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Walkthrough Breathedge - game guide


Walkthrough Breathedge - game guide

We tell you how to go through all the chapters of the game

Breathedge is an open-space comedy survival sim that tells the story of an unlucky astronaut trying to survive the wreck of his ship. In this guide, you will find a detailed walkthrough of the game.


Two robots, taking you by the arms, drag you to their boss. The boss is a coffin-shaped robot with a cigar in its teeth and a twisted muzzle. He will begin interrogation. Choose the answer "spit" until the robots kill you. Congratulations on your first achievement. Start a new game and answer yes to the robot's questions. Next, a story clip will begin.

Walkthrough Chapter 1. Lost in Space

At the end of the cutscene, you will find yourself in the gateway. In front of you is a punctured oxygen hose. Stop the leak by plugging it with chicken. To do this, aim the sight at the hose and hold "RMB". The chicken will be in the hole, but will begin to inflate and let air through. Take a look around. Find the gum. Pick it up by clicking "LMB". Remove the chicken and place the chewing gum in its place. Later you can use chicken to repair leaks or to discharge electrical wiring.

After repairing the leak in the airlock, return to the shuttle. Check out the items and photos inside the shuttle. On the table you will find the Survival Guide cassette. Insert it into the cassette deck and be sure to watch the video. At first glance, it will seem funny to you, but you will find a lot of useful information in it.

How to create a debug station

Then follow the plot. Try calling help by sending a message from the terminal. You won't succeed because it is broken. Go out into space. Break off the antenna. You won't have a problem with this. Then inspect the steering wheel drifting behind the shuttle. You have received the blueprints for the debug station. You can get some of the materials by relieving a slight need for the toilet. Aim at the point and hold "F". As the indicator fills up, the toilet will spit out different resources. Cloth, yellowed water, rubber, plastic. The remaining materials: water and metal, you can find in outer space. Several corpses are flying right in front of the airlock. Focus on them. Create a debug station and connect it to a terminal. It turns out that help will come very soon.

How to create scrap and shit imposed by developers

The next story quest requires you to create "Dev Imposed Shit", but it would be wiser to get a crowbar first. Return to outer space. You can find metal not far from the corpses flying in the rubble. These will be small balls, like balls of green liquid or water. Collect at least three units and return to the shuttle to create a crowbar. Once you've created it, return to space and gather enough resources to create yet another scrap and Dev-Imposed Shit. In the future, try to have at least one spare scrap with you. This is your main tool in the game. Once you've created Dev-Imposed Shit, hit yourself with it until you're killed. Congratulations, you have unlocked another achievement.

How to increase oxygen supply

Now you should think about increasing the supply of oxygen. Directly under the shuttle, you will see two piles of large debris. Fly up to the swollen condom and examine it. Collect oxygen candles flying around. Return to base to restore oxygen supply. Do not waste stored oxygen - it is too valuable resource. After catching your breath, head to the second pile of debris under the shuttle. There you will find a solid door. Do not try to break it, but examine the scanner to the right of it and go back. You now have the blueprints for the scanner and the oxygen balloon.

Where to find batteries, condoms and bulbs

Batteries, condoms, and other resources can be found in the boxes that fly around the shuttle. Break them down and collect the necessary resources. A light bulb is required to create a scanner. You can find it by the pink debris under the shuttle. Unscrew the bulbs from the floor lamps by the bed. Along the way, you can investigate the "mysterious murder". A note revealing it lies on a nearby coffee table.

How to create a first aid kit and scanner

After collecting the necessary resources, create an oxygen balloon and a scanner. Now return to the door already known to you, grab two crowbars with you. The door is pretty solid. As soon as the oxygen supply drops to 15-20 units, return to the shuttle. Repeat the operation until you knock out the hatch. Examine the oxygen station outside the door. Now you have her blueprints. Back on the shuttle, be sure to scan the first aid kit in the toilet. Now you can create it. It is better to stock up on them in advance.

