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Pokémon in Reality: Researcher Discovers New Species


Pokémon in Reality: Researcher Discovers New Species

Three newly discovered animals in Australia are given a real honor: a researcher connects the species with three popular legendary Pokémon. Despite visual differences, the animals live up to their namesake on another level.

Which animals are named after legendary Pokémon?

There are Pokémon fans of all ages and professions - including researchers. One of those PhD Pokémon fans is Yun Hsiao. He recently discovered three new insect species in Australia and immediately thought of the popular pocket monsters, as Game Rant reports.

Hsiao and his team came across three new species of Binburrum, a species of Australian beetle. According to the researcher, the newly found beetles are extremely rare - just as rare as the three legendary bird Pokémon Arktos, Lavados and Zaptos from Pokémon Red and Blue Edition. So the obvious names? Binburrum articuno, Binburrum zapdos and Binburrum moltres.

Pokémon inspire researchers again and again

That researchers are naming their discoveries after Pokémon is nothing new. In the past, researchers found a fossil of a dinosaur, which they called Aerodactylus . The name is of course based on the fossil Pokémon Aerodactyl.

Another Pokémon that has been used in the animal world by its name is Charizard. Its English title "Charizard" can be found today in the bee Chilicola charizard.


Scientists discover a new species of Australian beetle and promptly name them after the three legendary Pokémon Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados. The reason for this is not their appearance, but rather the fact that they are just as rarely found in the wild. Definitely an interesting way to immortalize Pokémon in science.