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Valheim: how to farm unlimited rare items (seeds to get Obsidian, Surtling, silver ...)


Valheim: how to farm unlimited rare items (seeds to get Obsidian, Surtling, silver ...)

We offer you a series of seeds where you can find each of the rare materials and resources that exist in Valheim.

One of the most complicated things that we have in our journey through Valheim , is the availability of resources, especially the rare ones, which are not simple at all, but for this you could go to other worlds thanks to the seeds and get what you need.

But of course, without having a previous basis, it is impossible to know which world to access to find a rare material that we require, but luckily we have already found the most suitable seeds to get each of the rare materials that are in Valheim .

To make it much easier for you, we offer you a series of seeds shared by the user community, and where you will be able to farm a series of rare materials that range from obsidian, to hearts of suppleling or silver minerals, among other things.

Valheim: how to farm unlimited rare items (seeds to get Obsidian, Surtling hearts, can ...)

Through the t9n3WG6dFk seed you will be able to farm a lot of Iron Cores and Surtling Hearts. We will be in the swamp biome where we will have more than 85 different crypts with more than 1000 units of scrap iron that you can collect. It is advisable that you build a small fort outside the swamp so that little by little you can obtain all the materials.

When it comes to the Hearts or Cores of Surtling, you need to dig around those fire geysers in the area. Once you dig below the water level all of that will fill up, and it will be easier to farm them.

In the q8QvHnL57S seed we will be able to get a lot of silver minerals. This will be in the mountain biome and where you will have to unearth a large amount of silver minerals, practically infinitely. When you need a lot more silver ores you can simply remake the world to keep getting.

In the S7rpILUkvg seed we will be able to find honey, specifically if you go to the southwest, approximately 50 m, from the respawn point. You can locate a hive on the edge of a large clearing where you must break the hive, collect the queen bee, and then use it to create your own hive.

You can remake this seed as many times as you want to continue getting honey.

If you want to obtain copper, tin or fine wood, we advise you to enter the " AnimeSucks " seed that leaves you right next to the black forest. As soon as you enter you will see a lot of tin and copper deposits that you will be able to obtain and add to your inventory.

Likewise, with the ht9ApYLnfs seed you will obtain obsidian mineral, which appears in the mountain biomes. The deposits we found are not large in quantity. As soon as you step out onto this seed, head southwest for about three minutes and you'll find four obsidian deposits on the peaks of the mine.

So save all these seeds above, because they are the ones with those rare materials so difficult to find in Valheim.