How to create an oxygen station and extract aluminum

Building an oxygen plant will require aluminum. The only way to get one is to get it from small asteroids flying around the station. Craft a drill. Armed with them, head to the asteroid debris lying on the way to the pink debris. On these bodies, you will find small metal inclusions. This is what we need, aluminum. After collecting the required amount, return to the shuttle and create an oxygen station. For its operation, consumables are needed - an oxygen generator. Don't forget to create it too. The Oxygen Station will allow you to return to the shuttle less often and examine more distant debris.

How to create a flashlight

Drive straight after leaving the lock. Blue debris is flying about a hundred meters from the shuttle. Find a corpse in a blue spacesuit among them and examine it. Flashlight blueprints will appear in the harvester. For crafting you will need: a battery, plastic and a light bulb.

How to get alkali

Lye in the Breathedge is mined in a similar way to aluminum. On some debris of the asteroid, you may find inclusions unlike aluminum or ice. It is alkali. One such wreck is located near the shuttle. Leave the lock and look at the asteroid on the right side. To get the alkali you need a dipstick. Most likely, his blueprints are already in the combine. Obtain Wire, Battery, Refined Metal, and some Aluminum.

How to craft an improved spacesuit, find lead paint and glass

Now you need to collect enough resources to improve the suit. Without it, the radiation from the ship's reactor will fry you. Radiation is the limiting factor. First, create a small supply of food, water. Also, take care of the strategic reserve of crowbars so as not to run after a new one every time it breaks. You already have most of the resources required for crafting. Exceptions are lead paint and glass.

To build an improved spacesuit and helmet for it, you will have to make two long journeys: the red path on the left and the blue path on the right. On each trip, you need to take 2-3 oxygen stations, 2-3 oxygen generators and at least one oxygen candle in case of emergency. When traveling through the red zone, you will need a new drill. A probe is indispensable when traveling through the blue zone.

Start by traveling through the red zone. It is somewhat simpler. After leaving the airlock, lower your head down and move towards the dark red wreckage. As soon as you fly up to the smuggler's corpse, turn around the oxygen station and refuel. Examine the body of the smuggler, take his eye. Take a look around. You will see the rocket motors. We fly up to them. A container is frozen into the hardened paint. You can open it with a smuggler's eye. Inside - manufactured lead paint. Return to the oxygen station and refuel.

Now it's time to move towards the large debris. Just follow the paint marks. As soon as the oxygen supply drops to 10-15 units, deploy another oxygen station. If by this moment you are not inside the wreckage, then it is better to return to the shuttle and create another oxygen station and deploy it inside the wreckage. Armed with a door, examine the tanks. They contain paint. Inspect at least four tanks to return to the shuttle with sufficient ink supply. Lead flies in the form of small and large balls inside these debris. You are unlikely to miss it. When inspecting tanks and wreckage, stick to your schedule and take your time. As soon as the oxygen supply drops to half, we return to the oxygen station. If you have collected at least eight units of paint and lead, then you can return to your native shuttle.

Combine lead and paint on a combine. From the toilet in the way described earlier, we get rags and craft a roll. Now you have all the resources you need to create your improved spacesuit.

It's time to get ready to travel through the blue zone to get some glass. It will come in handy for creating an improved helmet. Stock up on two or three oxygen stations, at least a couple of oxygen generators and one oxygen battery. You also need: a probe and at least two crowbars. The key problem when traveling along the blue path is glaciation. So move from one heat source to another. Outwardly, they look like yellow spiral shaped lamps. Oxygen plants are best located near a heat source.

Move from one heater to another and install oxygen stations. Once you get to the large debris, take a look around. Glass flies around in the form of small balls, in which you can find metal, water, green slurry or lead. Collect the maximum and return to your native shuttle. Now you can create an improved helmet, congratulations.

You are well equipped enough to move forward in the story. Your target is the most distant point on the map. We again stock up on oxygen batteries, stations and a generator and set out on the road!

Walkthrough Chapter 2. Secrets of Broccoli 

Get information

After the introductory cut-scene, you will find yourself close to the massive wreckage of the liner, which flew right into the asteroid. Take the drill in hand and threaten the robot to pierce the spacesuit. After that, head to the wreck itself. It turns out that the liner pierced the asteroid and formed a large cave. Right in front of the entrance to the cave on the right you will see the surviving shuttle. It is slightly smaller than in the first chapter, but here you will be safe and also find the already familiar harvester. Do not forget to examine the wheel for a diagram of the same name.

