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Valve Shows Patent for Wireless Virtual Reality Viewer with Eye Tracking; could be Index 2


Valve Shows Patent for Wireless Virtual Reality Viewer with Eye Tracking; could be Index 2

Valve could already be working on Index 2, judging by this latest patent showing a wireless VR device with eye tracking.

Virtual reality technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, in order to explore a new dimension to enjoy video games. Both PlayStation and HTC are working on their new VR peripherals and accessories , but Valve hasn't stood idly by .

The year 2020 was very good for the company, which achieved great success with its Valve Index peripheral and the excellent Half-Life: Alyx , which took advantage of all its benefits and was nominated for many awards for Best Game of the Year . Apparently, according to this patent, the company is already working on news for Valve Index ...

Although we do not know if it is an accessory (as in the case of HTC) or the successor of Valve Index, this new patent sheds new details of Valve's future in virtual reality. We can see a new wireless viewfinder, with antenna and equipped with eye tracking , which ensures a greater capture of facial movement.

The finding has been discovered on the Freepatentsonline website , and at the moment we can only see an image that details these news. The absence of cables and the inclusion of eye tracking are its main attractions, following the line of HTC, which a week ago presented its face accessories for HTC Vive .

Valve Shows Patent for Wireless Virtual Reality Viewer

Another important novelty is that this new visor includes an adjustable strap on the back of the head, which could improve the ergonomics of Valve Index . In addition, an antenna and the aforementioned eye tracking are attached , without forgetting the controls, which may be quite similar to those of the current model.

Everything indicates that we are facing the first steps of Valve Index 2 , a quite logical move since PlayStation is already working on its PS VR Next Gen peripheral for PS5 . Although, as we have said, we cannot rule out that it is an accessory for the current Valve Index model.

Are you Valve Index users ? If so, tell us how was your experience with the peripheral , and what would you improve for a successor to Valve's VR viewer.