforms will be turned over and the first player will not be able to catch on them until his partner uses the special buttons.

It will be simple at first, but the last two platforms can be tricky. Ask your partner, who controls the big dinosaur, to grab onto the platform available to him, and hit the button yourself so that the second one rolls over with the bone towards him. This way, a friend will be able to move you over the cliff.

This trick will need to be done several times, but you have already understood the principle and you can continue the passage without any problems.

Chapter 3. Pirates on deck

You now take control of the toy ship. Each player controls one blade, so your movements must be synchronized. If one player turns to the right and the other to the left, then the ship will not turn in either direction. Swim forward, dealing with enemy ships, until you get to the octopus.

Chapter 3. How to defeat the Giant Octopus

This is one of the easiest bosses in the game. It is very slow so you can deal with it quickly. From time to time, the boss will raise tentacles and try to hit you. Turn the ship around and shoot the tentacle with the cannons several times, then continue attacking the boss again.

Chapter 3. Main view

On the next level, you need to lower the bridge that leads to the Elephant Castle. To do this, move the iron ball from one clown toy to another in different ways. When you get to the cannon, with which you need to shoot down several balls with targets, one player must get inside and calculate the flight path, and the partner must fire a shot.

The distant ball is the most difficult, since you need not only to aim properly, but also to shoot from the cannon in time to get into the timing of the closing curtains.

Take the iron ball to the slingshot and shoot it at the huge ball holding the bridge.

Chapter 3. In a distant kingdom

Once in the castle, do not rush to follow the plot. Here you will find many interesting interactive items and several mini-games to diversify the passage.

In any case, you need to get to the upper platform with a crane, grab a bowling ball, turn the platform around and knock out the main gate of the castle.

Chapter 3. Dungeon dwellers

After the cut-scene, your characters acquire special skills, and the gameplay itself will more resemble an isometric role-playing game.

Cody's abilities :

  • Can teleport a short distance through walls;
  • Shoots a long freeze beam;
  • At close range, it attacks with a stream of cold, which also freezes the lava (in the future, it will need to be used to get over the cliffs);
  • Ultimate Ability: Cody fires a frost beam that deals high damage to enemies in the area of ​​effect.

Mei's abilities :

  • Can quickly travel long distances (overcome large cliffs);
  • Attacks with a sword in close combat;
  • Hits the ground and causes enemies to burn;
  • Ultimate Ability: Mei creates a cloud of fire around her that deals heavy damage to all enemies within range.
At this level, you need to follow along and destroy all enemies in your path. Use the abilities of the heroes to the maximum to reduce the time to complete the level. Having reached the final room, a huge doll will attack the buddies. Destroy the walls to hide from her, and at the last moment, deal with all the chains on the left side of the room.

Chapter 3. How to defeat the Bull

Once in the arena, you need to fight a toy bull. Here you will see several chains that hold the grate in the center of the arena. Lure the bull to the wall with a chain to get rid of it. Repeat the steps four times, then hit the boss's hands.

Chapter 3. How to defeat the King and Queen

To defeat this boss, you just need to use all your abilities. After the victory, watch the video with the Elephant.

Chapter 3. Queen

The elephant will hide from you in the toy machine. To reach it, operate the lifting mechanism using the arrows. Your target runs along approximately the same route, so you just have to press the button in advance and grab it.

Chapter 4. Cuckoo clock: the gate of time

When the heroes realize that their method has not worked, the Book will offer them to undergo "family therapy" and send them to the Gate of Time, endowing them with new abilities.

  • Cody can control time by rewinding it at the right moments;
  • Mei can leave the clone anywhere and teleport to it if necessary.

To learn how to use the abilities, Cody must go to the destroyed bird statue and rewind time. The same trick must be done with the destroyed wall that blocks the passage.

May, in turn, should go to the locked door and leave the clone here. When partners activate two levers, the door will open for a while. Mei quickly moves to her clone and manages to get through the door.

Cody gets to a broken lever with a hook, rewinds time and holds it for May. The partner moves to the other side and presses the button. At this moment, a passage will open, where you will see another broken statue of a bird. Cody rewinds time and May places a clone under the statue. When the bird is destroyed, Mei teleports to this area, and Cody lifts his partner up, rewinding time.

In the opened room, Cody restores another statue, and Mei stands on a black platform. If Cody gets everything back in place, the platform will rise and push May forward. By the same principle, Cody raises his partner higher.

There are three buttons in the next room. Each of them opens a certain lever. Cody needs to stand on one button, and Mei uses the clone to press the other two.

Another puzzle at this level will be the mechanism of the door that needs to be opened. Using her ability, Cody raises the bell above the right button, and Mei uses a clone and interacts with two buttons at once.

This will take you to a huge part of the toy city. As in the location with the castle, do not rush to follow the story - here you will find several mini-games, many interactive objects, and even a separate challenge.

When you're ready, follow the rails to the gate in front of the building. You will see an impromptu fire that needs to be extinguished. Cody uses his abilities to raise and lower the drawn rain, while Mei moves the cloud in the right direction.

After reaching the open bridge, Mei uses the clone to activate two buttons and lower both parts of the bridge for a few seconds, while Cody rewinds time to hold them.