When you're ready, get out of the shuttle and search the area. You may have noticed that in the open space, in addition to metal and ice debris, stones with spikes appeared. This is titanium. Break some of these shards and collect the resource.

Find an Engineer Instance

Now you have to visit at least six places, which are marked with a special marker. In fact, the necessary debris, where you can find the Engineer instance, will only become highlighted after you visit all the highlighted places. Don't be discouraged, as most of the explored wreckage contains useful items and blueprints. At the very entrance to the cave in the upper right there is a destroyed shuttle. Search it to get a blueprint for a repair tool. The Engineer's desired element is located directly under this shuttle.

Open a couple of coffins

When the task is updated, most likely you will already find a magnet - this is a resource that is needed to create a "Magnetic Lockpick" (the diagram will appear after the resource is discovered). The tool can be used to open coffins. Return to the shuttle and build a lockpick. Exit the shuttle, climb a little higher and stop. In total, you need to find and open three coffins:

  • The first one can be found in the ruins above the shuttle (you will also find a diagram of the oxygen tank here ).
  • The next coffin is in the cargo hold to the right of the shuttle.
  • The third coffin can be found in the cave, right in front of the large coils of duct tape.

When all the coffins are checked, you will be asked which version of the game you are using. If you answer "pirate", then for a while a black armband will appear on the screen, like a pirate. To get the achievement "Industry Assistant" select the "licensed" version.

Reduce radiation

You will need a dipstick to complete this task. Move deeper into the cave past the huge duct tape until you reach the ship's compartment. Go inside and study the "Dispenser" diagram and the "Inductor" drawing. Exit the compartment and go down to the emergency entrance, which is located directly below it. Scan the airlock and return to the shuttle to assemble the dispenser.

Where to find a rocket vacuum cleaner

Upon your return, you can find the only vehicle in the game. It is located slightly to the left of the compartment you need to get into. Get closer to see the corpse of an engineer that crashed into a meteorite. There is a flask with a black viscous liquid next to it. This is the resin that can be used to make rocket fuel.

Repair the gateway

Use the shuttle harvester to craft a Dispenser and a Repair Tool . Before leaving the shuttle, we recommend taking another crowbar. Go back to the airlock, pick up the dispenser and press "Build". Select the "Small Gateway" from the list and build it in place of the destroyed one. To do this, you will need one piece of aluminum and two shards of titanium.

Inspect the contact point

Enter the compartment and walk forward a little. On the wall to the right, scan the "Technical Compartment Plan" - it will come in handy later. Go to the "Interphone" and interact with it. Go to the door on the right and break it with the crowbar. The door is very strong, so we recommend bringing some tools with you.

In the next compartment, you need to eliminate the break. To do this, neutralize the exposed wires and repair them with a repair tool. After a while, the electric current will reappear in the wires, so you need to do the above steps several times. Go back to the interphone and scan the received message.

Build a technical compartment

You have a plan of the technical bay, so return to the shuttle and collect the necessary resources to create it. Build a small airlock, then an oxygen generator, an electric generator, and a research table. These drawings are already available to you in the dispenser.

Explore the electrician's spacesuit

Research requires lead paint, a roll, and two pieces of aluminum. Paint and Lead can be obtained from the paint section nearby (you will see a large torn section of red paint). Bring your drill with you to retrieve it from the tank. Lead plates are flying around - break them with a crowbar to get lead.

A roll can be created from several pieces of fabric. When all the resources are collected, return to the technical compartment and research the spacesuit. When the diagram is received, use the harvester to make a spacesuit.

Additionally, we recommend that you immediately investigate the engineering suit, as it will be useful in the future for the search for lycoplasm.

Explore the wreckcage of the ship

The path is not short, so prepare fuel and refuel the rocket. You should also stock up on oxygen candles and set up oxygen stations on the way to the wreckage. Enter the surviving part of the ship: in the second compartment you will find several large oxygen candles. Walk forward a little more to find the projector.

