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Microsoft wants to buy Discord for more than 10 billion dollars


Microsoft wants to buy Discord for more than 10 billion dollars

No deal is imminent and Discord may still go public instead of for sale, but the deal seems to be on the table.

The purchase of the ZeniMax group  ( Bethesda and the rest of its affiliates ) does not appear to have stopped Microsoft in the least in its purchase attempts. Microsoft Corp. appears to be in purported talks to acquire Discord , the voice community focused around video games, for $ 10 billion . These information have asked to remain anonymous as this is still private.

As reported by these same from Bloomberg , these conversations seem to have only been talked about above, and there is nothing imminent that serves as confirmation. In fact, a source confirms that, despite all this, Discord could - rather than sell - go directly to public, although for now representatives of Microsoft and Discord have denied comments.

But the thing would not end there, since Microsoft could be just one of the potential buyers , it seems that Discord has also been in similar conversations with Epic Games and Amazon . VentureBeat  first reported that the messaging service, with about 140 million active users, would go on sale for slightly more than this.

In fact, Discord recently amassed $ 100 million and is worth $ 7 billion , so it was exploring a sale worth more than $ 10 billion. Apparently, Discord was the first to contact Microsoft to gauge interest in a possible sale and that Phil Spencer himself has been in these talks.

Microsoft wants to buy Discord for more than 10 billion dollars

At the moment, and as we do not say, there is nothing confirmed and these talks are still very green, but Discord is one more part of the ecosystem for your Xbox . In addition to being one of the possible connections to show what you play and interact with friends, the Xbox server on Discord is very active.

At the moment there is no more information about it , so this will be done with some calm.