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Remnant: From the Ashes - What's the best class to start with?


Remnant: From the Ashes - What's the best class to start with?

If you are just starting to play Remnant: From the Ashes, we help you choose your class (or archetype): hunter, ex-cult follower or junk dealer? Only one can be considered "the best".

Starting yesterday , the March 2021 PS Plus games are available , including Remnant: From the Ashes . This title developed by Gunfire Games (currently responsible for the Darksiders saga) was launched in 2019 and became an unexpected success thanks to its mix of third-person action, multiplayer elements and soulslike style . If you haven't done it yet, we invite you to read our review of Remnant: From the Ashes .

And since with its arrival on PlayStation Plus many players are going to enter this post-apocalyptic universe for the first time, we have decided to prepare a guide to help you with one of the first decisions you must make: what is the best class of Remnant From the Ashes ?

After creating your character, passing a brief introduction and arriving at Base 13, you will be instructed that you must turn on the generator to restore power. Head to the right place to meet Ace, who will give you your first weapon and open the option to choose class, or archetype, as they call it in the game.

There are three starting classes in Remnant: From the Ashes: Hunter , Ex-Cult Follower, and Scrap Dealer . Based on the description of each one, it can be seen that the hunter is oriented towards ranged combat, the former sect follower towards medium-distance combat and the scrap dealer towards hand-to-hand combat. But before you choose according to these preferences, there are several important aspects to take into account.

The first thing is that the class choice in Remnant: From the Ashes is not as important as in other similar games , at least not initially. This is because the weapons, armor and abilities of the rest of the classes can be acquired about ten minutes after starting the game, so even if you choose to scrap, it will not take long before you can buy the hunting rifle and the hunter's sword. And the same applies to initial modifiers.

Now, there is an aspect that they do not talk about in that initial description and that is very important when choosing a class in Remnant: From the Ashes: it is about the traits. These are advantages in which we can invest points to improve specific aspects. For example, all characters start with the stamina and stamina traits, and investing points increases health and stamina respectively. 

There are a large number of traits, some waiting to be collected in specific places and others depending on our luck "farming". And therein lies the key that determines which is the best Remnant: From the Ashes class . In addition to stamina and stamina, each class begins with a trait that the others do not have: 

  • Shadowwalker , the hunter trait, reduces the perception of enemies. Stealth has hardly any place in Remnant, so it's in all likelihood the least useful trait.
  • Warrior , the scrapper trait, increases the damage of melee attacks. If you like to get your hands dirty, it is not a bad idea, although it is generally preferable to fight from a distance.
  • Spirit , the former sect follower trait, increases the rate at which modifier energy is generated. This means being able to use weapon mods more often, which is key when fighting.

Spirit is not only the most useful trait; it is also the most difficult to obtain . As with all other weapons and abilities, the traits of the other classes can also be obtained by playing. Shadowwalker and Warrior are relatively easy to obtain, but Spirit is going to take you a few hours to farm ...

This makes Spirit the most recommended starting trait , or put another way: the former cult follower is the best class in Remnant: From the Ashes .

So now you know, if you have just started playing Remnant or are thinking about doing it, don't hesitate and choose the former sect follower as your starting class . Even if their looks or weapons do not convince you, you can get those of the other classes in a few minutes and you will have in your possession one of the most useful and difficult traits to obtain of the whole adventure.