Examine and follow instructions (Reduce Radiation 1/6)

Press the Esc key and select Preferences . Go to the " Game " section , find the " Reduce radiation " item and set the value to " On ". Click " Apply " for the changes to take effect.

Repair the cannon (Reduce Radiation 2/6)

Get out of the compartment and turn left. In front of the giant fan is an engineering shuttle, which is equipped with a combine harvester. For convenience, install an oxygen station here. Fly past the blades, find and study the scheme of the amy-grenade (highlighted by the corresponding marker). Return to the shuttle and find the bomb marker. Here you will find a schematic of explosives as well as synthetic manure.

We recommend collecting 20 units of manure at once in order to further process them into beef pellets. They will come in handy for one of the five remaining items.

Not far from the place where you could study the blueprint for the bomb is a plasma cannon. Find her and examine. In this sector, you will find several active turrets that are highlighted with green beams. When approaching, the rays turn red, and the turret will begin to attack the hero. You need to deactivate five turrets and remove the discharge elements. Return to the cannon, insert the found elements into the holes and activate the cannon.

Destroy equipment 

Climb to the compartment and find the entrance inside. He's alone here, so you can't go wrong. In the first room with two corpses, scan the plan of the living compartment and pick up the first aid kit on the wall in front of the door. In the next room you can find a plan of the small technical compartment and a diagram of the Xtendo Slim console.

In the next compartment, you need to break down a solid door. Even if you don't have any extra scrap, you can search inside the ship. If this tool does not appear on the ship, then you will have to visit the engineering shuttle and create it. When you break open the door, go to the console and interact with it.

A passage will open under the console. To the right of the aisle, you can scan a Round Light . Go down one level and destroy all the equipment in the room (eight different objects in total). In the hands of the corpse, pick up the molten piece of metal to get the blueprint for the blaster. When you do this, part of the task will be completed. When you return, do not forget to scan the broken vacuum cleaner (rocket drawing 2/3).

How to make a Blaster

If you have already studied the drawing of the engineering spacesuit, then build it in the shuttle and return to the compartment that was investigated earlier. Not far from this place you will find lava formations with red balls flying inside. Use the probe to mine Lycoplasm and collect the Blaster.

If you do not want to be left completely without transport, then it is better to hide the blaster in your inventory before boarding the rocket.

How to make endless scrap

There is a wreck not far from the complex you visited, which is marked with a cowboy hat icon. Fly there and examine the stent with Chuck Norris, after which you will see a drawing of an endless crowbar.

Find a way to run mayonnaise into the core of the liner (Reduce Radiation 3/6)

Find the kettlebell marker and head to these wrecks. When you get to the station, take the scanner and scan the four jet engines that the ship is equipped with. The remaining two engines fly nearby, to the right of the ship. When you find all six engines, you will receive blueprints for the " Shunting engine " and " Igniter ".

Now you need to get on the shuttle to build the Thruster, Igniter and Blaster. Return to the engine compartment and stop at the large mayonnaise bowl that blocks the passage to the compartment. Go down to the docking hardware. Use a repair tool to disconnect three of the four docking hardware. You need to apply a Blaster to the beams of the last fasteners.

Enter the ball and find the airlock that leads into the compartment (it is on the left side). Follow the corridor, and in the next room, study the diagram of the middle transport bay . Run to the centrifuge and activate the console. To start the installation, go around the centrifuge and find the stuck astronaut corpse. Apply the Igniter on it and return to the console. Now you need to get out of here. The only way is to get through the pipe in the ceiling.

Get inside the biological compartment (Reduce Radiation 4/6)

This compartment is located near the engineering shuttle (petal icon). Here you can collect the missing units of synthetic manure, as well as study the analyzer circuit . Collect eight cans of beef around, then return to the shuttle and build explosives (we found the explosives diagram earlier). If you have a problem finding electronics, then you need to return to the cave entrance and disassemble several collectors that have crashed. Once the explosive is ready, place it on the four locking devices, then pull the lever. 

Scan three mutant capsules for the Mutagen achievement . Enter the biological compartment and get to the control room. At the stand, to the right of the corpse, study the plan of the large transport compartment. Activate the data block to unlock the next mission item, then climb up to the captain's bridge and interact with the console. Go down and pick up a solution that will lower the radiation.

