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The new God of War comic will explore one of the great mysteries of Kratos still unanswered


The new God of War comic will explore one of the great mysteries of Kratos still unanswered

God of War expands even more thanks to a new comic that will take place in a momentous stage for Kratos. We will get to know the character more in depth.

The comic that will give us more details about the well-known PlayStation character is just around the corner. God of War: Fallen God updated its release date a while ago, which will take place tomorrow, March 10.

In God of War: Fallen God we will witness a narrative arc of redemption throughout its 32 pages . The comic acts as a prequel to what was seen in God of War on PS4 and will allow us to know some of the secrets that Kratos hid from us.

After the destruction that occurred during the end of the trilogy, Kratos will seek to rebuild himself, but it seems that he still has to pay off his debts , which will reveal very important aspects that will help to understand his past. This title will be written by Chris Roberson, illustrated by Tony Parker, and published by Dark Horse Comics . We leave you with the official synopsis:

After conquering Zeus and thwarting Athena, Kratos finally believes himself free from his slavery. He sets sail for the desert in an attempt to distance himself from his home and his shame, only to find his anger and guilt closely following him. Kratos rages against the only enemy who has proven to be invincible: himself. But a war against oneself. it is impossible to win and only invites madness.

In a first look with IGN , God of War: Fallen God has excelled in some images that show the torment of the Spartan and his inability to free himself from the curse that persecutes him tirelessly.

This comic can be a good warm-up for the PS4 sequel that was announced last year. To better cope with the wait, let's continue to enjoy God of War.