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Maquette: how to get the Creatures trophy

Maquette: how to get the Creatures trophy

 In this Maquette guide we tell you how to get the Creatures trophy, one of the most confusing in the free puzzle game with PS Plus on PS5.

The new puzzle game for PS5, PS4 and PC,  Maquette (which comes free with PS Plus in March ) has a trophy, Creatures, which can get confusing. The description asks us to meet many characters, but do not panic: the solution is very simple, and you only have to enter one room.

Maquette: how to get the Creatures trophy

This trophy is obtained in the third chapter, Los Portales. In our guide you will find the steps to solve these puzzles with the colored crystals (Chapter 2, starting with 0). With the pink crystal ball, bringing it closer to the large red crystal, the door will vanish.

However, you must go back to the room where you got that pink crystal ball, and retrieve the cyan ball . When you retrieve the cyan crystal, exit the room and jump off the rock in the castle on the beach.

Then, go to the green house behind a wall of cyan pictures that will evaporate when you carry the glass, and enter the doghouse. The wall is full of pictures of animals, and you will automatically receive the trophy.