Launch the shuttle into the core (Reduce radiation 5/6)

Between the engineering shuttle and your base is a huge ball with lots of frozen coolant. You will find a shuttle right in the center of the ice blocks. Interact with the console to learn about an empty fuel tank. If you followed our advice, you have already collected 20 units of manure and created beef pellets. Place the pellets in the fuel tank and activate the shuttle using the console.

Craft Cedar Spacesuit (Reduce Radiation 6/6)

So, you have to complete the last point to reduce the radiation level. You need to find and scan the military spacesuit "Cedar", the blueprint of which is only in the military compartment. To find it, move to the engineering shuttle and turn your back to it. Directly along the course, you will see two question marks - you go there.

Several turrets and a group of security robots will be waiting for you upon arrival. Use Blaster to deal with them. There is a corpse in a camouflage suit right in front of the entrance to the military compartment - scan it and go down to the wreckage nearby (question mark icon). Disarm the turret, then scan the Rocket Booster to get a schematic of the Obsolete Booster. And to get the first part of the military cylinder diagram, go down below and scan the colonel's corpse.

Now get to any active shuttle and craft a military suit. Return to the robot gatekeeper at the door of the military bay and interact with it twice. You can now go inside. Search the hall, find the keycard in the guard room and the open door at the end of the corridor. Break open the door, which should be opened with the security key card and run forward. Go down one level and examine the note on the table.

You can also find some useful schemes here:

  • diagram of the small transport compartment on the table on the left;
  • the layout of the spacesuit stand in the far left corner of the room;
  • scheme of a flat lamp in the previous room;
  • circuit of a reel to reel tape recorder in the security room;
  • diagram of a large technical compartment in the break room;

Now you have to collect the necessary components to create a spacesuit. All you need to find or craft lead paint (4), aluminum (4), titanium (2) and a roll (2). Collect resources on the way to the base to immediately construct a spacesuit.

If you have used up all your supplies of paint from the large compartment at the entrance to the cave, do not be discouraged. Between the engineering shuttle and the "mayonnaise" compartment, there are pieces of paint from the cargo compartment. There are only two barrels here, but that should be enough for you. Design and equip a spacesuit to complete two chapters at once.

Chapter 3. Normandy Walkthrough

If you've followed our guide, this will be the shortest chapter in the entire game for you. The fact is that to complete it, you only need to repair the ship "Normandy". To do this, it was first necessary to find 3 steering wheel schemes (the fourth is located on the spaceship itself), replace the damaged shunting engine and debug some components at the station using a repair tool .

Where to find all helm diagrams

Three parts of the steering wheel diagram could be found in the second chapter. To do this, you need to find four broken steering wheels and scan them with a scanner. Here is a detailed list with the location of all the circuits:

  • The first part of the diagram is on the main engineering shuttle, which you might have visited as soon as you started the second chapter.
  • The second part of the diagram is located in the engineering shuttle, in a cave, not far from the place where you first found the device for fast movement (vacuum cleaner).
  • The third part of the diagram is on the engineering shuttle, next to a large piece of molten asteroid. Directly below it you will see the only shuttle here, which has a third wheel for research.
  • The fourth part of the helm layout is located on the captain's bridge of the Normandy.

Once all the parts of the diagram have been studied, you can assemble the helm and install it on the bridge. After repairing the engine and the remaining items for the "jump", go to the " Debris in Orbit ".

Walkthrough Chapter 4. Baby?

From this moment on, you don't have to worry about the lack of air, since the hero will stay in the "Normandy" for the entire chapter and dock with the remaining compartments of the destroyed ship. You need to learn how to steer the ship. In fact, it is not difficult, but it is still worth being extremely careful. On some of the surviving compartments, defense turrets are preserved, and an army of coffins will often try to attack you. If you see red dots approaching you, then feel free to open fire to kill.

In this chapter, you need to inspect five different compartments. You can visit any of them if you wish, but to advance on some you will need a certain number of certain components, which we described below.

Investigate the station

The first station is rather small. Find the docking bridge on the upper level and examine this object. Approach the control center and interact with the gear shift knob. After a short cut-scene, run down the corridor to the room with the elevator, then to the room with the processor. Examine the control panel and handle to the right of it. At this point, you will receive a new Processor Dome schematic .

