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New alien glider in Fortnite has a secret feature - so you activate it


New alien glider in Fortnite has a secret feature - so you activate it

In Fortnite: Battle Royale there is a new alien glider in the shop. But this has a secret feature that can be activated. We'll show you which feature this is and how you can activate it.

That's what's going on in Fortnite right now: In Season 5 - Chapter 2 there are some crossovers with other games and films. That's because Agent Jonesy is putting together a squad made up of characters from different universes. These are supposed to guard the zero point together.

Through these crossovers we could already see some  characters from The Walking Dead , Terminator , Predator and Tron.

The latest crossover is currently taking place with the film series “Alien” and you can buy various items and skins to match in the item shop. Including the alien glider, which comes with a hidden feature.

Alien glider has secret feature

What can the new glider do? The “Cheyenne spaceship” is part of the Alien set and can be bought individually for 1,200 V-Bucks or in a bundle in the shop. The glider is quite large and as soon as it opens, the wings with rocket launcher are unpacked.

But now some players have noticed that the glider is reactive and the wings can be wrapped up again while flying, as this clip on Twitter shows:

How can I activate the feature? Since it was not stated anywhere that the glider is reactive, some people are probably not aware of this feature yet. You can only change the glider if you press the shoot button while flying - then the wings will disappear.

As with all cosmetic items, this does not give you any advantage, but it is a funny, hidden detail. So if you've bought the glider, you can show off the secret feature while the other players can only look amazed. 

Some items in Fortnite give an unfair advantage and are then referred to as Pay2Win

Cosmetic items shouldn't give you any in-game advantages. But this is not always the case, because there have been skins and items known as Pay2Win. This is also the case with superhero skins, which have been causing problems for some time because of their appearance .