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Netflix talks more about the world of DOTA adaptation

 DOTA: Dragon's Blood anime set to premiere on March 25

Netflix talks more about the world of DOTA adaptation

Cinema Netflix has published a new video dedicated to the anime DOTA: Dragon's Blood. In a new video, SirActionSlacks, a well-known presenter in the game community, talks in more detail about the world of the film adaptation.

The show begins in a village that is attacked by a dragon. Locals make a living by farming, getting drunk in taverns and engaging in other quirks of medieval life. However, citizens try not to leave the city walls, because they can fall into the clutches of monsters or robbers.

The story will tell about the Dragon Knight Devion, who meets Princess Mirana. They both find themselves embroiled in a war with a deadly demon and great warrior Luna.

The anime was created by South Korean Studio Mir, which worked in conjunction with Valve. The showrunner is Ashley Miller, who previously created the series Andromeda and X-Men: First Class. It will premiere on Netflix on March 25.