Unreal PT Available - Silent Hills PT Fan Demo


Unreal PT Available - Silent Hills PT Fan Demo

Developer Radius Gordello has released a new amateur remake of Konami's canceled game Silent Hills PT on Unreal Engine 4. According to his description, the development of Unreal PT took 9 months and lasted from April 2018 to January 2019. All textures, models, animations, gameplay and code have been recreated from scratch (see the development log for more details).

The gameplay of the project is almost identical to the original, only at the very end a small change was made to make the passage more consistent. The features of the controls are explained as the game progresses, but if the player suddenly has problems, there are two text files in the main directory - with controls and a guide on the passage of the game.

This is the second amateur Unreal Engine 4 remake of RT available for download (which has not been removed by Konami). Prior to that, in November 2018, information appeared about the remake, created by Arthur Lachowski.

It's really great to watch projects like this. Konami has removed RT from Playstation 4, so all gamers have to do is play the amateur versions on PC. Ironically, since the original PT demo was exclusive to the Playstation 4. Those interested can download Unreal PT here....

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