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New Free2Play game on PS5 and Xbox promises a lot of action, looks like Mad Max


New Free2Play game on PS5 and Xbox promises a lot of action, looks like Mad Max

You can now download the free multiplyer action game Heavy Metal Machines on PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. In this you try to get a ball into the opponent's goal with your car.

What is Heavy Metal Machines? The fast-paced multiplayer action game mixes sport with end time. In tuned cars that are reminiscent of the vehicles from the Mad Max films, you have to try to get an exploding ball into the goal of the opposing team. To do this, you compete in 4-on-4 matches. But that only reminds you of the well-known Rocket League at first .

You pull the ball behind you on a kind of energy band and enemies can take it from you. It is therefore important to be quick and tactical. Every vehicle plays a role. Transporters are designed to pull the ball, monster trucks clear the enemies out of the way.

This is how MOBA elements come into play. Basically you have to fight your way to the enemy base, here a gate, and destroy them. There are always fights along the way.

You equip your cars with weapons to shoot your way free and fight against monsters that appear on the tracks. The courses are sometimes very intricate, which is why you have to maneuver well. That promises fast and action-packed matches in which you rise in ranks.

You can also tune and expand your vehicle in order to have better and better chances. The trailer gives you an insight into the gameplay:

This is how PC gamers find Heavy Metal Machines

What does the game cost? You can download Heavy Metal Machines for free for PS5 / PS4 as well as Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

The Free2Play game for the PC was released in 2017. You can download it from the official website or from Steam .

The action game is financed through an item shop where you can buy cosmetic items to customize your vehicles.

How is the game being received? On Steam, Heavy Metal Machines has a 75% rating with 3,716 votes (as of March 1st at 10:30 am).

Here we summarize a few voices from the Steam community for you:

  • Music Adventures says on Steam , “I love this game. It mixes the fantastic vibe of Rocket League with MOBA games including League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Mobile Legends, and Heroes of the Storm. I recommend it 100% if you are looking for something different and a lot of fun. "
  • Piratex explains (via Steam ): “I have to say it's a fun game that brings back the feeling of 'Rock'n'Roll Racing' but isn't a racing game at all. It is much more a kind of MOBA. "
  • Playful Sir writes on Steam: “I got bored and tried the game. Now it's one of my favorite games. It's more fun than it looks. "
  • moritz.khale somewhat criticizes the balancing in matchmaking (via Steam ): “Well, it is indeed a very cool game with some exciting mechanics. But playing as a casual gamer against a professional who knows every trick is no fun. "
Are you going to check out Heavy Metal Machines? Do you like these types of games?