Find the components:

  • Non-Conductive Gel (2) - can be found at this station, in large tanks. To extract the gel, you will need to build a magnetic pick.
  • Lead (4);
  • Wire (2).

Having obtained all the necessary resources, return to the shuttle and use the combine to create a processor dome. Place it over the processor and interact with the two handles on the sides. After that, the door to compartment "04" will be unlocked.

The task will be updated. You will need to reduce the engine speed. To do this, go to the control panel of the leftmost engine and lower the three levers in a specific sequence:

  1. Left.
  2. Right.
  3. Middle.

A passage on the right will open. It is worth noting that at this station you can find two filter elements that can be obtained with a repair tool. Be sure to collect two of these items, since later they will be useful for crafting one of the Norwegian control modules.

In the next room, use a crowbar on the electrical panel to reduce the voltage. Next, you will see a break in the power cable. Deactivate the electricity and repair the cable with a repair tool. Sometimes one chicken will not be enough to neutralize the current.

When the break is repaired, flip the toggle switch and return to the control panel. On the way back, the suit will prompt you to use fast travel, but this is not possible. Return to Norway and set off for the following objectives.

Examine the dome

Once in open space, you will notice an active coffin station. Avoid getting close to her, otherwise you risk facing a whole army of flying enemies. From the station, head west (the nearest point is 4550 meters from here). This is the dome you need to research and find useful diagrams.

This station has no active protection. After docking, explore the station corridors and cabins. Don't forget to collect useful resources to create improvements to the Normandy!

You need to get to the locked door, which has a corpse with an iron disc in its head. Opposite it there is a welded door, next to which there is a " case " object . It will come in handy to create a saw drill . Return to the ship, build this tool and get rid of the hinges on the door.

Run forward and go around the security system from any side convenient for you. You need to get into the central room and turn off the protection. Go back, climb onto the shuttle and inspect it. In addition to the main quest item " microplasma ", you can also get another filter and other resources here. As soon as the microplasma is in your backpack, you will receive another blueprint for improving your ship - "Asteroid Defense".

Examine the bow docking airlock

After exploring the dome, the closest point to you is the Nasal Docking Lock to the west. It is guarded by turrets, so it's best to go from below and quickly dock the ship with the compartment. The faster you do this, the sooner flying coffins and turrets will lag behind you.

If you collected the necessary resources for crafting Norway upgrades, you can install some of them right now.

Navigator :

  • Navigation Chip (4) - can be found in electronic devices and near inactive coffins;
  • Electronics (2);
  • Light bulb (2);
  • Refined metal (2).

Examine the compartment with corpses and get to the locked pressurized door. At this point, you will receive another drawing of the " special equipment " tool . Return to the shuttle and craft this item to continue your walkthrough.

When you use a new tool on the pressurized door, you will meet with the boss. Collect several first aid kits that are scattered around the compartment, then interact with the nearest lever. You will see a small playful cut-scene, after which the task will be updated.

To destroy the boss, make your way to the next platform and turn off the power by pulling out the two plugs from the sockets. Four energy batteries will appear on both sides, which must be destroyed. Since you will be under constant fire, it is best to do this with a blaster.

Don't forget that turrets have a reload time. This time can be used to safely navigate the compartment.

After the boss fight, climb into the shuttle and check the crate on the captain's bridge. Here you will find the quest item " license plate ", as well as filter and miroplazm . You can return to Norway and create two more ship upgrades.

Anti-asteroid protection :

  • Microplasma (2);
  • Compensator;
  • Magnet;
  • Inductor.

Filtration system :

  • Filter (4) - can be obtained from purification stations, while exploring various compartments;
  • Titanium (2);
  • Alkali (2);
  • Lycoplasma - this resource could have been preserved with you from previous chapters, but it can also be found in the surviving compartments of spaceships.

Inspect the dome cooling compartment

As soon as you leave the bow docking airlock, you will see the military space police compartment nearby. To study it, you first need to build an Antigrav device . Since in each compartment you can find one special device " Gravity Module ", then first you need to get to the cooling compartment and find the last device of the four (if, of course, you collected all three modules in the previous compartments).

