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Tencent patents the design of a portable console similar to Nintendo Switch that would move PC games


Tencent patents its hybrid of PC and portable console and there are already images

This machine is very reminiscent of the Nintendo hybrid, but at the moment it is only a design.

Much of the success of Nintendo Switch lies in the portability of the console and the convenience of being able to follow the games anywhere. Without a doubt, Nintendo's triumph with the hybrid has not gone unnoticed by other companies and we have seen different designs clearly inspired by it. For example, Dell even introduced the Alienware Concept UFO, its Switch-designed gaming PC .

Now, and as the expert analyst in the Asian market Daniel Ahmad has reported , Tencent has obtained the patent for the design of a portable console similar to Nintendo Switch, which has Windows buttons and is focused on PC gaming . The patent was originally filed in October 2020 and Ahmad notes that this console could work with Windows 10 and move PC games.

It must be made clear that, for now, this is just a design and does not mean that Tencent makes the leap into that world or that the console will be a reality one day, but it certainly draws attention . It is also good to remember that Tencent distributes Nintendo Switch in China and has an agreement with Nintendo. The console has been a success in the Asian country and we learned that it had exceeded one million units sold in a year .

We will see in the future if this machine becomes real and is launched on the market, but Ahmad himself sees it difficult for this to happen, since he believes that these devices are not really that profitable . At the moment, the Switch has sane for a while and its successor must offer new forms of entertainment, according to the president of Nintendo . In the last official sales report, we learned that Switch has already sold almost 80 million consoles worldwide . 

China's rise in video games

In recent times we are seeing the expansion of the Chinese video game industry , as the country is opening up more to the world, and this market is also doing so. For example, one of the most successful games in recent months is Genshin Impact , which brought in miHoYo $ 774 million in 2020 . In addition, some of the games that are generating the most interest are Chinese, such as Black Myth: Wukong , which always surprises with its new trailers .