Once at the large gate with the clock, you need to set the hands as shown on the tower behind the gate.

Chapter 4. Clock mechanisms

Use new friends to fly over the ground. Now you need to destroy the dome that prevents you from entering the main tower. To do this, go to one of the two small towers and solve several puzzles.

Chapter 4. The first tower

In the first tower you will find a circular platform with animals, the moon and the sun. Cody lifts the ruined bridge for May. The partner places a clone next to the entrance and goes back. When the door opens, Mei uses the ability to teleport and enter the room.

In this room, you will see several clocks, above which are the same images as on a round platform. The player controlling Cody must activate them in the required sequence:

  1. Bee.
  2. Bird.
  3. Cat.
  4. Moon.
  5. Dog.
  6. The sun.
When the top of the first tower is destroyed, you can find lights in the sky and throw them at the device that supports the central dome.

Chapter 4. The second tower

In the second tower you will see a three-color clock. When the arrow points to a specific color, the corresponding platform will be active. In the next room, the task gets a little more complicated. Cody needs to rebuild May's bridge. The partner walks across the bridge and finds two buttons - green and blue. With these buttons, Mei can change the color of some platforms so that Cody can move to the other side and activate the button.

After getting out of the tower, destroy both dome defense devices and open the gate to the central tower.

Chapter 4. Echoes of the past

Once inside, the game will want to kill the heroes. The wall in the room will begin to move towards you. Mei has to go back to the wall and install the clone. When the wall gets a little closer, Mei teleports behind it and activates the lever.

Follow to the main hall with the statue. Find the tracks that lead to the next puzzle. First, Cody activates the ability to get Mei to climb higher. Then Cody needs to restore both platforms. At this point, the game invites you to act synchronously, because with the change in time, one platform will be destroyed, and the other will be restored. But you can set the slider approximately in the center (you can slightly to the right of the center), so that Mei goes along the platforms.

May lowers the cage containing the key to the ground, after which it breaks off and falls. Cody rewinds time when the cage is at the top and May leaves the clone under the cage. This way she can get inside the cage when she falls. To get out, repeat these steps, only in reverse order.

Return to the main hall and find the passage to the second key. Here Cody needs to manage time by moving various platforms for May. After receiving both keys, insert them into the platforms in the main hall and crank them. Now you will meet with the boss.

Chapter 4. How to beat a clockwork bull

Cody activates the platform at the back of the room, and Mei uses the clone anywhere, further from the platform, and stands on it. At this moment, the wooden slab is lowered and attracts the bull's attention. When the boss starts to run, Mei teleports to his clone, the boss crashes into the pedestal and the bust falls on him. Repeat these steps three times, after which the bull will be defeated.

Run forward all the time, discovering new paths with the help of your abilities. When you find yourself in a time loop, you will need to smash all the clocks on the platform. Having done this, get to the main clock and watch the cut-scene.

Chapter 5. Snow globe: the ice has broken

In this chapter, the heroes will have new abilities:

  • Cody can attract blue magnets and repel red magnets;
  • Mei, on the contrary, attracts red magnets and repels from blue magnets.
This mechanic is very simple, so it makes no sense to describe each activity during the passage. When you need to lower a bridge or an obstacle, pay attention to the color of the magnet on it.

When you get to the mechanism tower, Cody is attracted to the blue mechanism and turns it the other way around for May. And to rebuild the bridge and get to the small hut, Cody pushes the first part of the bridge on the left side, and May pulls it on the right side. Cody climbs onto the bridge and pulls the second part of the bridge.

After reaching the frozen settlement, you need to climb the central tower and ring the bell. To do this, Cody pulls a platform with a blue magnet, lifting a stone, and Mei climbs up and interacts with the bell.

Chapter 5. Winter Village

So you will find yourself in the main settlement, which you need to unfreeze with the help of three towers. In addition to the main task, you can also find many side activities and mini-games here. For some activities, you can get achievements!

Left tower

To get to this tower, May uses the swing mechanism, and Cody clings to its main part.

Central tower

Any player uses a small platform with a blue magnet to rotate a large platform that holds the blue and red magnets. When the hero hooks on a magnet of the opposite color, his partner turns the main platform so that a magnet of his color is under the first player. Thus, he can jump up and get to the bell.

Right tower

To reach this tower, Cody uses a catapult with red magnets and shoots them at the walls. The magnets will immediately begin to slide down, so Mei needs to move over them as quickly as possible. 

When the bells on all three towers are activated, access to the platform in the center of the village will open and you can proceed to the next level.

Chapter 5. Under the cover of ice

Once you reach the candy factory, you need to fix three generators. Three pipes of different colors extend from the main platform: red, blue and green.

Red pipe

Following the red pipe, you will find yourself at a large capsule. Mei has to open the passage for Cody, then rotate the platform inside the capsule so that Cody gets out and presses the button.

Blue trumpet

This pipe leads to the very bottom of the reservoir. Here you will see a few bolted valves and a hostile fish. In the center of the location, find a wrench, with which you need to tighten the loosened bolts.

Green pipe

Follow the green pipe until you reach the surface. Here you need to go through a small "obstacle course" to get to the main lever and turn it with your magnets.

To be continued...