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These are the favorite Pokémon for Japanese fans


These are the favorite Pokémon for Japanese fans

The Pokémon Company asks Japanese fans which Pokémon is their favorite. But if you expect Pikachu to sweep a landslide, you are very wrong ...

Surely you have already found out: we are in the year of Pokémon, because it was 25 years ago when the first installment for the Game Boy came out in the Japanese market: Pokémon Red and Green.

The reason for its success is undoubtedly how attractive pokémon are, pocket monsters to train and exchange: becoming has been the obsession of several generations of children ... and the children of that time who have already become adults, but They look forward to any new game in the series , which has never run out of steam.

Every year, The Pokémon Company organizes a poll in Japan , in which fans can vote on their favorite character in the entire series. And the first places are very surprising

5. Magnemite


 Magnemite, number 081 in the Pokédex, is one of the rarest of the first generation Pokémon. A metallic ball, with rare screws and magnets, can be considered an animal? Without a doubt, one of the biggest mysteries in the pokémon world ...

4. Snivy


One of the initials of the fifth generation, Black and White, the 495 in the pokédex, conquered the players of the only original installment on Nintendo DS with those big eyes and that mischievous little mouth.

3. Sableye


A sinister type of Ruby and Sapphire, who from eating precious stones so much, his eyes turned into gems, which allow him to see in the dark. This imp, 302, had mega evolution in the 3DS remakes.

2. Cincinno


A pokémon also of the fifth generation (573) that has conquered the fans with its adorable appearance, and that fur that rolls around the body as if it were wearing a luxury coat.

1. Deddenne


Curiously, the one who has won by an absolute landslide is Dedenne, who we met in the sixth generation, X and Y (702), from the same family as Pikachu, an electric rat with a more plump shape, more similar to a hamster. How many of these fans have named their real pets after them?

And Pikachu? You are probably wondering where is the one that is indisputably the most recognizable pokémon: almost everyone, even if they do not know anything about the saga, would know how to recognize it. It's even in the soup! Perhaps that saturation causes Pikachu to drop positions (specifically, to position 7). Interestingly, when the poll started, both Pikachu and Eevee were in much higher positions ... although they ended up falling with the final results.

This is the complete Top 30:

  • Dedenne 68,398 votes
  • Cincinno 54,444 votes
  • Sableye 45,562 votes
  • Snivy 41,894 votes
  • Magnemite 35,206 votes
  • Swadloon 34, 204 votes
  • Pikachu 33,125 votes
  • Buzzwole 33,077 votes
  • Oshawott 32,191 votes
  • Flygon - 22.08 votes
  • Whismur - 21,529 votes
  • Piplup - 18,190 votes
  • Chandelure - 18,095 votes
  • Empoleon - 17,989 votes
  • Luxray - 17,773 votes
  • Greninja - 17,337 votes
  • Jirachi - 17,254 votes
  • Charizard - 16,243 votes
  • Mimikyu - 15,797 votes
  • Inteleon - 15,540 votes
  • Eevee - 15,524 votes
  • Barbaracle - 15,128 votes
  • Glaceon - 14,923 votes
  • Spheal - 14,783 votes
  • Scolipede - 13,806 votes
  • Lilligant - 13,677 votes
  • Bulbasaur - 13,424 votes
  • Sliggoo - 13,417 votes
  • Lucario - 13,286 votes
  • Gardevoir - 12,534 votes