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Qualcomm prepares a new Android console, with Nintendo Switch style and with possible support to the Epic store


Qualcomm prepares a new Android console, with Nintendo Switch style and with possible support to the Epic store

Now, details about its interiors, design or other possible characteristics are still unknown.

Qualcomm has in mind to launch into the electronics market , after several years, with a device similar to Nintendo Switch. According to sources familiar with the company's strategy , the console would have an Android-based operating system with a Snapdragon chipset, all in a less traditional tone.

The device, which according to Android Police they have been able to see in the final design but not show, will be familiar to all Switch users since they will even have removable controls on both sides with a thicker smartphone screen. The reason is that the company believes that this will help the efficiency of the processor and its ventilation, in addition to using that space for a 6000mAh battery with fast charging.

From Android Police they affirm that Qualcomm will use a premium provider for the design and manufacture of controls, although it is not known what it will be. The exact dimensions of the console have not been offered either, although a 6.65 "screen could be . As a Switch, the laptop will be playable on a TV or monitor, although it has not been made clear what its ports would be. The machine would have an SD slot and Android 12 with a custom launcher and Google apps and services.

Apparently with support for the Epic mobile store , would your app arrive soon? Qualcomm plans its own content portal, but it is unclear whether they will deal with services like Stadia or GeForce Now , as their graphics capabilities would not require cloud gaming. The console would sell itself, but the company would look for suppliers -in the US- to reach more stores, although not if there would be more models.

Like any other product, Qualcomm may dismiss the product for sale before it is announced , either due to unfeasibility in its sale or any other factor that has impeded the company.

Before the Android Police article was made public, they contacted Qualcomm about it , to which a company representative cited the standards in the policy on not commenting on rumors or speculation.