The cooling station has no external protection, but you will have to use the ship's guns to destroy the block of ice at the docking airlock. Use the console in front of the pressurized door and examine the station. You need to find 3 cooling elements, after which you will receive a diagram of the cooling unit . Just follow the markers on the map and scan the items you find.

As soon as you scan the last item, the task will be updated. Now you need to find the bay control module. Look for a large hole from which cold air bursts out. There are several valves to the right of it. Interact with them and you will be able to go to the command post.

Walk through the compartment and examine the console. You need to go back a little and look at the large balls of gel. In one of these balls there is a corpse, from which you can spy on the password from the command post. Go inside and get to the compartment control module. Here you need to break four devices and return to the room with cryo cameras. After the monologue of the spacesuit, use the drill and get four "working fluids" from the frozen corpses. Back on the Norway, you can create an upgrade for your ship.

Cooling block :

  • Working fluid (4) - can only be obtained at the cooling station from frozen bodies;
  • Non-conductive gel (2);
  • Generator.
Getting into this station is not easy. You should bypass the protection on the right side and try to dock to the compartment as soon as possible.

You will need at least one blaster in this compartment . We get to the ventilation grill and use the antigrav to get inside. Here you meet a monster. Don't panic, just keep running forward until you reach the armor plate. Use your blaster and shoot off all mounts, then remove the lock. The plate will fall down and crush the monster, and you can leave this glass.

Get to the booster station

From now on, only one marker will be displayed on the map - that's where you need it. Dock to the station and saw through the doors with a saw- drill . In the first compartment, you will come across several broken coffins that need to be destroyed. Approach the sluice gates and study them, along the way listening to the speech of the spacesuit.

After opening the gate, go to the coffin of your grandfather and examine the dirt in his hand. Move the coffin to the center of the room, interact with the control panel to drop it into outer space.

In this room you will find the first power supply unit that needs to be "repaired" with a crowbar. Two more of these are on the way to your shuttle. When power is restored, you can leave the station and make a "Warp Jump". This concludes the fourth chapter.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

After the video, you will find yourself at the Brecage station. All you need to do is open two hermetic doors and watch another lengthy cutscene. As soon as character control becomes available again, use your blaster and shoot the hinges on the grate. Find the only hole in the ship, get out and follow to the question mark icon.

Run along the corridors of the station until you reach the control room. Interact with the console, then take the saw drill and cut off a part of the coffin's body. This will give you access codes and can open the locked door. Return to your shuttle and leave Bressage Station.

Walkthrough Chapter 6. Time to go home!

On the way to the Brecage mother center, your shuttle will be attacked by several coffins. Dock with the ship, examine the three modules and create the devices described below to continue the walkthrough.

Stabilizing block :

  • Aluminum (2);
  • Plastic (2);
  • Thickened electrical tape (2);
  • Compensator.

Transmitting unit :

  • Magnet (2);
  • Alkali (2);
  • Electronics (2);
  • Resin (4).

Discharge block :

  • Compensator;
  • Inductor;
  • Generator;
  • Lycoplasm.

Place the devices in the appropriate modules and prepare for the final battle. We recommend that you throw away all unnecessary tools and take as many modules as possible. On the way to the final boss, you will also encounter a few harvesters for crafting, but it is better to prepare now.

Get out of the compartment and follow the marker on the map to the "5A" gateway. Along the way, you will find first aid kits. Be sure to collect them as they will come in handy in the final battle. At some point, the turrets will start attacking you. Use a blaster to get rid of them.

Having reached the final enemy, the spacesuit will offer to kill all the coffins that sat on top. Still, you will not be able to get rid of all the coffins, so we recommend not to waste ammo and use the reload time of enemies to get to one of the four panels. When this happens, four energy nodes will appear next to the four platforms. Thus, in order to defeat the final boss, you need to destroy 16 such nodes in different parts of the room.

When you do this, go up to the center panel and activate it. Watch the final cut-scenes that conclude the plot of the game. You will also be able to return to your shuttle and continue to travel through space in exploration mode.